Original Article by: Electrolux

The recycled plastic content and advanced food preservation features of our new built-in refrigerators have been well received by consumers. Simona Oboroceanu, Category Marketing Manager from the Food Preservation team at Electrolux tells us why.

Hi Simona! Tell us more about our breakthrough in incorporating recycled plastic in our refrigerators.

The Electrolux Group has developed a new line of built-in refrigerators – the Electrolux 500-900 Series and AEG 5000-9000 Series – that we’re currently launching in Europe. The recent launches have inner liners made from 70% recycled plastic, which equates to 13% of the total plastic used in the refrigerator. We are the first in the world to incorporate this much recycled plastic into a refrigerator so it’s an important industry breakthrough.

The plastic is sourced from a specialty supplier that collects and refines plastic from discarded refrigerators in Europe. It is very important that we work with strong and reliable partners that can provide access to high-quality recycled materials.

The range has been well received at fairs such as IFA in Berlin as the industry sees the product as being concrete proof that we take sustainability seriously.

How have consumers responded to the inner liners made from recycled plastic?

Consumers have responded very positively to the inner liners, and they perceive the gray shade of plastic as being more premium than standard white liners. They favor products made from recycled materials and our research has shown they want this kind of refrigerator with recycled materials.