Everything we do at Shinn Builder Partnerships is expressly for the benefit of our members. We recently rolled out a set of improvements to the rebate submissions process and we are happy to say the responses have been great. 

With a goal of getting rebate dollars into our members’ hands faster, we made two important changes: First, we switched the rebate submissions schedule from quarterly to monthly. Second, we moved from a check-based payment policy to full ACH. That allows us to make rebate payments upon receipt of funds from manufacturers instead of accumulating them for check runs.  

Our new submissions form makes it easier and more accurate to process your rebates. The benefit to you is more efficiency and less chance of errors. We want to make sure you’re getting all the rebate dollars you’re entitled to!

Thanks so much for your positive response to the changes. We pay close attention to the feedback we get from our members about everything we do. We hope these changes will help you get even more from your Shinn Builder Partnerships membership!