Builder of Choice: Reliable Schedules = Superior Cash Flow

Join us for a Podcast style presentation followed by a Q&A session with our senior consultants Jim Weigel and Ed Hauck.

Jim and Ed will discuss the relationship your schedules have on your cash flow.  Being disciplined with efficient schedules will lead to more predictable cash flow, allowing you to make better decsions for your organization. Superior cash flow gives you the power to finance your business easier.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to consult with industry experts. Submit your questions in advance of the webinar using the Questions & Comments box at registration.

Watch the Replay

Listen to the Podcast

Presented By:

Jim Weigel, Senior Consultant at Shinn Consulting
Ed Hauck, Senior Consultant at Shinn Consulting 
Emma Wildermuth, VP Education and Consulting Services at Shinn Consulting

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