Is Your Cash Safe?

Jim Weigel, our senior consultant and housing industry finance expert, will be joining us for a "special edition" webinar on Thursday, March 30, to answer your burning questions about the best way to determine how safe your bank is and how to safely improve the return you are getting on your cash balances. Join us for a 10-minute presentation followed by an eye-opening Q&A session.

Recently, builders (along with everyone else) have become more concerned about the cash they have in their banks. After building up their cash reserves, will it be there when they need it? Is it earning the yield it deserves these days?

Interest rates rising fast this past year have not only affected the ability of homebuyers to purchase homes, they have made some banks much more risky, as we’ve seen with the failure of Silicon Valley Bank. Most of us never think about our bank, except if we have service or fee issues. Now, whether deposits are insured or uninsured is a big deal. But even that begs the question of how safe your bank is.

Over the past 10 years, we haven’t even thought about getting a good return on our cash. Now we can get 4%+ again, and do so even more safely than putting it in a bank.

In this short webinar, we’ll discuss the best way to determine how safe your bank is and we’ll describe two ways to safely improve the return you are getting on the cash balances you don’t need immediately.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to consult with a housing industry finance expert. Submit your questions in advance of the webinar using the Questions & Comments box at registration.



Presented by:

Jim Weigel
Senior Consultant at Shinn Consulting

Jim specializes in helping builders implement effective management systems with a focus on disciplined leadership and performance excellence to increase revenue.

Areas of expertise: management, marketing, sales, finance, quality, valuation, owner transition.

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