Protect Your Profit Margin: 5 Strategies to Reduce Construction Costs

Part of Our Survival Webinar Series

Rising interest rates, cancellations, and stagnant pricing are upon us. Home builders need to be prepared to react to the challenges facing the housing industry and make adjustments to protect their profit margin.

Join consultants Ed Hauck and Dave Burleigh as they review five essential strategies to help builders protect themselves from the storm ahead. 
Listen in as seasoned veterans of this changing market discuss how to tackle key areas of focus and how to lay out a plan to protect backlogs and profits. 

This fast-paced review will help builders make a plan and take action!

For a deeper dive on this topic, and to help our builder community prepare for the challenges ahead, we are offering a live online survival workshop on August 18.

Webinar presented by:

Ed Hauck
Senior Consultant, Shinn Consulting

Ed excels at helping builders reduce direct construction cost, streamline operations, and guide product design towards efficiency and cost control. Areas of expertise: operational efficiency, purchasing, value engineering, design centers.

Dave Burleigh
Consultant - Estimating Expert, Shinn Consulting

Dave is passionate about Unit Price Measurement (UPM) and helping builders improve the accuracy of their estimates to reduce direct construction cost. Areas of expertise: estimating, construction efficiency, material waste reduction.

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