Lennox & SillDry: Joint Webinar

The next event in our Webinar Wednesday series is a joint webinar featuring two of our trusted manufacturer members, Lennox and SillDry.

Today's buyers are concerned with indoor air quality, and Lennox offers leading-edge products designed to help home builders deliver the healthy homes their buyers demand. Discover the advantages of building healthy homes and learn about important performance standard changes to stay ahead of the curve.

Saving time and money is a top priority for most home builders. SillDry offers an innovative building envelope protection product to help home builders protect their homes and their reputations. Discover the time and money-saving benefits of using SillDry to solve the challenge of water intrusion. Webinar attendees will receive a discount code for 10% off any SillDry order placed before May 31, 2021.

There will be an open discussion following the presentations moderated by Rick Maurer, Builder Partnerships Director of Business Development.



Lennox Industries: Indoor Air Quality and Controls Nuances

This webinar will be a review of Lennox Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and controls product, COVID-19

Presented by:

Kevin Suarez - Business Development Manager

Kevin has worked in the HVAC industry for over 10 years and is based in Dallas, TX. Kevin received his MBA from University of Miami

Dhishan Kande - Product Manager Indoor Air Quality

Dhishan has a background in engineering, product management and Indoor Air Quality.  Dhishan received his PHD from Carnegie Mellon University.


SillDry: The Future of Building Envelope Protection - Drainage Starts Here

SillDry, an innovative building envelope protection product, offers the ideal solution for redirecting water coming in - while securing the integrity of your home.

Presented by:

Michael Araten, Principal

Michael is the President and CEO of Sterling Drive Ventures, LP, a family office that owns, among other things, The Roden Group founded in 1956. Rodon is a highly automated plastics injection molder, within a focus on small parts, used in over 100 industries, including food, beverage, pharmaceutical diagnostic packaging, windows, consumer packaged goods, construction and toys www.rodongroup.com. Sterling Drive Ventures' latest venture is SillDry, a company that sets the standard for window and door flashing in residential and commercial environments.

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