The last few years have been, if we can say, a unique experience for the construction and supply chain industries.  The escalating prices of lumber and other conventional construction materials and problems with availability, created a surge in demand for alternative products, mainly ICFs. This surge in demand across North America, exceeded manufacturing capabilities of all ICF manufacturers and their previously calculated raw material requirements. 

To meet the challenging supply chain issues, Fox Blocks has aggressively focused, over the last year, on several strategic goals:
  • Additional investment in tooling and manufacturing facilities to increase production 
  • Striving to increase block and tie production by 50% resulting in actively reducing order fulfilment lead times
  • Additional regional manufacturing and warehousing locations coming on-board
  • Continuing to build inventory on specialty blocks and products
  • While availability of Modified Resin continues, the Airlite Plastics team continues to develop relationships enabling ongoing supply to our manufacturing facilities to keep productions schedules 
The good thing is that a many conventional contractors and building owners discovered all the advantages of building with Fox Blocks. These goals set by Fox Blocks are to maintain that momentum and ensure product availability, order fulfilment and support for all our dealers, contractors, and future clients.