Original Article by: Organized Living

Organized Living has partnered with Drees Homes for almost a decade. During this partnership, Organized Living has helped Drees Homes give their homebuyers upgraded storage solutions with their full breadth of product lines and their online tool, Closet Selector.

Organized Living Closet Selector® is the new technology builders are turning towards. It is a revolutionary online tool that provides 3D renders of standard and upgraded closet options. It's designed for home builders, homebuyers, and installers to select, order, and accurately install closets. It's revolutionary in the building industry and simplifies closets for builders in a whole new way.

Alexa Drees Walker, Design Center Director at Drees Homes, commented, "Closet Selector has helped us transition to a virtual hybrid selection process seamlessly." She continues to say it "eliminates any doubt in homebuyers' minds because they can see what it will look like at the time of installation. For us, it's a one-click solution."

Closet Selector Software with 2 people holding laptop.

Closet Selector is a game-changer for builders as it simplifies the closet upgrade process. Homebuyers can now virtually pre-select closets at home before the design center appointment. That means homebuyers can take more time in the selection process and truly choose a storage solution that best fits their needs and lifestyle.

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