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Builder of Choice™

Attract Top Talent and Improve Buyer Satisfaction as the Builder of Choice™

Builders Reap the Benefits of a Builder of Choice™ Strategy

10 Steps to Becoming a Builder of Choice™: Your Production Teams Role

Business Management

Dear Business Owners: It's Time to Work on Your Business, Not in It

5 Internal People Every CEO Needs

15 Management Systems to Help You Avoid the High-Speed Wobbles

What Makes Leadership Development Programs Succeed?

How to Stay Calm in a Crisis and Lead Your Team Through Anything

Incentive Compensation Programs: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Getting Employee Buy-In for Organizational Change

David Drees: Best Practices for Managing a Private Home Building Operation

Boeing's CEO Just Responded to Intense Criticism Over the Alaska Airlines Flight Emergency. It's a Lesson for Every Leader


4 Key Elements for Build-To-Rent Communities

Standard Build-to-Rent Nomenclature: A Path to Greater Acceptance

Economic Outlook

Housing market map: Zillow just issued a big revision to its 2024 home price forecast

2023 Update: Home Builders Fair Better Than Anticipated

Recession Roulette

America is Stuck in a Greased-Pig Economy

It’s official: The housing market is turning millennials into their parents. A Fortune 500 economist says it’s a déja vù market that is replaying the 1980s

Prices of New Houses Drop Further, -18% Year-over-Year, Sales Drop, High Inventories Rise Further, Supply Jumps

Home Design

5 Ways to Boost the Curb Appeal of New Homes

Designing Incredible Outdoor Experiences

Over-Engineering and Inefficient Design are Profit Killers

IBS Recap: Kitchen Features High in Demand Among Homebuyers

Those Few Extra Inches


Construction’s Age Problem: A Foreboding Exodus of Experience


5 Timeless Storytelling Strategies to Use in Your Next Marketing Campaign

The Importance of a Positive Online Presence for Executives

Two North Carolina Builder Brothers Find the Secret to Social Media Success

Navigating Economic Uncertainty

Uncertainty is the Name of the Game

Advice for Home Builders Navigating a Housing Market in Flux

Housing Downturn Demands Tough Decisions

3 Ways to Adapt and Grow During a Recession

5 Ways To Accelerate Your Business During The Recession of 2023

How to Be An Accountable Leader During an Age of Layoffs

Why Maintaining Growth While Reducing Costs Requires a Shift in Mindset and Culture — and Lots of Data

What business leaders are spending more on in 2023—and where they are cutting back

Making A Recession Work For You

Personal Development

5 Effective Ways to Improve Concentration and Cognition

Productivity Skills to Help You Gain Time Back

Feel Stuck? Use the Rule of 5 Little Things to Start Being More Productive, Focused, and Happier

Small Habits That Rewire Your Mind to Be Better


Reducing Direct Costs: The Value of Unitized Pricing

Purchasing: The Forgotten Department


Top 3 Lessons for Success in Todays Market

Selling New Construction Homes: Strategies for Success 

Supply Chain

Supply Chain Disruption 'Likely to Outpace Resilience'


AI in Home Building ... What Now? What Next?

How Home Builders Integrate Technology Into Current Systems

Understanding the Benefits of Digital Transformation

The Insurance Risk of Not Embracing Technology