A well-trained staff leads to higher quality homes built in less time at a lower cost. When employees are given the opportunity to advance their skills through training, it has a positive impact on their level of engagement, productivity and performance. High-performing employees add significant value to the organization through increased efficiencies and improved competence that translates to cost savings. For example:
  • Purchasing managers trained in effective negotiating techniques are able to secure the best pricing
  • Superintendents who receive management training become superior job site managers, able to reduce cycle time, improve quality and reduce waste
  • When production managers have been trained how to effectively organize and operate a construction management department, they are able to cut costs and increase efficiency

Cultivating a culture of learning and development not only leads to an engaged and productive staff, it helps an organization lower the costs associated with employee turnover. Recruiting talent is costly in time and resources. Employee retention is a key factor in reducing costs and maximizing profitability.

Offering specialized training to your employees is a powerful way to compete in today’s market. It enables you to attract and retain top talent, set your team up for success and take your business to the next level.

Educating builders for success is at the forefront of everything we do. Earlier this year, we launched Home Builder University which offers a full curriculum of online seminars to provide builders with easy access to the critical knowledge they need to survive and thrive. For information on our upcoming online seminars, visit builderpartnerships.com/events.