Contrary to popular belief, being a builder of choice doesn’t equate to being the largest player in the market. It means being the preferred choice within the market. A builder of choice is a home building company that buyers, trade partners, employees, capital providers, and local jurisdictions prefer above all others.

This coveted status is akin to a North Star—an aspiration that guides every action. It's about cultivating an attitude and mindset geared towards excellence. This dedication must begin with the company's owners and senior leaders, setting the tone for everyone involved. When the leadership embodies this commitment, it has a ripple effect through the entire organization, influencing the daily actions of all employees.

The next step in this journey is to translate this commitment into the systematic creation, control, and continuous improvement of business processes. It's not enough to aim for excellence; there must be a disciplined approach to achieving it. This involves developing systems that ensure consistent quality and efficiency which boost reliability and reputation.

A home builder achieves builder of choice status by fostering a culture of excellence from the top down and embedding it into every aspect of the business. This ensures that every interaction, every home built, and every partnership formed reflects the company's guiding principles. 

Shinn Group is here to help you become the builder of choice in your market. In addition to our builder of choice education curriculum for home builders, we offer customized consulting and coaching packages. Contact us a 303-972-7666 or for details.

Jim Weigel is a senior consultant at Shinn Group. He specializes in helping builders implement effective management systems with a focus on disciplined leadership and performance excellence to increase revenue. Jim’s areas of expertise include management, marketing, sales, finance, quality, valuation, owner transition.