Today's Consumers
& How They Got That Way

One headlines says we’ve had over 15,000-gun fatalities in the US so far in 2023. Another reports on the war in Ukraine, a third address gender conflicts and that’s just the beginning. Is it any wonder many people are stressed? Updates on over two dozen news items cause citizens to shake their heads. Examining the various concerns helps builders understand why prospects are a bit cranky, less patient, and often unreasonable. What steps can builders take to support the front-line personnel who address these conditions on a daily basis? This class provides insight and support to mitigate or eliminate these challenges while increasing customer loyalty within a challenging environment.


Suggested Audience & Schedule

Management & Front-Line Personnel

45 minutes

  1. Describe the conditions that contribute to current consumer attitudes.
  2. List factors that add directly to home builder challenges.
  3. Explain today’s home buyers’ needs and how to respond to them.
  4. Establish the support tools that reassure and guide purchasers through the new home process.
  5. Identify steps front-line personnel to reduce buyer conflict and increase customer satisfaction. 
Presented by:
Carol Smith
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Experience is a wonderful teacher and it is apparent from her first words that Carol Smith has experience. She has performed over 700 buyer orientations, held the posts of warranty manager, superintendent, custom home sales manager, mortgage loan officer, and vice president of customer relations. She has also been over-promised, under-budgeted, short-staffed, burned-out, hung-up on, threatened with attorneys, picketed by homeowners, blackmailed by homeowner associations, ignored by trade contractors, lied to by suppliers—and lived to tell about it. And tell about it she has. 

Since 1986, Carol has presented hundreds of educational programs to builders and associates in the US, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. Over a dozen customer service books she wrote were published by NAHB and three of them are still available through Carol is an award-winning columnist for CUSTOM HOME Magazine and has written dozens of articles for such publications as Builders Management Journal, Premier Homes, Building Homes and Profits, BUILDER, and Professional Builder magazines. 

Carol is noted for cutting through the hype to reach the heart of any service issue. Her realistic approach and practical techniques empower those in the home building profession to create customer loyalty. Her track record qualifies her to be recognized as the leading expert in customer service for the home building industry.

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