Are You Ready to Sell Homes Online?

As the buyer demographic changes and buying online is accepted AND expected, are you asking yourself:
  • How do I present my home design online?
  • How do I present the home structural options?
  • How do I present the home design center options?
  • How do I configure a home like a car?
  • Do I present the home in 3D or 2D?
  • How do I engage my buyer during the full cycle customer journey?


Presented by:

Joseph Buysse
BIMaire | COO

Joseph has been involved with the homebuilding industry for over 20 years. Spending over 16 years with K. Hovnanian Homes, he has worked through several departments including Architecture, estimating, marketing, purchasing, quality, and operations. Joseph represents forward-thinking product and technology solutions for the home building industry to deliver higher qualtiy, thoughtful, and performance-based solutions from "concept to close". He has been involved with BIMaire as both a customer and a COO for nearly 12 years.

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