Original article by: Pro Builder - PRODUCTS Magazine

Gas and traditional electric radiant technology dominate cooking appliances, but a better option—induction—is making strong gains and worth consideration.

A technology that has been around since the early 1900, induction cooks by heating pots and pans directly, instead of using an electric or gas element. Cooktops and ranges that utilize induction use a magnetic.

“Induction cooking uses electric currents to directly heat pots and pans through magnetic induction,” appliance manufacturer Frigidaire says on its website. “Instead of using thermal conduction (a gas or electric element transferring heat from a burner to a pot or pan), induction heats the cooking vessel itself almost instantly.

“An electric current,” Frigidaire continues, “is passed through a coiled copper wire underneath the cooking surface, which creates a magnetic current throughout the cooking pan to produce heat. Because induction doesn’t use a traditional outside heat source, only the element in use will become warm due to the heat transferred from the pan.”

More chefs and manufacturers are now touting induction to construction professionals and consumers because of the inherent benefits of the tech. For one, induction is more efficient than traditional electric and gas because very little heat energy is lost. The heated pots and pans heat the contents inside through conduction and convection, with very little inefficiency.

“It boils water up to 50 percent faster than gas or electric, and maintains a consistent and precise temperature,” says Frigidaire. “The surface stays relatively cool so spills, splatters and occasional boil-overs don't burn onto the cooktop, making clean-up quick and easy.”

Frigidaire Gallery Series 30 Inch Induction Range


The 30-inch Gallery range offers Air-Fry technology, True Convection heating element, and a steam clean option. It boils water up to 50% faster than a traditional gas or electric cooktop, the company says, and fits into the space of an existing 30-inch range.