Solar panel technology continues to evolve drastically. Not a week goes by without an attention-grabbing headline to remind us of this.  Both efficiency and affordability have improved, but the overall aesthetic has only marginally improved from blue and silver panels to the black-on-black variety. Yet the demand for “green” homes has dramatically increased. 

Modern solar panels are still bulky. They require installation on top of existing roofing material, and they stand out like a sore thumb. Knowing this, still, nothing has changed.   

Now imagine a home where solar isn’t noticeable and it can go about generating power for decades covertly. That wait is over. The POWERHOUSE™ Solar Shingle is a revolutionary new roofing tile product that combines the performance and protection of a conventional asphalt roof with an integrated photovoltaic (PV) system.

Why POWERHOUSE™ works for builders
Traditionally, installing solar on a new home requires a two-step process. First, the roof must be completely finished, then the solar components are installed.  With POWERHOUSE™, the solar and roof can be installed together. Simply put, POWERHOUSE™ solar shingles are the roof. 

POWERHOUSE™ solar shingles are also easier to install than a traditional rack-and-mount system. The typical POWERHOUSE™ roof requires a third of the steps to install compared to a traditional system of the same size.

The rules are changing for builders when it comes to requirements to include solar on new construction. Starting in January, all new homes built in California must include enough solar to offset the home’s energy usage. Other states, such as Massachusetts, are considering similar policies.

These changes beg some questions. Should we add a feature to our homes that make us look like everyone else? Do we have the time to double our efforts on the roof? Are my roofers going to glare at me for tearing into their perfectly good roof?  POWERHOUSE™, an innovative in-roof solar shingle, is your solution.

Differentiate your homes with POWERHOUSE™
As a builder, you want your homes to speak to your buyers, either through various elevations offered, architectural details, or landscaping. Attracting buyers by setting a great first impression is paramount.

With the increased demand for net-zero or “green” homes, a POWERHOUSE™ solar shingle roof will be a differentiating first impression. Suppose a new home buyer evaluating several neighborhoods finds your home with a sleek solar roof as opposed to all the other homes with traditional rack-and-mount solar. What home will be remembered? Or, what won’t the other homes be remembered for? Solar no longer has to be a sacrifice.

With all the attention you put into curb appeal, don’t let a traditional solar system detract from your efforts. A POWERHOUSE™ solar shingle blends in with the rest of the roof, allowing your homes to stand out.

Homeowners value solar
Adding solar to a home boosts its value, and homes with solar sell 17 percent more quickly than homes without solar. As a builder, adding a POWERHOUSE™ solar shingle roof to your offering increases the profit of the home.

Home buyers today understand a home with solar decreases their monthly energy costs. Integrating the cost of POWERHOUSE™ will add about $40 a month to an average mortgage. This is more than offset by the energy savings of about $80 a month.

A POWERHOUSE™ home has all the benefits of a home with solar, and the curb appeal that is crucial to resale.

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