Uncertainty abounds in the market today. Many of our home builder clients across the country are making investments into more efficient plans and revisiting engineering requirements. While these are wise investments under any conditions, there is another wise investment that should be a top priority for builders right now: education.

Your people, your teams, are the largest asset you have. During the boom of the last three years, builders experienced large-scale growth resulting in a massive workforce that is unprepared for the market ahead. 

Many of the purchasing and estimating teams we work with are staffed with younger, less experienced associates. These new players were trained to operate in the market coming through 2020 and beyond. The reality is, 2023 will have little to no similarities to the market your teams have been operating in. Plan reviews, negotiation, and strict procedure adherence is the name of the game moving forward. Is your team ready for this change? Are you able to set challenging goals in the face of the market, and take comfort knowing your team is primed and ready for the challenge? 

Protect your business and invest in your team members today. Make sure they are skilled in negotiation, plan reviews, value engineering, and process management for maximum return on investment. Properly trained teams can flourish in these conditions and help you become the Builder of Choice in your market. Take advantage of the many industry-specific workshops, classes, and seminars available to builders. Your investment in your team only serves to make your organization stronger as you navigate the challenges ahead. 

Shinn Consulting’s Home Builder University offers an education curriculum designed specifically for home builders. Our training programs present readily implementable tools, processes, and procedures for improved results across your entire organization. Our lineup of seminars and workshops provides a variety of opportunities for you to invest in your team and your future.

Contact us at 303-972-7666 or info@shinnconsulting.com to discover how we can help you prepare for the changing market. 

Dave Burleigh is a consultant at Shinn Consulting. He is passionate about Unit Price Measurement (UPM) and helping builders improve the accuracy of their estimates to reduce direct construction cost. Dave's areas of expertise include estimating, construction efficiency, and material waste reduction.