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The new models aims to cut costs, time, and labor associated with composing tees on-site.


Uponor is adding 10 new reducing tee configurations to its ProPEX engineered polymer reducing tees portfolio, with the aim of eliminating the need for plumbing system designers and installers to fabricate composed tees on-site. This, according to the manufacturer, will allow professionals to reduce the time, money, and labor associated with fabrication, as well as streamline their overall build process. The single reducing tees also reduce the time and labor needed for installation, as compared with a composed tee made of several different components.

“These new tees provide a solution for what our customers describe as a significant jobsite challenge,” says Doug Fulton, vice president of product marketing and business development for Uponor North America. “Through this new offering, we’re confident professional plumbing and mechanical installers will make pipe connections faster and more efficiently, helping them save both time and money.”

The new reducing tees range from 1/2 inch to 2 inches in diameter, and are made from a durable engineered polymer designed to resist corrosion, handle high temperatures, and withstand thousands of pounds of force. The tees comply with all applicable ASTM and ANSI standards, are listed for potable water and hydronic applications, and carry the same hydrostatic temperature and pressure ratings as the overall Uponor system.

“There continues to be an ever-increasing need for smart PEX piping solutions,” Fulton adds. “Our new EP reducing tees give pipe system designers and installers more options for incorporating the benefits of the ASTM F1960 PEX expansion system into their projects: fewer connections, no hot work or chemicals, no dry fits, and faster and easier installs that limit their project liability and increase their productivity.” uponorpro.com

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