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Average profitability in 2019 increased 0.9% to 9.6%!

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Wednesday, June 24, 10:00 a.m. Mountain Time
Presented by: Charles C. Shinn, Jr., PhD & Emma S. Shinn, CPA, MBA

During this one-hour session, Chuck and Emma Shinn will provide a detailed analysis of the results of the 2019 Financial and Operations Study which measures the performance of leading home builders across the country.

Now in its 27th year, this study tracks all critical financial ratios for participating building companies. It helps participants and other builders understand how to evaluate their own organizations and guides them on what actions to take to increase profitability.

The purpose of the Financial and Operations Study is to benchmark each company's financial and operational performance against set target ratios, compare the performance of like companies, and provide information on compensations packages for 39 different positions. Order your copy here.

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Chuck Shinn
President, Builder Partnerships / Shinn Consulting

Shinn Consulting and Builder Partnerships founder Charles C. (Chuck) Shinn Jr. has been focused on improving management standards and profitability within the home building industry for 50 years. He has led management training programs across North America, helping home builders cut costs, improve operations, and increase profits. He is a frequent speaker and contributor to leading industry events and publications. He holds a BA in economics and an MBA and PhD in business administration.
Emma Shinn Photo
Emma Shinn
CFO, Builder Partnerships / Shinn Consulting

Emma Shinn is a CPA with an MBA in accounting. She is the author of Accounting and Financial Management for Residential Construction. Emma has the unique ability to explain accounting and financial principles to non-accountants to allow them to utilize these concepts in the management process. She is a regular speaker at management seminars and national and regional conferences. Since 1993, Emma has conducted an annual financial and operational survey and analysis of more than 100 home builders.

"Learned a lot in just an hour! Made me start thinking about where the building industry is headed, and what we need to do so we are not left in the dust!!"

"I have attended many Shinn Group seminars, webinars, conferences and Executive Summits, they are by far the best in the industry! I greatly appreciate all the information and insight they continue to provide us! Thank you Shinn Group!!"

"I have been associated with Chuck Shinn for most of my career and always have learned from him and his associates." -Tony Cesario

"It was great to see Jim again - it has been awhile since I have seen him. He is knowledgeable in the topic and enjoy seeing his passion for the industry come out in the presentation."