Save a Day of Cycle Time: Today's Termite Pretreatment Options
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Wednesday, July 29, @ 10 am MDT / 12 pm EDT
Termites cause $5 Billion of damage in the US each year and it is not covered by homeowner insurance. In this class we will discuss the type of termite pretreatments approved for use by US Housing & Urban Development. We’ll cover the benefits and advantages of each and how they impact your business and even your reputation.

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Presented by Nisus Corporation:
Lee Barrett
Lee Barrett is the Divisional Vice President, Domestic/International Pest Control for Nisus Corporation. Barrett has been with the company since 1999 and is responsible for the sales and profitability of the Domestic and International Pest Control Division.  Lee has been a proven performer for Nisus Corporation, he has forged strong relationships with distributors and pest companies across the industry He has an exceptional ability to build and strengthen relationships with a focus on helping companies grow.
Reid Ipser
Dr. Reid Ipser joined Nisus Corporation in 2015 as its Director of Technical Services where he is responsible for handling customer inquiries, training, presentations, content development and field support for sales. Reid has more than 16 years of practical experience in the pest control industry and holds multiple degrees in Entomology, including a Ph.D. from the University of Georgia, and has authored numerous scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals. 
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Nisus Corporation's mission is to provide homeowners, Pest Management Professionals (PMPs), and distributors with strong, effective products while providing the lowest possible impact to the environment. Our products include pest control, pool and spa and wood preservatives.

Many of our products use borate as an active ingredient. Borates are mineral salts that are mined from the earth, and while they are deadly to insect pests, they have extremely low mammalian toxicity and pose minimal risk to people, pets and the environment.

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