Original Article by: Environmental StoneWorks

Brick homes have been a source of admiration for years, but traditional brickwork can be costly and labor intensive. Installing thin brick veneer gives homes the same charm of full-faced brick with more style options and less time to install. Though thin brick works well for traditional and classic style homes, its versatility and durability make it easy to adapt to any style – including modern.

Thin Brick Veneer Advantages

Installing thin brick veneer boosts the curb appeal and overall value of homes in less time than traditional brick masonry.

Quicker Installation

The installation of thin brick veneer is quicker than that of full-face brick. As a lightweight option, it can be installed over existing walls without having to remove or reconstruct the structure, making renovations or remodels with StoneWorks a breeze. In the case of new construction homes, thin brick can be up to 75% lighter than traditional brick so it is easier to handle and faster to install – a win for your project timeline!

Lower Costs

Since thin brick veneer uses less materials than traditional brick, the material costs are typically lower. Lower material costs plus quicker installation oftentimes make thin brick a cost-effective solution for your project when compared to traditional brick. Adding insulation between the veneer and the existing wall during the installation process provides a cost benefit for homeowners by improving the energy efficiency of the home and potentially lowering heating and cooling costs overtime.