Thriving in the Reputation Economy
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Wednesday, August 12, @ 10 am MDT / 12 pm EDT
During this webinar, we’ll first examine what the Reputation Economy is and how it has shifted due to the current pandemic. Then, we’ll discuss specific ways to strengthen your online reputation that you might not be aware of. And finally, we’ll provide you with three action items to implement that will immediately impact the success of your business.

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Presented by:
Rebecca Mayo
Sales Executive
About Builder Partnerships

Builder Partnerships is a member organization focused on providing management training and support to help builders improve their performance and profit. Currently, we represent more than 1,400 builders in the United States and Canada who forecast building 145,000 homes collectively this year.
With more than 75 associated manufacturer and service provider brands, Builder Partnerships also manages highly competitive rebate and incentive programs. We help strengthen relationships between builders, manufacturers, and other service providers in the home building industry.

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About GuildQuality

GuildQuality is the industry leader when it comes to following up with clients after a job is done in order to gather authentic feedback and verified reviews about operational performance.

All of the feedback they collect is presented back to you in such a way that makes it easy for you to quickly see where you’re excelling, and where you have opportunities for improvement.

Today, GuildQuality yields between a 65 to 75 percent response rate, and their survey questions are completely customizable. They also send you responses in real-time, which means you’ll always have an accurate picture of the quality of your service. 

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