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(Thursday, April 2, 10:00 a.m. Mountain Time)

In the blink of an eye, home builders were forced from the calm seas of a strong U.S. economy into a raging storm of uncertainty. The coronavirus crisis is requiring home builders to immediately move from expansion mode to survival mode. The staff at Builder Partnerships / Shinn Consulting is here to help you navigate the storm.

During this 90-minute session, Chuck Shinn and Jim Weigel will discuss the impact of the coronavirus crisis on the housing industry and the steps home builders can take to survive these challenging times.

Presented By:

Charles C. (Chuck) Shinn Jr., PhD
President, Builder Partnerships / Shinn Consulting

Chuck Shinn has been focused on improving management standards and profitability within the home building industry for 50 years. He has led management training programs across North America, helping home builders cut costs, improve operations, and increase profits. He is a frequent speaker and contributor to leading industry events and publications. He holds a BA in economics and an MBA and PhD in business administration.
James (Jim) Weigel
Senior Consultant, Builder Partnerships / Shinn Consulting

Jim Weigel has a BA in Economics from the University of Colorado; and an MBA in Finance from the University of Denver. As a senior consultant with Shinn Consulting, Jim consults on management, marketing, operations, finance, quality and valuation issues for small and large organizations, specializing in effective ownership, owner transition, and results-management systems.