Builder of Choice: Designing an Efficient Home Your Buyers Will LOVE!

Join us for a Podcast style presentation followed by a Q&A session with our senior consultant Ed Hauck and guest Steve Moore from BSB Design.

Evaluating the design of your homes is essential to continue building homes that your buyers love and that accommodate their budgets. Performance engineering is important for maintaining good margins. As a Builder of Choice, you want to maintain a high level of quality for your market. We will discuss the importance of knowing how to build the right product for your market and buyer. Join Emma Jane Wildermuth and Ed Hauck with guest Steve Moore for tips on how to build a beautiful home while managing costs to meet your buyer's budget.

Become a Builder of Choice and build your buyer's dream home.

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Presented by:

Ed Hauck
Senior Consultant at Shinn Consulting 

Emma Jane Wildermuth
VP of Education and Consulting Services at Shinn Consulting