AZEK Exteriors

Check out our short video on the best trim substrate for a low-maintenance, painted finish.

AZEK® PVC Trim with PaintPro® Technology was engineered to be the lowest maintenance paintable trim in the market with superior paintability, fast dry times and long-lasting paint adhesion. Get right to painting without the need for sanding or priming and spend less time waiting around for paint to dry. Whether painting trim to deliver a complementary color, match a specific shade of white or paint trim a dark color to meet modern trends, PaintPro makes it possible to satisfy the design wishes of even the most discerning homeowner.
  • No sanding, priming or special prep needed
  • Faster dry times for quicker handling
  • Enhanced paintability makes painting PVC more efficient
  • Superior paint adhesion for long-lasting beauty 
  • Flexible, durable and lightweight material provides easier install
  • Impervious to moisture and its damaging effects
  • Available in Traditional (smooth finish) or Frontier (woodgrain finish)
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