Emser Tile spotlights the flexibility of glass tile in every room of the house

By Barbara Haaksma
Vice President of Marketing, Emser Tile

Glass — a material with origins that date back to several thousand years ago — is resurfacing in new, innovative ways throughout today’s residential and commercial spaces. From storefronts with all-glass windows to coffee tables with shadow boxes, glass reflects your personal style as well as a transparent design theme.

Color gradients and ombre hues come to life in the beautiful depth and reflective qualities of glass for a contemporary look. Inspired by this effect, our Ombre series captures the elements of glass and color in a glazed ceramic wall tile.

As we enter the spring season, pastel shades of grays, blues, and greens are emerging in frosted glass mosaics, like the angle-inspired Edge. Perfect for a kitchen backsplashes near natural light, the glossy finish enhances the mosaic’s opaque appearance.

Exuding a luxe contemporary aesthetic through the latest shapes and textures, we’re inspired by the look of alternating matte and glossy finishes atop glass. Picket exhibits this shimmering effect, while Glitz builds on the motif by mixing materials for a captivating metallic design.

Exhibiting a dynamic union of shape, pattern, and sustainability, recycled glass is trending in today’s eco-friendly designs. The material takes form in our Echo hexagon and herringbone mosaics. Neutral white, gray, and brown undertones are finished with inkjet prints of matte wood grain and calacatta marble patterns for a rare and refined glass appearance. 

How will glass enhance your backsplash, shower, and surface designs?