Designing Homes to Beat High Interest Rates: A Really Short Story

Join us for a 10-minute presentation followed by an eye-opening Q&A session with our consultant and operational efficiency expert, Ed Hauck. Ed will be answering your burning questions about how to beat the higher interest rates by focusing on reducing price and costs while still maintaining profitability.

In the last year, interest rates have created havoc for our buyers.  In less than one years' time, a $500,000 home became completely unaffordable because monthly payments increased $1,000.  How can we as builders help to make our homes affordable again?  Ed will provide insight on how you can beat high interest rates.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to consult with an industry expert with housing downturn experience. Submit your questions in advance of the webinar using the Questions & Comments box at registration.



Presented by:

Ed Hauck

Senior Consultant at Shinn Consulting


Ed excels at helping builders reduce direct construction cost, streamline operations, and guide product design towards efficiency and cost control.

Areas of expertise: operational efficiency, purchasing, value engineering, design centers.

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