A Lumber Case Study: Controlling Lumber is a Fairy Tale but Lumber Management and Cost Control can be a REALITY!

The volatility of lumber prices is wreaking havoc on construction costs for home builders across the U.S. and Canada. Controlling lumber prices is impossible, but implementing some simple solutions for controlling lumber costs is doable.

Ed Hauck, senior consultant at Shinnn Consulting, and Dave Burleigh, director of purchasing and Estimating at BIMaire, have spent significant time studying the lumber market and working with builders to help them improve plans, plan details, estimates, lumber deliveries and usage to control lumber costs.

During this session, Ed and Dave will share tips on how builders can reduce lumber costs by framing homes more efficiently and minimizing waste.


Presented by:
Ed Hauck
Senior Consultant, Shinn Consulting

Ed Hauck spent 22 years with Rouse Chamberlin Homes in the Philadelphia area. Thanks to Ed’s leadership, Rouse enjoyed industry-leading, low direct construction costs. As a senior consultant with Shinn Consulting, Ed is a regular speaker at management seminars and provides training, coaching and consulting to help builders reduce direct construction cost, streamline operations, and guide product design towards efficiency and cost control.
Dave Burleigh
Director of Estimating, BIMaire

With 15 years of large-volume purchasing and estimating under his belt, Dave was a valuable pick-up to the BIMaire team. In 2009, Salt Lake City, UT became home. Upon arriving in Utah, Dave joined a local multi-family developer heading up Purchasing, Estimating, and Land Development. Quickly, the Unit Price Measurement (UPM) Theory was adopted, and the organization realized the gains in controlling their purchasing activities. In 2014, Dave was sought out to bring UPM purchasing to the untouched segment of Hospitality Refreshes. UPM was applied to a dozen large scale hotel refresh programs, to allow for the independent property owners to perform brand required refreshes in a financially sound manner.

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