TK Design has developed an alliance with Builder Partnerships to help builders create cutting edge, exciting home plans that maximize absorption and increase margins.
TK Design, a national industry-leader in Lean Design, has united with Builder Partnerships to focus on improving the process and profitability in the residential construction industry. Together, we are helping our peers achieve higher profits through better company management in conjunction with design focusing on reducing costly waste and selling more homes.
TK Design’s Leadership Team has a combined total of well over 100 years of industry experience not only in design, but also in residential construction. Our goal is to change the industry’s expectations by providing the best lean design, customer service, and deliverables to our clients.  Spending countless hours meeting with builders, trades, and custom clients alike, TK Design has developed processes that produce the strongest design and construction documents in the industry.  Our talented designers and CAD Teams utilize the latest design trends and technology to help our clients achieve success with single family and multifamily projects. Creating award winning highly marketable plans, TK Design works with builders countrywide to help them increase margins through the implementation of Lean Design. TK Design’s services range from simple hand-drawn sketches to 3D modeling with BIM capabilities, along with high-resolution renderings and video walk-throughs. TK Design can help you achieve success regardless of your budget.