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Build Your Knowledge: Suggested Reading

We are passionate about sharing knowledge with our community of builders, manufacturers, and service providers. Here you will find a curated selection of articles on a variety of topics for your reading pleasure.

Global: Daikin Group Releases Its Sustainability Report

Daikin Industries, Ltd. has released the English edition of its Sustainability Report 2023. The report includes the overall approach of the Daikin Group for contributing to the realization of a sustainable society through its business and technological innovation, along with its fiscal 2022 results and plans for the future.

Pahlisch Homes Celebrates Their First Homes For Hope Project Completion

It was a time to celebrate the thousands of lives that will be impacted by Pahlisch’s donation, as well as a time of fellowship among colleagues who had just constructed an award-winning home.

Garage Door Replacement Panels: When to Repair or Replace

Garage doors went from a single panel that opened manually to sectional pieces that rolled up overhead in 1921. Since then, homeowners have had the chance to exchange a single section of a garage door instead of buying an entirely new one — a much more affordable option.

Green Brick Partners Delivers Near-Record Levels of Closings Revenue in Q2

New-home orders increased 51% year over year as demand remains strong in the home builder’s infill and infill-adjacent locations.

Incentive Compensation Programs: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Incentive compensation programs for construction personnel allow home builders to keep base salaries at a manageable level given the cyclical nature of the industry. During the inevitable downturn, if base salaries are too high, builders could be forced to cut high-performing staff to stay in business.

10 Tips to Get Qualified Sales Leads

As we all know, with the boom that we experienced in most States, we had more clients than we could handle. Now that the market has normalized it’s time for our salespeople to step up and implement prospecting activities, which will become a habit and sustain them for their whole new home sales career.

Find the Right Finish for Your Door

With a wide variety of stain and paint options to choose from, you can pair on-trend colors with our industry-leading Therma-Tru doors, delivering lasting beauty that you can trust.

Generac's Year in Review: 2022 Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Report

As a leading energy technology company, Generac remains focused on advancing our Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) vision.

How Women in Roofing Can Help Grow the Industry

Training women in roofing and other trades can help strengthen the US economy by addressing the country's massive skilled labor shortage.

AeroTherm® Series Heat Pump

​​​​​​​The Aerotherm® Series heat pump water heater is an innovative, highly efficient solution for domestic hot water.

Sell Yourself BEFORE the Sale

A sale extends far beyond the physical meeting. While polite conversations, firm handshakes, and detailed infographics are key elements of a successful sale, many other factors influence the results. Preparation is imperative to converting a prospect into a loyal customer. 

2023 Update: Home Builders Fair Better Than Anticipated

Beams of sunlight bursting through the clouds.
The first six months of 2023 far exceeded home builders’ expectations from the beginning of the year. Builders were forecasting a 30% drop in home sales based on the fall off of sales during the fourth quarter of last year when the interest rate for a 30-year fixed rate mortgage increased to over 7.0%. At the half-year mark, actual new home sales were only down 2.8% from last year.

Classic Homes Field Visit: A Masterclass in Building Homes and People

As someone who is new to the housing industry, expanding my knowledge of home building is a top priority. After completing many of the courses in our new technical training lineup where I learned everything from jobsite safety to water management, I wanted to further my knowledge with an in-person visit to a home building company. Joe Loidolt from Classic Homes in Colorado Springs graciously agreed to host me for a two-day visit last month.

Builders Reap the Benefits of a Builder of Choice™ Strategy

Builder of Choice status is something that is earned, and it encompasses much more than your reputation with your trades and suppliers. Your entire organization contributes to, and benefits from, becoming the Builder of Choice. 

Capstone Homes Launch Their First Homes for Hope Project

We often say partnering with Homes for HOPE is all about the long game. Partnerships take a while to cultivate, homes take a bit to be built, and loans take time to be repaid. But in the end, partnerships are solidified, homes are built, and loans are repaid by HOPE clients helping them break the cycle of poverty.

How Hot Does a Roof Get in the Summer?

Exactly how hot does a roof get in the summer? According to the US Department of Energy, traditional darker asphalt shingle roofs can get up to 150°F on a sunny summer day. And prolonged exposure to high heat like this can damage your roof. Four Potential Effects of Summer Weather on Your Roof:

Generac Provides Solutions Through Support Page

Do you have a question about our products or services? Visit our brand-new, 24/7, online support center to explore valuable resources, frequently asked questions and much more.

How to Prepare Your Home for EV Charging

The Problem: Preparing your homes to meet the fast-growing demand for electric vehicle charging. Homebuyers also happen to be drivers. And it’s no longer a question of if drivers will go electric, but when.

Trust and Convenience for Home Builders

TruTeam’s project leaders and coordinators are local, hand-selected professionals who care about completing your project safely while providing the maximum return on investment.

Daikin Expands Incentive Program for BP Members

Daikin is the global leader in air conditioning, with HVAC&R, fluorochemical, and filtration products powered by unlimited human potential.

Lightbulbs for Every Builder

Innovation is one of Bulbrite's core values. Check out a few of our newest products that help Turn Life On!

American Lighting Joins Builder Partnerships

Builder Partnerships is pleased to announce the newest manufacturer member to our program

The AZEK® Company and TimberTech® Recognized for Climate and Environmental Leadership

Named One of America’s 2023 Climate Leaders by USA Today; Wins Environment + Energy Leader 2023 Product of the Year Award for TimberTech Advanced PVC Decking

2022 Financial Study Results: Profits Soar Despite Challenges

2022 was a year full of challenges for the home building industry with all kinds of twist and turns throughout the year.

Builder Survey Results Continue to Show Mixed Signals

Builder Partnerships recently conducted a survey of our builder community in order to remain abreast of the market and its impact on our members. Builder responses indicate changes in sales backlog, cycle times, starts and closings.

Strengthen Your Organization from the Bottom Up

Our new online technical training programs powered by IBACOS will benefit field personnel and anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of the home building process.

Our Builder Members Earn Top Rankings

We are pleased to announce that 75% of the top 240 companies on Pro Builder's 2023 Housing Giants list are members of Builder Partnerships.

American Southern Homes Becomes Evermore Homes

Unifying four existing home building entities operating in Arizona, Alabama, and Georgia, American Southern Homes is transitioning to Evermore Homes.

Going to SEBC 2023? Check out Builder Partnerships' Manufacturer and Service Provider Associates Participating in the Event

The 2023 Southeast Building Conference (SEBC) is scheduled for July 19-20, 2023, in Orlando, FL. Programming will include two days of hard-hitting education, the regions's largest building industry trade show, networking opportunities, and more!

Grow Your Business With Lasting Relationships

In pursuit of forging industry connections, we encourage our manufacturer and service provider members to participate in events as sponsors. Explore the benefits of this incredible opportunity and discover how it can propel your organization toward successful relationships. 

Decoding Net-Zero Homes: Understanding the Concept and How to Build

The term 'Net-Zero Home' may sound futuristic, but it's an increasingly achievable and popular goal. A net-zero home is a residential structure that, within the span of one year, produces an equivalent amount of energy as it consumes. In this guide, we will explore the necessary steps for constructing a net-zero home and examine its associated benefits.

Classic Homes Triumphs at the Best of the Springs Awards

A Testament to Excellence: 2023 Best of the Springs

Termite Pre-treatments May Not Be Enough

Wood is the most expensive item in a new home. Protect that investment.

5 Questions to Help Your Business Purchase the Right ERP Solution

Buying an ERP system isn’t something you can do quickly if you want to get a good fit. It’s a process. However, it doesn’t have to be complicated or take a long time. Here are five questions you can ask to help search more effectively.

Private Onsite Training Offers Flexibility & Convenience

If your team can’t make it to one of our in-person seminars, our instructors will come to you!

Recession Roulette

The U.S. economy and the housing industry have performed better than expected this year. However, both are showing signs of weakness in the face of the Federal Reserve’s battle against runaway inflation.

Over-Engineering and Inefficient Design are Profit Killers

High direct construction costs are the leading cause of low profits for home builders. Over-engineering and inefficient design are part of the problem.

Got 5 Minutes to Earn up to $2,000 Per Home?

Everything about the Builder Partnerships rebate program is EASY—from fast enrollment, to effortless submissions, to direct deposit payments—the hardest thing is deciding how to spend your earnings.

Let Homebuyers Turn on Peace of Mind

Studies have shown that light switches, particularly in areas like bathrooms and kitchens, are some of the filthiest surfaces in a home -- a literal hot spot for bacteria that causes odor, staining and degradation. But with our new radiant® with Microban devices and wall plates, you can offer homebuyers a solution that will help them keep bacteria in check.

Construction’s Age Problem: A Foreboding Exodus of Experience

Rugged Male Construction Worker About one in five construction workers is 55 or older. Failing to recruit and retain labor soon could mean a sudden dearth of experienced workers.

Unvented Attic Construction

To construct a typical unvented attic, spray foam, an air-impermeable insulation, is applied in direct contact with the underside of the structural roof sheathing and on all gable end walls.

Therma-Tru Named Brand Used Most by Building Professionals

Therma-Tru has been named the “Brand Used Most in the Past 2 years” and first in “Brand Used at All in the Past 2 Years” in the entry doors category of the 2023 Builder Brand Use Study conducted by Zonda.

The 2023 Homes for HOPE Award | Ezekiel and Julienne

We are excited to announce this year’s Homes for HOPE Honorees – Ezekiel Minani and Julienne Uwineza. When Ezekiel was first introduced to Urwego, HOPE’s microfinance institution in Rwanda, he and his wife Julienne and two young children lived in a small mud house with no running water or electricity. A small maize (corn) flour business couldn’t support their growing family. They dreamed of a better future but had no access to capital.

BombBomb Joins Builder Partnerships

Builder Partnerships is pleased to announce the newest service provider member to our organization.

The Upside of Digging Down: Why Adding a Basement to Your New Build is a Smart Investment

In this article, we will explore the benefits of incorporating a full ICF basement into your new build and how it can lead to a substantial return on investment.

5 Steps for Using Economic Information to Guide Decisions & Actions

As with previous recessions and times of economic uncertainty, the housing industry is leading the current downturn.

HBS Update With Simon Baker

Clearly, the economy is displaying some signs of distress, particularly with ongoing inflation and the recent interest rate increases within the U.S., but we have to remember the big picture as well. There is real demand for our product and services and it's likely only going to get stronger.

Reducing Direct Costs: The Value of Unitized Pricing

​​​​​​​Builders across the country are looking for ways to reduce their direct construction costs by 15%-20%.  Have you gone through a complete plan review, stripped options from your base houses, cleaned up your building specifications and are still coming up short in terms of reducing costs?  If so, it’s time to look at how you purchase.

Your Success is Our Mission

What sets Builder Partnerships and Shinn Consulting apart from our competition? Just ask our members and clients. We hear it from them all the time. They know we truly CARE about them, and they know we are truly committed to helping them succeed.

No Matter the Space, We Can Organize It

Offering the ultimate level of style and customization, the Heirloom Collection™ allows the creation of truly personalized closets, mudrooms and pantries tailored to the homeowner’s needs.

Congratulations to Our Builder Members Featured on Builder's 2023 Builder 100 / Next 100 List

Our builder members are continually ranked among the top home building companies in the country.

Top 3 Lessons for Success in Todays Market

"If you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room!" Mastermind Philosophy

Top 5 Must-Haves in Today’s Model Home

It is crucial to stay attuned to the ever-changing needs and desires of today’s new home buyers. In the present market, buyers are more discerning and mindful of their spending, and therefore, it is imperative to showcase the top must-haves buyers are seeking in a new home within your model home.

Make the Most of Modern

What does ‘modern’ really mean anyway? In the style world, modern refers to a minimalist style that was popular in the early to mid-twentieth century.

Rausch Coleman Homes: A Celebration Three Years in the Making

Trade partners, suppliers, and Rausch Coleman staff gathered last week as we celebrated a partnership three years in the making.

Hakes Brothers Enters Kansas City Market

The New Mexico–based builder has started two new developments on the Kansas side of the market.

How to Navigate the 5 Phases of a Market Correction

Band-Aids are not the answer—enduring each part of a market correction is a challenging yet necessary process for home builders.

Highlights from the 2023 Executive Summit

Nature continually presents us with impressive examples of perseverance: trees growing out of rocks, a plant poking up from a crack in the concrete, flowers blooming under the harshest of conditions, etc. Perseverance and growth under challenging circumstances was the theme of this year’s Executive Summit.

2023 Shinn Consulting Achievement Award Winners

It is our pleasure to announce this year’s winners of the Shinn Consulting Achievement Awards.

Housing Downturn Demands Tough Decisions

Product redesign and performance engineering were popular topics at last month’s Executive Summit. Home builders willing to get creative and make tough decisions to protect their businesses and profit margins during the downturn will be in a better position to take advantage of the subsequent recovery.

Important Considerations for Building an Energy Efficient Home in California

Soaring energy prices and the effects of climate change are being felt all around, so building energy-efficient homes is more important than ever.

Providence Homes Celebrates 20 Years of Partnership with Homes for HOPE

On March 1st – a beautiful, sunny day in Jacksonville, FL – the Homes for HOPE team had the privilege of gathering with Providence Homes’ staff and trade partners to celebrate the completion of their 7th Homes for HOPE project.

Preparing Your Business to Thrive in Uncertain Times

If we’ve learned anything over the past couple of years, it’s that’s business complacency is a dangerous thing—and that being able to respond quickly to change is vital to business prosperity.

Garage Door Sizes and Creative Uses

Let's take a look at everything you need to know about garage door sizes, proper ways to measure for garage doors and how to let your creative juices flowing if you're thinking about fun ways to spruce up a space.

Choosing Grout Colors

Looking for a new way to transform tile? Selecting the right grout can make all the difference when completing a design project.

How GAF Timberline Ultra HDZ Shingles Enhance and Protect Your Home

The best roof shingles not only help protect your family's most important investment but also provide attractive curb appeal that can increase your home's value.

The Rise of Biophilic Design in Hardscaping

The term “biophilic design” has gained favor as a technique of connecting architecture and nature for a truly cohesive effect.

Builder Partnership’s Executive Summit Recap

Lita Dirks and Steve Moore, of BSB Designs, presented “Winning Strategies for Product Design” at the Builder Partnership’s Executive Summit in Fort Lauderdale earlier this month. The duo addressed the challenges that fuel success and the winning strategies for perseverance and growth.

Lennox Industries Launched Warranty Your Way™, An Industry First for Home Comfort System Parts And Labor Coverage… At No Additional Cost

Heating and cooling equipment has become more sophisticated and efficient. But, with advancement can come added expense. Good news: Lennox has a solution.

Builder Data Platforms

Leveraging data to drive competitive advantage has shifted from being an option to a requirement and having a robust data strategy is an essential part of an organization's DNA. 

Create Backyard Bliss with These 2023 Outdoor Living Trends

Unfussy landscaping, climate-responsible yards, and wellness elements rank highly among homeowners and designers this year.

The 3-Step Plan Performance Strategy

Managing cost without reducing consumer appeal is a balancing act.

Composite Decking vs. Wood: Tips To Choose

While traditional wood has been a decking staple for decades, it’s certainly not your only deck material choice. If you haven’t explored newer engineered materials, you’re missing out on low-maintenance and high-performance perks that wood just can’t offer.

Lennar’s Adherence to Core Strategies Helps Navigate 'Volatile' Market Conditions

The home builder delivered stronger than anticipated revenue and home closing numbers in the fiscal first quarter while implementing its pricing to market strategy.

Exciting News From AZEK Exteriors

AZEK Exteriors has added their shingle siding to our great list of programs!

Reduce Cycle Time and Increase Profits with Reliable Construction Schedules

Business process management and automation concept with icons of hiring workflow, document validation, information in connected gear cogs, businessman touching screen Scheduling is the backbone of a home builder’s entire organization. The construction schedule impacts the builder’s production capacity, profitability and cash flow. Improving the reliability of the construction schedule is one of the most effective strategies for improving company performance.

Lead Time Update

Please view the document for the most current lead times that will be effective 1/30/2023.

Poppin’ Interior Design: The Loft

A focus on interior merchandising is important for several reasons. Interior merchandising helps to create a visually appealing and attractive space, which can help a buyer imagine living in the space.

The Secret to Achieving Profits Well Above the Industry Standard

It’s no coincidence that the majority of highly-successful business owners have a mentor or coach. They understand the importance of obtaining an outside perspective from experts who can help them improve performance and profitability.

Understanding the Benefits of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation refers to the use of digital technologies to significantly change how an organization operates, engages with, and delivers value to its customers.

Advice for Home Builders Navigating a Housing Market in Flux

Successful builders can grow during this housing recession if they plan for it by maintaining liquidity, keeping up their reputation, and actively searching for opportunities.

Three Ways to Light Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor living areas are more popular than ever! Progress Lighting recommends three ways to light outdoor living spaces to increase your enjoyment of these areas.

Emser’s 2023 Design Trends

As we make our way into a brand-new year, it’s exciting to highlight some of the top trends that we will see in design for 2023, along with many of the key influences driving these trends.

Beautiful Bathroom Inspiration

Get inspired to design your dream bathroom with ideas from Delta partners.

What Is Thin Brick Veneer?

Thin brick is a manufactured stone veneer product that is used to dress existing walls, giving the appearance of classic brick to a home's exterior.

How to Assess Contractors for Building with ICFs

One of the biggest issues currently facing the country is the lack of skilled labor to build residential and commercial projects.

How to Choose the Right Shingles for Beautiful Home Exterior Design

Your roof is central to your home's exterior aesthetic. Your roof style, shingle type, and color palette all work together with other architectural elements to give your home lasting curb appeal.

IBS Recap: Kitchen Features High in Demand Among Homebuyers

Kitchen customization continues to be a major factor in home purchases, and builders and designers are taking notice.

What Home Features Are Expected Today, and Which Exceed Buyer Expectations?

In her most recent webinar, Zonda's Mollie Carmichael gives an in-depth look at consumer trends that are sweeping the industry.

Builder Partnerships Names Delta Faucet 2022 Partner of the Year

Delta Faucet, an industry leading manufacturer of shower heads, faucets and other kitchen and bath accessories, has received the Builder Partnerships Partner of the Year award for 2022. The award was announced during Builder Partnerships' 17th Annual Networking Reception at the International Builders' Show.

IBS 2023 Highlights

When the party is still going strong an hour after the scheduled end time, you know you've done something right. That was the case at our 17th annual IBS Networking Reception. We had a great turnout and a fun crowd.

What To Do About Interest Rates

Interest rates are still higher now than they were twelve months ago. Buyers continue to bail out of buying homes because of that, both new and existing homes. These higher rates have reduced sales and home prices.

International Builders’ Show 2023 Recap

The Homes for HOPE team had the privilege of joining nearly 70,000 home building professionals from around the globe last week at the Las Vegas Convention Center for the NAHB International Builders’ Show (IBS),

Designing Incredible Outdoor Experiences

Market survey data continues to prove that new home buyers want quality outdoor living. In fact, demand for exceptional outdoor living spaces now rivals other top priorities (like kitchens and primary suites) as one of the most important elements of a floor plan.

Light Layering

Let’s talk layers. There’s a reason designers love them.

World’s First Fridge With 70% Recycled Plastic Inner Liners Is Ours

The recycled plastic content and advanced food preservation features of our new built-in refrigerators have been well received by consumers. Simona Oboroceanu, Category Marketing Manager from the Food Preservation team at Electrolux tells us why.

16 ICF Modern Farmhouse Floor Plans and Design Ideas

Are you considering constructing an ICF farmhouse? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We have tons of ICF farmhouse plans ready for you to view.

DRD + M Series Earn Another Award

Architectural Products announces DRD + M Series as a PIA Award winner

Generac to Expand its Clean Energy Offering with the Addition of Residential Electrical Vehicle Chargers

Generac Power Systems, Inc., (NYSE: GNRC) a leading global designer and manufacturer of energy technology solutions and other power products, today announced the introduction of its first electric vehicle charging system.

Top Interior Paint Colors and Wall Plate Combos for 2023

Explore the latest interior paint trends (with bonus style from the adorne Collection).

Common Attic Ventilation System Solutions by Roof Style

Ventilation is defined by the U.S. Department of Energy as "the exchange of indoor and outdoor air."

Valuable Insight to Improve Performance

Reliable feedback equals smarter decisions. Using a third-party to gather candid feedback directly from your employees, trades and suppliers will provide you with the accurate information you need to become a better employer and builder.

2023 Outdoor Lighting Trends and Styles

Progress Lighting offers an overview of outdoor lighting trends for 2023 and top picks for the 2023 lighting designs.

PermitFlow Joins Builder Partnerships

Builder Partnerships is pleased to announce the newest service provider member to our organization.

Expand Your Network and Knowledge at IBS 2023

You're Invited to Join Us at IBS 2023!

Improving Quality Through the Power of Checklists

Businessman holding and showing the best quality assurance with golden five stars for guarantee product and ISO service concept. A new year means new opportunities to improve performance and reach higher levels of success. As we enter 2023, it’s time for a fresh start. It’s time to eradicate excuses and poor performance and start compelling events to conform to the plan. It’s time to change the status quo and recognize the power of checklist implementation in your operational practices.

Facing the Unknown with an Eye on the Fundamentals

2023 will be no different than any other year in the home building business. There, I’ve said it.

Builder Survey Results Reflect Challenging Market

A red check mark in a blox, surrounded by the word Survey Builder Partnerships recently conducted a follow-up survey of our builder community in order to remain abreast of the market and its impact on our home builder members.

Steam Shower Installations: The Importance of Designer and Builder Collaboration

As a builder, you never want to experience what always happens in popular home renovation series. 

How to Choose the Right Shower Faucet

There are many things to consider when choosing a hand shower or shower head: Style and design, price point, spray functionality.

Trane Technologies Listed in Top 20, Ranks First in Industry of JUST 100

Trane Technologies (NYSE:TT), a global climate innovator, is ranked 18th on the 2023 JUST 100 list, named first in the Building Materials & Construction industry,

Gerber® Adds New Faucet to Kinzie® Kitchen Collection - Our First Pull-Down Bridge Model

Introducing the Kinzie Two Handle Bridge Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet.

Lennox Industries Wins 2022 GOOD DESIGN® Award for Cutting-Edge Heat Pump Technology

The Lennox SL25XPV heat pump is named one of the Best Building Materials of 2022

Warm Finishes, a Welcoming Trend

When it comes to décor, finishes are what make the style stand out.

BSB Design Receives Five Silver Awards in 2023 Nationals

NAHB’s National Sales and Marketing Council (NSMC) announced Silver Award Winners for The Nationals 2023 new home sales and marketing awards.

ThreadKore Joins Builder Partnerships

Builder Partnerships is pleased to announce the newest service provider member to our organization.

Winning Strategies for Perseverance & Growth

Home builders often miss the cycle turns for a recession and a recovery. Many builders are looking at the slowdown in sales as seasonal and are building spec homes for next year’s selling season. Regardless of when it’s officially declared, housing is already in the early stages of a recession. 

Stand Out from Your Competition

Two businessmen doing a victory clasp while the colleagues happily cheer around In today’s competitive marketplace, it can be a challenge to stand out in a crowd. Earning awards is a credible way to boost your brand, attract top talent and new customers.

Wise Investments in a Down Market

Uncertainty abounds in the market today. Many of our home builder clients across the country are making investments into more efficient plans and revisiting engineering requirements. While these are wise investments under any conditions, there is another wise investment that should be a top priority for builders right now: education.

Consultant's Corner: Small Changes, Big Rewards

During a recent client visit, we identified more than $300,000 worth of retroactive price decreases, and we took a purchasing process that was taking two to three hours per budget and streamlined it down to 15-20 minutes. We also recommended simple plan and specification changes that would save them $12,000 per house. And all of this was simply the low-hanging fruit we identified during a brief consulting visit.

The 2023 Colors of the Year are Here!

America's top color experts have made their choices for the 2023 Colors of the Year, or in some cases 2023 Palettes of the Year. We've pulled them all together to provide you with one convenient resource for you to review!

Spanish Integrated Learning Center

Fox Blocks, an Insulated Concrete Form manufacturer, is excited to announce the much-anticipated Spanish Integrated Learning Center.

Froehlich Signature Homes Completes Their First Homes for HOPE Project

Homes for HOPE recently had the pleasure of celebrating Froehlich Signature Homes’ first Homes for HOPE Project.

Ceiling Fans for Year-Round Style

Winter or summer, ceiling fans offer both style and function for your home.

Delta Faucet Modernizes Beloved Farmhouse Aesthetic with New Saylor™ Bath Collection

Inspired by the clean, simple lines of modern farmhouse style and the raw functionality of everyday hardware, Delta Faucet introduces their newest Saylor™ Bath Collection today.

Consultant's Corner: Those Few Extra Inches

We often design without the implications of cost in the early stages. These little design modifications can easily add thousands of dollars to our direct construction costs with little to no value added.

Announcing The First Annual Bigelow Award


Steve Brooks of Grand Homes Presented with First Annual Homes for HOPE Bigelow Award

At a recent Shinn Consulting builder group meeting, Jeff Rutt and Matthew Baehr of Homes for HOPE presented Steve Brooks of Grand Homes with the first annual Bigelow Award.

Pahlisch Homes Launches Their First Homes for HOPE Project

Pahlisch Homes launches their first Homes for HOPE project just in time for the leaves to change in beautiful Bend, Oregon.

Supply Chain Issues

The escalating prices of lumber and other conventional construction materials and problems with availability, created a surge in demand for alternative products, mainly ICFs.

Unilock Joins Builder Partnerships

Builder Partnerships is Pleased to Announce the Newest Manufacturer Member to Our Program

Variances Sink Profits & Businesses

Variances are a major obstacle to achieving high profit margins. If you’re not controlling your variances, you’re not protecting your profits.

Brilliant Joins the Connectivity Standard Alliance & Matter Initiative

Brilliant Joins Connectivity Standards Alliance and Announces Plans to Add Matter Support to our Smart Home System

How Building Owners Can Develop a Sustainable Roofing Strategy

Need to achieve LEED certification goals?

Taylor Morrison Unveils New Build-To-Rent Brand Yardly

The national home builder will now develop build-to-rent communities in house under a new brand name.

Providence Homes Completes Their Seventh Homes for HOPE Project

Providence Homes, Jacksonville’s leader in energy-efficient construction, recently completed its seventh Homes for HOPE project to help fight global poverty.

Introducing the New SmartCode™ 260 Keypad and SmartCode™ 270 Touchpad

Kwikset introduces two new electronic deadbolt locks with our latest keyless entry technology, easy installation, and new features in a stylish traditional and contemporary design.

Drees Homes Debuts New Model At Annecy in Nashville Area

The 4,700-square-foot Wilshire model boasts a bold, black exterior with rich cedar accents.

Fall Color Tile Trends

Is Fall your favorite color?

Whole House Protection

Does your termite treatment have the longest warranty in the business?

Renegotiating in a Down Market

The market is changing. Now is the time to start renegotiating to lower your costs.

Consultant's Corner: Get the Fundamentals Right if You Want to Succeed

Vince Lombardi, arguably one of the greatest NFL coaches of all time, and John Wooden, the legendary NCAA coach, both instilled into their players one basic premise: get the fundamentals right if you want to succeed.  

Matt Baehr from Homes for HOPE Interviewed by Roland Narinsey

Meet the Charity - Get to Know Your Pro

Shinn Consulting Welcomes Industry Veteran Kimberly Dickson

Kim is passionate about people and processes. As a consultant with Shinn Consulting, she excels at purchasing, negotiations, processes, scheduling, and quality control.

Our Estimating Services Help You Minimize Waste to Maximize Profits

Shinn Consulting is committed to helping home builders improve performance and boost profitability.

Inverter Technology Means Comfort

Goodman comfort systems with Inverter Technology work to keep the temperature consistent while using less energy.

Keystone Custom Homes Expands Into The Carolinas

Nationally recognized custom builder and local builder unite to offer new homes across Charlotte and upstate South Carolina.

PERC Op-Ed: CHP Systems Provide Unbeatable Resiliency for Dependable Operation

In 2017, Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico, leaving millions of people in crisis.

Six Fall 2022 Interior Design Trends for Warmth

Explore a few interior design trends to incorporate this Fall season to create warmth and comfort.

Kichler Lighting Launches New and Improved Horizon Model

Beautiful aesthetics and stand-out benefits illuminate in Horizon III LED downlights

The AZEK Company Announces the Official Opening of its New $140m Manufacturing Facility in Boise, Idaho

The facility expands manufacturing capabilities and advances AZEK’s commitment to create a more sustainable future

Old Marketing vs. New Marketing - Finding Your Ideal Customer

"Old marketing" is broken! (You already knew that, didn't you?) But what's the alternative?

Bridging the Communication Gap

When working on a new construction project, the relationship between interior designer, builder, and trade partners is a partnership that needs to be nurtured and handled with care. The best way to ensure a project stays on track is for the team to invest enough time in planning how they will work together and then sticking to that agreement throughout the course of the project.

Why Drees Homes Uses Closet Selector

We are committed to providing our Builder partners with the best products, programs, and support to make closets easy. Discover why Drees Homes partners with us and how Closet Selector® is a "one click solution."

Act Fast to Survive the Cliff

Our community of home builders has been successfully traversing the path of selling and closing homes this year. However, the time has come to realize that a sales and traffic drop—a cliff if you will—could be waiting around the bend.

Homebuilding: The Ultimate Team Sport

Hands overlapped-showing unity If homebuilding is the ultimate team sport, how do we build a winning team?

7 Ways Manual Processes Are Costing You Money

How does a centralized business software solution with integrated applications, instant access to real-time data, and built-in artificial intelligence technologies stop the outflow of money that manual processes are costing your business?

The Bulbrite Promise

Committed to its customers’ success for over 50 years, Bulbrite delivers the “Bulbrite Promise”

Manufacturers: Increasing Sales in the Shifting Market

While the market continues to shift, long-term demand and the need for housing remains. As a manufacturing partner, your efforts to maintain and establish builder relationships are critically important for keeping and winning business.

Magda Esola - New Home Sales Superstar

Interview with Magda Esola.

Build with Better Power and Protection for Buyers’ Appliances

An ideal option for kitchens and laundry rooms, the latest GFCI solutions from Legrand deliver the quality and safety features Legrand is known for.

Pro Builder 2023 Housing Forecast

Share your forecast for the coming year by completing Pro Builder’s 2023 Housing Forecast Survey!

Experience MrSteam's Advanced Technology

Virtually everything we do at MrSteam incorporates technology, from steam generators to controls and accessories. Our products combine the effectiveness of steam with the modern convenience provided by advanced technology.

Check Out Emser Tile's New 2022/23 Digital Catalogue

Our new catalog features more than 20 brand-new products! Shop all new products on our website.

Fox Blocks ICF Manufacturer In Partnership With GreenBuilt Solutions Builds Net Zero Home With Record Low HERS Index Score

Fox Blocks, an Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) manufacturer, in partnership with GreenBuilt Solutions, a sustainable design facility in Orlando, FL, has managed to build a Net Zero home that has an outstanding HERS Index Score of -22.

Amarr Announces Lead-Time Reduction

With continued improvements in our manufacturing capacity and successful management of supply chain challenges, we are pleased to announce reduced manufacturing lead times for most products effective Monday, September 12, 2022.

Cheers to Champagne Bronze

Learn how to pair champagne bronze finish to our most popular lines and how to coordinate our new products with Delta® plumbing fixtures.

Verity Homes Completes Their Fifth Homes for HOPE Project!

Long-time partner Verity Homes announces the completion of their fifth Homes for HOPE project in the beautiful Bismarck, ND market.

The PERC Update: Inaugural National Propane Day

The first annual National Propane Day will be held on Oct. 7 from 5 a.m. – 5 p.m., symbolizing propane's placard number, 1075.

Elevating Rustic Home Design with James Judge

James Judge, a Phoenix-based "designer, realtor, flipper, deal fanatic and all-around house-a-holic," has a knack for amazing home transformations.

Attract Top Talent and Improve Buyer Satisfaction as the Builder of Choice™

A bunch of keys isolated on a white background One of the most effective steps a builder can take to establish and maintain a reputation of quality is to become the Builder of Choice™ in the eyes of their trades and suppliers.

Exciting News from Broan-NuTone

Broan-NuTone has updated their programs with Builder Partnerships!

Behind (or Missing Out) on Submitting for Rebates?

business arm sticking out of a computer monitor It's been a busy year for our builder members, and we understand why some of you may be behind on your rebate submissions. However, now is not the time to be leaving money on the table.

David Drees: Best Practices for Managing a Private Home Building Operation

Recognized as one of the nation’s Best Managed Companies by Deloitte Private and The Wall Street Journal, Kentucky-based Drees Homes offers a management model for other privately held home builders to follow

Healthier Homes Start Here

More and more buyers want quieter, more efficient, and healthier homes. And we’ll help you build them.

The Power of Delta's In2ition Shower

From bathing pets and kids to a relaxing shower, Delta’s patented In2ition® Two-in-One Shower gives users functionality and luxury.

Rolling Door Lead Time Reduction

Please view the updated lead time reduction document from our Dalton, Ohio Rolling Door facility for the most current reduced lead times that will be effective 8/15/22.

Lighting Design Tips to Stylize Entryways

Adding curb appeal to your home is easy with outdoor lighting design tips and fixture ideas from Progress Lighting.

Always Improving: A recap of the latest Brilliant features & updates

Learn what our product and engingineering teams have been doing to make your Brilliant experience even better.

Talking Lighting with David Peek

Progress Lighting Senior Director of Product Development discussed the Progress Lighting design philosophy and process and how it results in beautiful affordable luxury lighting for the home in a recent episode of The Building Blonde.

Schuber Mitchell Homes Completes Their Third Homes for HOPE Project

Schuber Mitchell Homes, one of the top 100 builders in America, recently completed their third Homes for HOPE Project and generated a donation of $140,000 which will enable HOPE to serve 5,600 families this year!

Design & Trend: Color Pop

Color inspires us and evokes emotion, whether joyful or relaxing. And in a sea of grays and neutrals, the right pop of color is like a work of art celebrating bold, elevated design, inside and out.

Remembering Perry Bigelow: A Highly-Respected Pillar of the Home Building Industry

It is with a heavy heart that I share the news that Perry Bigelow, founder of Bigelow Homes, passed away on July 4, 2022.

Thrive Home Builders' Vitality Collection Receives 2022 Gold Nugget Home of the Year

The Denver-based collection balances modern details with sustainable building practices.

Grand Homes Completes Another Homes for HOPE Project

Thursday, May 26th Grand Homes celebrated the completion of their Homes for HOPE Project making their lifetime giving nearly $3.6M.

Generac Builder Alliance Program – Energy Management Solutions Powering the Home of the Future

Current trends within the market such as the home as a sanctuary, electrification of vehicles and appliances and severe weather events continue to reinforce the need for energy management solutions during new home construction.

Supply Chain Issues and Interior Design

Almost every industry has had to deal with supply chain issues over the past year, and home decor is no exception. Designers are counting on home furniture, appliances, and products like floor tiles and windows, all of which are among the items hardest hit by supply chain shortages.

AZEK® Trim with PaintPro® Technology: Why Build with AZEK?

As an industry leader in premium exterior building products, we only offer trim accents engineered to make installation easier and endure beautifully.

LiftMaster Joins Builder Partnerships

Builder Partnerships is Pleased to Announce the Newest Manufacturer Member to Our Program

2021 Financial Study Results Mark a Banner Year

The study shows 2021 as a record breaking year for profitability and volume.

15 Management Systems to Help You Avoid the High-Speed Wobbles

Unprepared home builders experiencing rapid growth run the risk of squandering opportunities during the best decade in housing’s history.

10-Steps for Building a Home with Insulated Concrete Form Blocks | Fox Blocks

An ICF home, like one built with Fox Blocks, provides many of the essential features that today’s homeowner is looking for: excellent indoor environmental quality (IEQ), energy-efficiency, and disaster-resistance.

A Builder’s Guide to Solar Power | Unbound Solar

Homebuilders, did you know that only 6% of homes in the US had solar panels in 2019. But over the past year, 46% of American homeowners said they’d considered installing them?

Awards Highlight ECI Software Solutions’ Exceptional Customer Experience and Outstanding Leadership

ECI Software Solutions, a leader in cloud-based business management solutions, today announced it has been honored with three awards surrounding the company’s customer experience initiatives.

A Well-Lit Home Draws Attention to Every Detail

A well-lit home draws attention to every detail and showcases the quality and craftsmanship that makes today’s new builds so desirable.

Going to PCBC 2022? June 22-23 Check out Builder Partnerships' Manufacturer and Service Provider Associates Participating in the Event

People at expo or business exhibition, vector isometric icons. Technology and business exhibition with product display exposition stands, company consultants, info desks, promotion banners and showcases PCBC’s Summer Showcase is all about reconnecting you with the products, projects and people that are shaping the future of housing.

New Home Sales + Joins Builder Partnerships

Builder Partnerships is Pleased to Announce the Newest Service Provider Member to Our Program

Wayne Dalton - July 2022 - Operator Freight Adjustments

The global electronics shortage impacting our industry and many others, is driving up the cost to manufacture our industry-leading garage door openers. We have worked diligently to optimize our supply chain of components and have absorbed much of this higher cost.

Deck Out Your Spec House with Steam | Mr. Steam

Including a steam shower in your model home allows you to sell the lifestyle of luxury and overall health through the lens of custom upgrades that provide a return on their investment down the road.

Get Outdoor Spaces Summer-Ready | Progress Lighting

Outdoor living is a huge trend, with more homeowners enhancing their outdoor spaces with kitchens, fire pits and fireplaces, and stylish lighting.

Builder Survey Results Provide Insight Into Impact of Current Conditions

A red check mark in a blox, surrounded by the word Survey Builder Partnerships recently conducted a survey of our builder community to assess the impact of current conditions and monitor the prevailing outlook for the upcoming year. We wish to thank everyone who took the time to complete the survey.

Builder Partnerships Can Help You with Your Long-Term Builder Related Strategy

As we continue to navigate the challenging housing market, manufacturers should focus on establishing and maintaining an open relationship with builders.

Checklists to the Rescue

One of the simplest, yet overlooked, practices successful builders implement into their everyday routine is the use of checklists. This low-risk, high-reward process is guaranteed to improve your quality, consistency, and overall customer satisfaction. 

Congratulations to Our Builder Members Featured on Builder's 2022 Builder 100 / Next 100 List

​​​​​​​Once again, over half of the home building companies on Builder's annual list of the nation's biggest builders are members of Builder Partnerships.

Shinn Consulting Welcomes Industry Veteran Jason Cook

Jason has a passion for quality and schedule management. As a consultant with Shinn Consulting, he excels at field audits and training superintendents how to manage their day-to-day tasks to build homes on quality, on budget, and on time.

Merchandising Small Outdoor Spaces | Lita Dirks & Co.

Regardless of size, a well-merchandised outdoor space can make a big impact on the effectiveness of a model home. And now, more than ever, merchandising of the front porches, and other small outdoor spaces, of a model home, is imperative.

Spring Bathroom Lighting Updates | Progress Lighting

It's the perfect time of year to refresh your bathroom design. One of the easiest bathroom updates is to replace your light fixtures.

Froehlich Signature Homes Announces the Launch of their First Homes for HOPE Project

First Homes for HOPE project in the desirable The Enclave at BV community in Bakersfield, CA. A celebratory launch event will be held on Wednesday 5/4 from 11:30-1:00pm.

Lennox - New Construction Price Increase: July 2022

Like all manufacturers, distributors, and contractors in the heating and air conditioning business, Lennox Industries continues to experience cost increases. Due to the persistent cost pressures, Lennox will increase prices up to 9% percent on residential and commercial equipment, parts and supplies, and accessories for all customers.

EEBA's Builder of the Month: Robertson Homes

Founded in 1945, Robertson Homes is the homebuilder that Michigan residents have relied on for over 75 years. Our communities offer a rich variety of uniquely designed home styles to exceed our Michigan customers' needs. We have always placed the customer first in our organization in terms of design and homebuilding.

Homes for HOPE | Albert Sakissa: Paving a Way Forward

With capital from HOPE Congo microloans and the accompanying business training, he expanded from cement to construction materials to delivery and after-sales service and hired three employees, all within two years.

BSB Brings a National Perspective with Local Focus to Student Housing Panel

BSB Design has been designing housing for 55+ years. We are bringing this expertise to the InterFace event as Mark Mitchell is speaking on a panel.

Storm Clouds on the Horizon After Strong Start to 2022

Although the housing industry began 2022 very strong, there are storm clouds on the horizon. Rising mortgage interest rates and soaring home prices will have an impact on demand.

2022 Builder Partnerships Achievement Award Winners

It is our pleasure to announce this year’s winners of the Builder Partnerships Achievement Awards. We congratulate the winners for their dedication to excellence and continuous improvement.

Highlights from the 2022 Executive Summit

After the tough decision to postpone the Executive Summit in 2021, we’re happy to report the Executive Summit was back this year and better than ever! We are grateful to all of the attendees, speakers, and sponsors who helped make the 2022 Executive Summit a big success.

Multi-Functional Mudroom Lighting Ideas | Progress Lighting

Spring has arrived and with it, a variety of weather. In this in-between time before summer, it’s common to find a variety of hats, boots, and coats making their way onto the floor near the door.

M.D.C. Holdings Subsidiary to Acquire The Jones Company of Tennessee

M.D.C. Holdings announced that its subsidiary Richmond American Homes of Tennessee has entered into an asset purchase agreement to acquire substantially all of the home building assets of The Jones Company of Tennessee.

Connecting Builders, Manufacturers and Service Providers for Growth

We manage highly competitive rebate and incentive programs and work with builders to strengthen relationships with manufacturers and service providers in the home building industry.

Bring Light and Life to Basements with Egress and Other Solutions

For nearly 60 years, Monarch has proven to be a trusted name in new home construction. Our products offer affordability to builders, yet go above and beyond the standards for energy efficiency.

Atlantic Builders Continues Their Partnership with Homes for HOPE

Atlantic Builders has announced a $100,000 grant toward the mission of Homes for HOPE, building on their inaugural donation of $25,000 at the end of 2021!

Consulting & Coaching Packages Help Builders Improve Performance & Profitability

Meet our Shinn Consulting consultants! It's no coincidence that the majority of highly-successful business owners have a mentor or coach. They understand the importance of obtaining an outside perspective from experts who can help them achieve greater levels of success.

The PERC Update: Propane Teams Up with This Old House

Bryan Cordill, PERC’s director of business development in residential and commercial markets, visited Concord, Mass., last month to teach viewers of This Old House a thing or two about propane.

Homes for HOPE Featured on the A New Go of New Home Sales Podcast

Homes for HOPE’s executive director was honored to be interviewed on the “A New Go of New Home Sales” podcast with John Lee and Anya Chrisanthon.

Tri Pointe Homes Acquires Land to Build 774 Homes in San Tan Valley, Arizona

The transaction for approximately $27.7 million fits Tri Pointe Homes’ strategy of building quality, innovative homes in locations with convenient access to major transportation and employment corridors, according to the builder.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Job Costing – But Were Afraid to Ask (27 FAQs Answered!)

Yes, it's a REAL problem: Company owners, financial managers, and bookkeepers who don't take the time to get the answers to their free-floating "Numbers" questions – and then expect that something "magical" will happen!

Sales Begin at Trumark Homes’ Pelican Shores Community in Windsor, Colorado

Sales have opened for Trumark Homes' Pelican Shores community, part of the Water Valley master-planned development in Windsor, Colorado. The community features 59 single-family detached homes in 10 floor plan options.

What a Builder Learned From His Vacation Home Renovation [Brought to you by Propane Education & Research Council]

Welcome Homes’ Anthony Carrino applies his experience with a home standby generator and efficient heating to designing homes for today’s buyers.

Hubble Homes Breaks Ground on Hubble Hero House to Benefit Seven Idaho Charities

The Idaho-based builder and its trade partners are building a home where all the proceeds will be donated to local charities. he Hero House is a home that Hubble Homes and its many trade partners donate labor and materials to build and then sell, giving 100% of the proceeds from the sale to charity.

Mattamy Homes Strikes Land Deal in Florida's Clay County Lake Asbury Master Plan

The builder closed on the 66-acre property in March, with development expected to begin in the fall. The new community, Sandridge Hills, will showcase two product lines from Mattamy Homes. With 197 homesites, 40- to 50-feet wide, the community will accommodate new homes from approximately 1,369 to 2,930 square feet.

Improve Your Profitability with Better Plans, Efficient Material Usage, and Accurate Estimates

For most home builders, the direct construction cost of their homes is too high which causes a lack of adequate profitability.  The combination of land (at builder retail price) and direct construction costs should be approximately 70% of the sales price to generate a 10% profit.  Historically, land has represented about 20% of the sales price.  Therefore, the direct construction costs need to be held to about 50%.

Highlights from IBS 2022

From its humble beginnings of pretzels and beer, to what is often called the best networking event of the show with delicious hors d'oeuvres and an open bar, members of the Builder Partnerships community have enjoyed our IBS Networking Reception for 16 years. This year’s event felt particularly special after a year away due to COVID-19.

Customer Analytics: Get the Right Message to the Right Buyer at the Right Time

With new, cutting-edge CRM technology from SKUWorld, you’ll be able to properly manage data to help you make informed decisions that will ultimately enhance your customer interactions, improve your conversion rates, and increase your profits.

If You’re Not Offering Smart Home Options, You're Likely Leaving Money On the Table

81% of homebuyers list smart home features as their most desired feature in new home construction. There's no doubt that we’ve all been watching homeowners’ interest in smart home technology grow for a while now. So what’s changed?

Working On the Business vs. Working In the Business | ECI

As a small-to-midsize business owner or chief executive, are you working in your business when your business would be much better off if you worked on it? Are you answering emails, paying invoices, and solving internal problems rather than setting goals, servicing customers, and planning your growth strategy?

2022 Product Guide: Interiors [Progress Lighting]

Clean, contemporary styling distinguishes Progress Lighting’s new League collection. The lighting structures are defined by sleek, steel rails that create a modern, & monochromatic silhouette.

2022 Product Guide: Systems [Broan NuTone]

Broan-NuTone’s Overture is a fully automated, cloud-connected, whole-home indoor air quality system that monitors and optimizes air in the home using three models: a room sensor, a wall control, and a smart plug.

2022 Product Guide: Systems [Legrand]

Legrand’s Wave Switch is a germ- and worry- free solution that provides homeowners with cleaner control for cleaner spaces. The product’s touchless technology allows users to turn lights on or off with a simple wave.

2022 Product Guide: Systems [Orro]

The Orro S switch provides a budget-friendly version of the company’s touchscreen and voice-enabled automatic lighting experience at $149 per switch. The sensor-enabled dimmer can adjust lighting strength based on motion, sound, and light.

2022 Product Guide: Exteriors and Structural [DuPont]

DuPont Performance Building Solutions introduced a reduced global warming potential (GWP) and reduced embodied carbon formulation of Styrofoam Brand Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) Rigid Foam Insulation.

2022 Product Guide: Exteriors and Structural [GAF]

GAF Energy’s Timberline Solar is composed of shingles and protects and installs like a regular roof. The nailable solar shingles, named IBS’ 2022 Most Innovative Construction Tool, are water-shedding, strong, and warranted to withstand winds up to 130 mph.

Tri Pointe Homes and M/I Homes Launch Joint Venture to Build 586 Homes in Austin Suburb

Tri Pointe Homes and M/I Homes have begun construction at Heritage, a 188-acre community located 25 miles west of Austin, Texas, in the town of Dripping Springs. The joint-venture development will deliver a total of 586 homes starting in late 2022.

Manufacturer Update: Wayne Dalton Lead Time Update

Wayne Dalton wants to provide you with the latest update on lead times. Our objective is to provide you with as accurate information as possible on production lead times from our various manufacturing plants throughout the United States.

Lennox’s Enhanced Extended Warranty Offering

Lennox has a new limited warranty offering provided under the name Warranty Your Way™ that, for certain applicable equipment, provides your homebuyers the opportunity to select the extended limited warranty coverage of their choice.

The Power of Negotiation

In challenging times, negotiating with manufacturers and trade partners can take a back seat to more pressing issues. However, it’s when circumstances are less than ideal that the power of negotiation can deliver the biggest reward.

Reducing 3 Types of Construction Waste to Increase Home Builder Profit

Waste in home building is a much broader term than most home builders think. Here’s how builders can take stock of all forms of waste throughout the construction process to achieve greater profitability.

InSinkErator®: Who We Are

For over 80 years, InSinkErator has delivered long-lasting innovative products, with superior grind and sound performance, trouble-free operation, fast, easy installation, and a We Come To You® In-Home Limited Warranty.

2022 Home Design Trends With Staying Power | Delta Faucet & Kichler Lighting

Our Delta designers and Delta Faucet company lighting partner, Kichler, share the kitchen and bathroom trends they’re seeing in real customer’s homes that have a timeless quality and will last past the next trip around the sun.

Amarr Announces Lead-Time Reduction to 10 Weeks

Due to the combined efforts of many departments over the past few months, we recently announced a lead-time reduction to 10 weeks for most of our residential product lines. We will continue to focus efforts on further reductions in the coming months.

Focus on Taxation: New Schedules K-2 and K-3 | RubinBrown LLP

International tax information reporting for 2021 brings the addition of two new schedules for passthrough entity tax returns: Schedules K-2 and K-3.

The PERC Update: Lessons Learned About Electric Grid Reliability One Year After Winter Storm Uri

PODCAST: Lessons Learned from Uri Grid Failure - Social Influencer Credits Propane for Surviving Uri - Fundamentals of Propane Liquid Transfer Safety Course Now Available - Marketer Spotlight: Dan Richardson, Conger Gas - And Much More!

How Progressive Builders Are Navigating Today's Market Challenges | The Franchise Player: Epcon Communities

All said and done, residential construction wrapped up a tumultuous but active 2021 building year at approximately 1.68 million new housing starts.

NEWS RELEASE | Lennox Named Manufacturer Partner of the Year 2021

Lennox Industries, an industry leading manufacturer of residential air conditioning and heating, has received the 7th Annual Builder Partnerships Partner of the Year award.

Nicole's Story: Clothed with Strength and Dignity | Homes for HOPE

Before joining HOPE Congo, Nicole struggled to turn a profit in her clothing store, unable to invest in business growth or save enough to help support her four kids.

Superintendents Control Your Destiny

The one role in a home builder’s organization with the greatest responsibility for the builder’s reputation is the superintendent.

Volume-Oriented Builders vs. Profit-Oriented Builders

As much as some home builders would like to blame external forces for low profitability, the truth is, well-run, efficient, profit-oriented home building companies make double-digit profits in ANY market, under ANY market conditions, with ANY product lines.

Mattamy Homes Purchases 71 Acres in Buckeye, Arizona

Mattamy Homes closed on a significant land purchase in the city of Buckeye, Arizona, building on the success of several sold-out communities in Maricopa County.

Trending Now: Marble Looks | Emser Tile

Marble and marble-look tile provide a timeless style that elevates spaces with a striking statement. The classic luxe aesthetic of marble continues to be a driving trend in design.

5 Ways to Show You are Right for the Job | Mr. Steam

Homeowners have big visions for their remodeling projects. Here are some tips to help you prove it to your client.

Build Your Network, Build Your Knowledge at IBS 2022

Join us for our 16th Annual IBS Networking Reception on Monday, February 7, 2022, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the Rosen Plaza Hotel in Orlando.

Tri Pointe Homes Acquires More Than 460 Homesites in Southeast Phoenix

Tri Pointe Homes acquired 468 homesites in Gilbert, Arizona, as part of the third and final phase of the builder’s Waterston planned community. The new community includes six neighborhoods on more than 137 acres.

Thrive Home Builders' Gene Myers Reflects on Colorado's Marshall Fire

In a recent contributed article for Entrepreneur, Thrive Home Builders’ CEO Gene Myers reflects on the recent Marshall Fire, one of the most destructive fires in Colorado's history.

Where Advanced Technology Meets Design Versatility | TimberTech

At TimberTech®, we believe in creating deck boards and other outdoor living products that mimic the natural look of real wood but without all the pitfalls.

Top New Home Builder Tips for 2022 | ECI

2021 was another incredible year in the home building industry. Builders faced a number of challenges from supply chain issues to pricing fluctuations and labor shortages while trying to maintain profitability.

Six Opportunities to see Lita Dirks & Co. at IBS 2022

Between Lita, our fearless leader, and Erin, our Director of Business Development, you will have six opportunities to see LD & Co at IBS this year. Not to mention all those passing-in-the-hall-spontaneous meetings.

2022 Seminar Schedule: Curriculum for Excellence

For home builders, excellence is measured by the efficiencies of a team committed to a shared vision and the quality of the homes delivered to buyers. Education and training are cornerstones to achieving excellence. 

Evolving Homes with Technology | Legrand

With their EVO Home Tech package, the New Home Company is pushing forward and providing customers with advanced, pre-integrated solutions all backed by a robust home network that’s fit for the future.

Feature Glass for Urban Style | BSB Design

Enhance Light and Views for Upscale Living: Iconic glass-walled sky bridge defines the streetscape, Amenities located at building corners to maximize windows and access to outdoor space and much more!

Ashton Woods Acquires the Assets of Capitol City Homes

Ashton Woods—No. 15 on the 2021 Builder 100—announced that it has acquired the assets of Capitol City Homes, the fifth largest private home builder in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Choosing a new accountant? 13 Crucial Questions... | Info Plus Accounting

Recently, I was asked “What should I look for when I choose my next accountant?” If you’ve ever wondered the same thing – and you want to be happy with this VERY important choice – here's what you need to ask!​

Get Cozy with Warm Neutral Hues | Emser Tile

Warm, earthy hues help to create a feeling of comfort and a cozy environment. Read more about the warm neutrals trend on our blog, and explore our collection of warm neutral tile on our website!

Home Builders: Get Ready for 2022

Despite obvious successes in 2020 and 2021, there’s a lot of uncertainty and mixed messaging about the housing industry’s present status and future.

Door Hardware with Built-in Protection | Kwikset

Kwikset™ smart locks give you more control as a property owner than ever before. Conveniently send electronic keys or user codes to your renters from your smartphone or computer.

Homes for HOPE featured on the Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast

The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast talks with not only industry experts, but also your fellow home builder marketers to learn how you can succeed in our incredibly competitive digital world.

Lumber Prices: Effective Strategies for Uncertain Times

The only certainty with lumber prices these days is uncertainty. Lumber availability, housing demand, and supply chain issues all play a role in price volatility. Although some analysts are predicting lumber prices will stabilize in the coming months, the question remains at what price point will they level off? 

Forecast: Strong Housing Market to Continue in 2022

Empty asphalt road and New year 2022 concept. Driving on an empty road in the mountains to upcoming 2022. Concept for success and passing time. ​​​​​​​The housing industry has been a strong sector of the economy again in 2021.  Housing began this decade with strong demand generated by millennials and baby boomers on the move.

Top New Home Builder Tips for 2022 | By: ECI

2021 was another incredible year in the home building industry. Builders faced a number of challenges from supply chain issues to pricing fluctuations and labor shortages. while trying to maintain profitability. We asked top industry thought leaders for their insight and tips to take on the New Year!

Meet Our Consultants

Our consulting and coaching packages are designed to help home builders transform their organizations by addressing problem areas and building systems to deliver profits well above the industry standard.

THANK YOU to Our Manufacturer and Service Provider Members

Pictogram Teamwork and Colorful Stars with THANK YOU Phrase - 3D Rendering The team at Builder Partnerships would like to THANK YOU for your business and continued partnership! We are all very grateful for our wonderful manufacturer and service provider members!

Are You Ready For 2022?

As we approach the end of 2021, we should be thinking about the new year and what new opportunities it brings. Are you ready? Is your marketing up to par? Is your social media activity current?

What's trending? | Lita Dirks & Co.

To determine the trends in housing and interior design for 2022, we looked at this past year and noted what we see builders and buyers gravitating towards, as well as what worked and what didn’t.

The Impact of Gas Bans | PERC [Propane Education & Research Council]

Builder and remodeler Emerson Clauss likes to leave his homes more energy-efficient than he found them. See why a Massachusetts builder and remodeler who specializes in energy-efficient, whole-home makeovers is battling gas bans in his region.

Tri Pointe Homes Launches Its 55+ Lifestyle Community Brand Altis

Tri Pointe Homes has announced the launch of Altis, the official lifestyle brand for all of the builder’s 55-plus, age-qualified communities nationwide. With three communities already open in California.

From Dated to Designed: Luxury Master Bath Remodel Stars Steam | Mr. Steam

See how designer Carla Aston transformed an outdated space with an awkward layout into a haven so tranquil it feels like you should call ahead to make a spa reservation.

Larson Manufacturing Named Lowe’s Vendor Partner of the Year

LARSON Manufacturing is excited to announce it has been named the “2021 Vendor Partner of the Year” for the Lowe’s Building Products division.

The Ongoing Impact of Your Giving | Homes for HOPE

Erika de la Cruz is a wife and mother of three children who for many years worked as a government employee to support her family. She always dreamed of owning her own business and building her own house.

Huntsman Building Solutions Introduces D-Max Wall™ Continuous Insulation Solution

Huntsman Building Solutions, a global leader in high performance, sustainable building envelope solutions, today introduced D-Max Wall™, a new assembly and continuous insulation solution which allows spray polyurethane foam insulation to be installed from the interior while managing thermal bridging of the studs and structure.

GAF’s Recycled Asphalt Shingles Wins Best of What's New Award

Recycled asphalt shingles by GAF, a Standard Industries company. There’s no reason to throw away shingles if you can just reuse them. GAF. Discarded roofing shingles typically end up tossed in landfills or incinerated.

Navigating COVID-Related Issues with Customers

“Surgeon General Warns of Uptick in COVID-Cases as Cold Weather Arrives” The headline on my phone this morning was not a surprise. Day after day, the updates about the virus seem unable to hint at any real improvement. The end is not yet in sight. This is a reality we can neither escape nor ignore. For home builders navigating these issues with customers, several steps can be taken.

Sales and Marketing or Sales vs. Marketing?

In most businesses (manufacturing included), sales and marketing have a fickle history. The relationship ebbs and flows back and forth, sometimes creating harmony, other times creating tension. In a manufacturing company, the job of marketing is to evaluate the market through sales data and research.

Builder Partnerships Award Program Honors Excellence

Two businessmen doing a victory clasp while the colleagues happily cheer around It feels good to be recognized for your achievements, and recognizing builders for their dedication to excellence and continuous improvement is what the Builder Partnerships Achievement Awards are all about.

Extraordinary Give Event [Nov 19th] with Lancaster County Community Foundation | Homes for HOPE

Don’t live in Lancaster County? No problem! On November 19, you can join thousands of people across the community and the world to support more than 500 local organizations and have your donation STRETCHED!

New Products. New Programs. Making Closets Easy is What We Do! | Organized Living

Are you attending the International Builders' Show this year? Learn what Organized Living Booth #W5089 has in store and why you've got to put Organized Living at the top of your "Must-See" list for the International Builders' Show 2022!

Steam Shower vs. Hot Tub: What Builders Need to Know | Mr. Steam

Why Steam Is the New Hot Tub: What Builders Need to Know. It is important to understand the differences between installing a steam shower versus a hot tub in your client’s home spa so you can help them make the right choice.

The PERC Update: Entry-Level Driver Training Requirements, Preparing for Peak Season

TOP STORY: VIDEO: New Entry-Level Driver Training Requirements / PERC NEWS: Popular Homebuilders Tout Propane Heating Benefits, Versatility to 11 Million Viewers and Listeners

Modern 3D Townhome Architecture | BSB Design

Versatile design and density for 3-story rear load and stacked flats. Blending materials and lines creates an activated 3D streetscape view. Use of glass to add natural light and open up to outdoor spaces.

Remodel to Match Your Style with Kwikset

Upgrading your home security can go hand in hand with upgrading the look of your home. Choose from a variety of styles and finishes to make your home secure and uniquely you. See what Kwikset has to offer.

Trumark Homes Purchases 159 Lots at RainDance in Windsor, Colorado

Trumark Homes has purchased 159 lots at RainDance, a master-planned community in Windsor, Colorado. These Trumark homes will be built adjacent to the RainDance National Golf Club, designed by PGA tour champion Fred Funk, conveniently located 4 miles east of I-25 and 5 miles north of Crossroads Boulevard.

Fischer Homes Opens First Decorated Model in St. Louis

After acquiring Payne Family Homes earlier this year, Fischer Homes is unveiling its first decorated model home in the St. Louis market. Included in the acquisition was Streets of Caledonia located in O’Fallon, Missouri. The community is conveniently located minutes from I-64 and in the Wentzville School District.

Mix and Match with Ironworx Porcelain Tile | Emser Tile

The striking colorways and rich movement of Ironworx™ glazed porcelain tile were inspired by molten metal as it is being forged.

An Easy Way To Capture Buyer Attention | Legrand

A new house shouldn’t be all work and no play, even on day one. Entice customers with homes that are entertainment-ready from the moment they move in, with TV pre-wiring, pro-grade HDMI cabling, multi-room audio and more.

EEBA's November Builder of The Month: Tim O'Brien Homes

EEBA is excited to present Tim O'Brien Homes as our November Builder of The Month! We are thankful for their expertise and involvement in our sustainable building community!

Helping Residential Home Builders Manage the "Perfect Storm" | ECI MarkSystems

In this newsletter, you'll find scheduling tips from a MarkSystems expert, new focus on ITK and more!

Fieldstone Homes, IHP Capital Partners Close on Fifth Utah Project

Salt Lake City home builder Fieldstone Homes and real estate investment firm IHP Capital Partners are continuing their partnership to maintain their strong momentum in the Mountain West region. The partners closed on their fifth residential development project in Utah since the first quarter of 2020.

Homes for HOPE Partnerships Offer Win-Win-Win Scenarios

What makes Homes for HOPE different from other non-profit organizations associated with the home building industry is the global impact each home represents. Homes for HOPE is able to help thousands of people around the world with ONE home. Homes are not built by volunteers, homes are not given away, and there is no pressure for trade partners to donate their time or materials.

End of Year Rebate Submissions Reminders

At the end of the year, it is crucial to get your closings in on time. Our manufacturing partners will not accept ANY submissions for the 2021 year after December closings are submitted in January. If you miss the January 10 deadline for 2021 closings, it is highly likely you will not be paid for those submissions.

Driving for Kids: Team Shindig Rover Top Fundraiser Once Again Thanks to Our Generous Donors

Emma and I participated in the 6th Annual Driving for Kids vintage British car charity endurance run through the Colorado mountains and back country last month in our golden beige 1967 Austin Healey 3000.

Effective Time Management Techniques with Shawn Van Dyke | ECI Webinar - Tomorrow 10/20 @ 3pm EST

You should budget your time just like you budget your money – on paper with a plan. When you budget your time, you can focus your efforts on particular tasks in a specified way. You can be more productive, gain momentum toward your goals, create the space you need to focus on the important things, and delegate the urgent things.

Installing a GAF Timberline Roof In Extreme Weather

Since materials behave differently at different temperatures, it’s important to adjust your roofing technique when it’s extremely cold or hot outside.

The PERC Update: Media Tour Promotes Propane for Home Resiliency

Home Builder Industry Articles, Information and Education Media Tour Promotes Propane for Home Resiliency / PODCAST: Sustainable Alternatives for the Outdoors / Help Customers Avoid Projected Price Spikes

Mattamy Opens Model Homes at Volanti in Wesley Chapel, Florida

Following its virtual grand opening in April, Mattamy Homes has announced the opening of its four new model townhomes at the Volanti community in Wesley Chapel, Florida.

These Projects Will Keep You Warm | Royal Building Products

LiveAbode's Fall 2021 issue helps you define your home design style with our new quiz, walks you through weatherproofing your home, introduces you to Soffit, and more.

Baldwin Hardware Launches Two New Collections

Baldwin Hardware is in the process of launching two new door hardware collections: Coined and Knurled Knobs and Levers, launched in August, and Contemporary General Hardware, set to launch in mid-October. Both will be associated with Baldwin’s Estate portfolio.

Hayden Homes Acquires RYN Built Homes’ Lot Supply

Hayden Homes—No. 55 on the 2021 Builder 100—announced the acquisition of the lot supply of RYN Built Homes, one of the largest Inland Northwest area builders. Like Hayden Homes, RYN Built Homes began as a family-owned and operated business and has years of experience in new-home construction.

Schuber Mitchell Launches Their 3rd Home for HOPE

Homes for HOPE is grateful for the opportunity to serve alongside Schuber Mitchell Homes as they begin their third Homes for HOPE project! This beautiful home will be built in their Southwind Trail community. Southwind Trail is conveniently located but still feels worlds away from the daily grind.

Trumark Homes Plans First Colorado Community

After announcing the opening of a new Colorado division in September, Trumark Homes has plans to build their first new community in the state. Pelican Shores will be part of the Water Valley master-planned development in Windsor, located off Weld County Road 17.

2021 TecHome Brilliance Awards [Kwikset]

Halo Touch Smart Lock provides homeowners access to their home using their unique fingerprint. Halo Touch Smart Lock comes with the ability to program and store up to 100 fingerprints (50 users).

2021 TecHome Brilliance Awards [Brilliant]

The Brilliant Smart Dimmer Switch takes all of the design and manufacturing attributes that made the original Brilliant Smart Home Control a critical and commercial success and marries them together with a fashion-forward aesthetic at a remarkably affordable price point to create the world’s first integrated smart lighting and home control system.

Drees Homes Opens New Ballentine Model in Thompson's Station, Tennessee

Drees Homes—ranked No. 34 on the 2021 Builder 100 and headquartered in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky—announced the opening of its newest model home, the Ballentine. The builder debuted the Ballentine floor plan at Whistle Stop Farms in Thompson’s Station, Tennessee, and said it’s the first of its kind to be built by the company.

Managing for Profit Seminar Sponsorships

At Builder Partnerships, we strive to provide you with a multitude of opportunities to expand your business by building lasting relationships with our builder members.

Optimizing Your Easy Incentive Opportunity

business arm sticking out of a computer monitor With all that is going on with home building right now, isn’t it nice to know that your ability to get incentives can be smooth and easy? Our team of relationship managers work hard to make it easy (and accurate) for you to submit your closings for our multitude of programs.

LGI Homes Expands Terrata Homes Brand Into Jacksonville, Florida

LGI Homes announced Terrata Homes is selling in its newest community in the Jacksonville, Florida, market. Southern Pines offers buyers a variety of homes with spacious layouts situated on 1- to 6-acre lots.

DUPONT'S WEBINAR 9/23 @ 2PM EDT - Below Grade Foundations: How To Do It Right The First Time & Why

Join the DuPont Education Hub (EDU HUB) and Construction Instruction as they dig into the science of insulation for below grade foundations and basements.

Taking Smart Home Technology to the Next Level [Brilliant]

Top-ranked builder [The New Home Company] adopts built-in control system to elevate the experience of its homes and make smart home living easy for every buyer.

Why Merchandising Kids’ Spaces is Important | Lita Dirks & Co.

Model homes are a significant investment for a builder. And as such, every inch is important. With that in mind you may be thinking, “Why spend the money merchandising a kid’s room or other spaces related to children? When merchandised effectively, these secondary spaces can help sell the model.

Johnson Development Services and M/I Homes Start Joint Development in Houston

M/I Homes and Johnson Development Services have started construction on a joint development project, the Sorella community in Houston, which will offer a total of 838 homesites across 238 acres in Harris County.

Dream Finders Homes to Acquire Assets of Texas-based MHI-McGuyer Homebuilders

Dream Finders Homes (Nasdaq: DFH) has entered a definitive purchase and sale agreement to acquire the home building, mortgage banking, and title insurance assets of Houston–based home builder MHI-McGuyer Homebuilders and related affiliates.

Guardian Access and Door Hardware Joins Builder Partnerships

Guardian is an original equipment manufacture (OEM) of Garage Door Openers and Door Hardware Systems. We have been a leading supplier the garage door and access industries since 1985.

ECI MarkSystems Webinar 9/2/21: Managing Successful Trade Partnerships

Builders and their trades and suppliers need each other to survive and grow their businesses, which has become even more challenging in today's market. Webinar featuring: Ed Hauck, Consultant, Builder Partnerships; Jason Sherman, Logistics Director, Elliott Homes; Josh McMahon, Director of Construction, Schell Brothers.

Solutions to Relationship Challenges Between Builders and Manufacturers

Builder Partnerships provides solutions to the relationship challenges between builders and manufacturers. Builder Partnerships promotes a stronger relationship that benefits both the manufacturer and builder through direct interaction.

SYMBI Home: This week featuring the Brilliant Smart Home System

Each week Custom Builder PRODUCTS highlight a different SYMBI partner. This week features the Brilliant Smart Home System, an in-wall lighting and control system serving each unit.

Baessler Homes Continues Their Fight Against Global Poverty | Homes for HOPE

Homes for HOPE would like to thank Jamie Baessler, his family, the team at Baessler Homes, and the work of their foundation for continuing their partnership with a generous gift of $100,000!

Therma-Tru's Home Trends

Homeowners are investing in high-quality products that offer craftsmanship with functional benefits.

Expert Tips for Your Steam Shower Installation | Mr. Steam

Installing a Steam Shower: A Builder’s Thoughts on MrSteam. Custom home builder Tony Valentine has installed steam showers in more than 300 homes. Find out why he believes more builders should include steam showers in their new builds and remodels

BSB Design | See You in Vegas!

The MFE Conference is right around the corner! Join the multifamily industry’s top owners, operators, developers, and architects.

ECI MarkSystems | Are You Playing a Game of Broken Telephone?

There are so many stakeholders involved in home building, which is why open communication is essential. Builders need the right tools to keep sales, purchasing, estimating, and other teams on the same page at all times.

The PERC Update: A new one-minute video explains how propane helps fill in the gaps of wind and solar

Home Builder Industry Articles, Information and Education Few propane customers are thinking about the cold months ahead. An uncertain harvest demand, potential supply issues, and pandemic resurgence could make for another challenging home heating season.

Award Spotlight: Lee Evans Award for Management Excellence

The recipient of the 2021 Lee Evans Award for Management Excellence is Atlanta-based builder Rockhaven Homes.

Larson Doors Joins Builder Partnerships

For over 65 years, LARSON® has worked hard to become a leading innovator, delivering the best products and services, and offering storm door installation systems that are the easiest in the market to install.

Legrand Expands adorne and radiant Collections, Offers Integrated Netatmo Smart Home Tech

Legrand’s existing adorne and radiant smart lighting product collections now offer products with integrated Netatmo smart home technology.

Mattamy Homes Plans 83 Homes in Jacksonville's Mandarin Area

Mattamy Homes has announced plans to open sales for 83 homes in Jacksonville, Florida’s Mandarin neighborhood, located 15 miles south of downtown, in late spring 2022. The gated Olde Mandarin Estates community will offer a choice of three estate-style floor plans on 70-foot lots, with home prices starting from the mid-$400,000s.

Saussy Burbank Plans 50 Single-Family Homes in Fort Mill, South Carolina

The Cottages at Springfield Town Center are set to start construction in early 2022. This project is the second collaboration between the builder and developer following Baxter Village, also in Fort Mill.

RubinBrown Construction Services Blog: The Importance of Benchmarking in Construction

Benchmarking is a method used to evaluate or check performance by comparing to an industry standard or other data.

Reliable Construction Schedules Key to Profitability

timeline concept - blank colorful sticky notes along thick white chalk arrow on blackboard with copy space Improving the reliability of the construction schedule is one of the most effective strategies for improving company performance.

Fischer Homes Opens New Model in Miamisburg, Ohio

The Wyatt Nantucket Retreat model is a two-story floor plan with two first-floor flex spaces, that includes 2,731 square feet of living space.

Check Out Emser Tile's New 2021/22 Digital Catalogue

Our 2021/22 catalogue includes over 40 new products! Explore our newest on-trend collections, including striking pool tile Immerse, shimmering wall tile Luxo, and stunning marble-look Parkview.

Q+A with Taylor Morrison on Designing and Buying a Home Online

Earlier this summer, Taylor Morrison—the No. 5 builder on the 2021 Builder 100—launched its virtual home buying platform, where buyers can purchase a new home from the comfort of their couch.

Brizo Partners With Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation on New Bath Fixture Series

Brizo has created a new series of bath fixtures in collaboration with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, developed to evoke the celebrated architect’s design philosophy and approach.

The PERC Update: Preparing for Harvest and Peak Winter Demand

Home Builder Industry Articles, Information and Education Help Your Ag Customers Harvest More Savings. New propane grain dryers are a game changer on the farm.

Davidson Homes Expands Its Leadership Team to Add New COO and CFO

Davidson Homes—No. 93 on the 2021 Builder 100—announced the expansion of its leadership team as the company prepares for its next stage of growth. The Huntsville, Alabama–based builder promoted Greg Duriez to chief operating officer and appointed Jeff Deane as chief financial officer.

Builder Partnerships Can Help You With Your Long-Term Strategy of Selling to Builders

One of the best aspects of the improving housing market is the manufacturer’s focus on estaships with buildersblishing relation.

Saint Aubyn Homes Changes Name to Tralon Homes

Colorado-based builder Saint Aubyn Homes, originally founded by LeRoy Landhuis and a subsidiary of The Landhuis Co., will change its name to Tralon Homes. The change is a result of a new vision and direction for the company, according to the press release, and is effective immediately.

Home Builder Profitability Reached Highest Level on Record

Last year’s net profit average for builders reached the highest level since management consulting firm The Shinn Group began tracking net income data in 1994. The previous record was set in 2006, but 2020’s net profit average of 11.4% beat out 2006’s levels by just 0.25% and exceeded 2019 income by 1.8%.

Right-size your standby generators by combining with propane heat [PERC]

“We try and stick to the things we are very good at,” says Mirto, owner of Reliable Energy Solutions in Kerhonkson, New York. Those services are in high demand in his Hudson Valley market.

Southern Land Co. Announces Builder Team at Denver Master Plan Westerly

The builder team will consist of SLC Homebuilding, Southern Land Co.’s in-house building group, as well as two Colorado home builders: McStain Neighborhoods, based in Denver, and Wonderland Homes [a Builder Partnerships member], based in Greenwood Village.

Grand Homes to break ground on their 9th Homes for HOPE project

Remarkably, the donation generated through this project by the Grand Homes team and their committed trade partners and suppliers, will push them beyond three million dollars of lifetime giving in support of Homes for HOPE!

2020 Financial and Operations Study Results

An impressive jump in profitability for home builders is among the compelling results of the 2020 Financial and Operations Analysis.

Emser Tile Offers New Tile Series Specialized for Outdoor Living

Emser Tile has introduced new tile collections designed for use in outdoor living environments, as well as expanded its existing outdoor tile options. New offerings include four collections of pool-rated tile.

Broan-NuTone® Develops the First Cloud-Connected, Whole-Home Indoor Air Quality System

Builders and remodelers can now provide homeowners with a system that monitors and optimizes the air in their home, with Broan-NuTone's new connected indoor air quality system, Overture.

Award Spotlight: Customer Satisfaction

Today’s home builders coordinate numerous elements—location, product, pricing, personnel, documents, schedules, service, trades, and suppliers, among others—to run their business. At the same time, home buyer satisfaction is an essential component of success and receives constant attention from wise companies with a goal of achieving customer loyalty and the repeat or referral sales that can generate. 

Shinn Consulting Builder Group has Bucket List Weekend at Porsche Track Experience

At our builder group meeting last month in Birmingham, several members were able to mark an item off their bucket list and test out their driving skills at the official US driving school of Porsche on the track at Barber Motorsports Park.

Builder Partnerships Congratulates Winners of the 2021 Builder Partnerships Achievement Awards

It is our pleasure to announce this year’s winners and congratulate them for their dedication to excellence and continuous improvement.

Free Online Solar Permitting Webinar with the Experts - July 29 @ 10:00 a.m. PDT - Unbound Solar

As you know, California recently made solar systems mandatory on new builds, while 10 states are currently considering similar measures. Meanwhile, 6 states have issued "solar-ready" mandates. Reserve your seat today for our live webinar on Thursday, July 29th, 2021 at 10:00 AM PDT.

Using a Steam Shower to Win Over Reluctant Home Buyers

Since the 1990s, the American master bath, as a concept, has exploded both in size and in luxury, making it one of the crucial rooms in the home.

CraftMaster Homes Joins Mungo Homes

Mungo Homes—a Clayton Properties Group brand—announced that Richmond, Virginia–based CraftMaster Homes is joining with the family-run, South Carolina–based builder.

Epcon Communities Announces Entry into Indianapolis Market

Dublin, Ohio-based Epcon Communities—No. 59 on the 2021 Builder 100—has announced its entry into the Indianapolis market with two new communities. This will be the first new market for Epcon’s corporate office in 11 years.

Defining Design Styles | Lita Dirks & Co.

Rustic farmhouse, French country, coastal, industrial…with so many different design styles, it can be difficult to determine what is best for your model home and prospective buyer.

DMF Lighting Joins Builder Partnerships

Welcome our Newest Manufacturer Member!!

American-Made Products for Homes [Organized Living]

From windows to kitchen details, there are American-made products in every industry category. Builder Partnerships Manufacturer Partner - Organized Living - Featured in BUILDER Online's article.

Discover Secure Peace of Mind | Kwikset

With Kwikset’s selection of lock products and innovative solutions, it's never been easier to keep your family healthy and safe.

My Favorite Smart Switch is STILL the Brilliant Smart Home Control – Review

A follow-up review of the Brilliant Smart Home Control switch for easily setting up or expanding a smart home environment. Continues to be a great solution!

It’s time to talk about attic ventilation | GAF Roofing

To help you educate yourself and your customers on this often overlooked and misunderstood roofing system component, GAF has developed a brand new series of attic ventilation videos.

Create an Outdoor Oasis with Emser's Outdoor Collection

With a wide selection of quality products in the latest colors, textures, and finishes, you can create outdoor spaces that mirror the comfort and luxury of the indoors.

Mattamy Homes Continues Expansion in Tucson with New Land Purchase

Mattamy Homes—No. 19 builder on the 2021 Builder 100—closed on a land purchase in the Westside area of Tucson, Arizona. The 27-acre property, purchased for $2.44 million, will contain 105 home sites and will be called Westbridge at Silverbell.

Economic Update: Hot Housing Market Not Without Challenges

The housing industry has been on fire since the six-week shutdown last year due to the pandemic. New home sales surged 20.4% from the prior year, with the median sales price only increasing 2.9%.

Unbound Solar: Skip 7+ Hours of Guesswork with our FREE Homebuilder Solar Guide

If you’re a home or commercial builder in California… You’re probably aware that the Golden State has introduced a solar mandate to support its ambitious clean energy goals.

Award Spotlight: Employer of Choice

The Employer of Choice Award recognizes home building companies that maintain a supportive and motivational working environment. Winners of the Employer of Choice Award have demonstrated excellence in providing employees with clear lines of communication and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

In Remembrance of Kevin Pfeifer

Builder Partnerships is mourning the loss of Kevin Pfeifer, a well-respected marketing consultant to the home building industry. Kevin, founder and principal of Pfeifer Consulting and Professional Housing Tours and Conferences, passed away on May 30, 2021.

Orro (Smart Home System) Joins Builder Partnerships

Welcome our Newest Manufacturer Member!!

Rosewood Communities Kicks Off Homes For HOPE #6

Rosewood Communities has faithfully partnered with HOPE since 2011, and now they are thrilled to announce the building of their 6th Home for HOPE! Located in Mauldin, South Carolina, this home will be a beautiful addition to Rosewood’s Whispering Meadows community.

Rebate Submissions Made Easy! Direct Data Transfer with ECI MarkSystems®, MiTek® BuilderMT, and MiTek® KOVA

Builder Partnerships offers integrations with these systems for direct data transfer of home closing information to make rebate submissions easier for our builder members. Our API connection allows users to input necessary rebate information simply by posting the close date. It's that easy!

New Fixed Wood Storage System by Organized Living

Organized Living’s newest closet storage solution, the VUE fixed-wood shelving system, is designed to provide an easy alternative to wire shelf-and-rod systems for builders and buyers alike.

Lennox PureAir™ and PureAir™ S Air Purification Systems

After months of rigorous testing, the PureAir™ and PureAir™ S Air Purification Systems, with the Lennox Healthy Climate™ Carbon Clean 16® air filter, remove over 99% of the virus that causes COVID-191 from the air. “We understand that indoor air quality is a higher priority now more than ever before. While COVID-19 has changed the world around us, it hasn’t changed our unwavering commitment to delivering consistently clean, comfortable air to homeowners through our Lennox Healthy Climate™ and Ultimate Comfort System™ indoor air quality products.” -John Whinery, VP of Product, Lennox Industries

Learn More About Huntsman Building Solutions | FKA: Icynene-Lapolla

Builder Partnerships is Pleased to Announce Updated Programs and Name Change to Our Rebate Program for Huntsman Building Solutions (Formally Known As: Icynene-Lapolla)

Leveraging Technology

Remember the days when the only options available to manufacturers to get the word out about their products were trade publications, trade shows, and exclusive distribution relationships?

Award Spotlight: Builder of Choice

The Builder of Choice Award recognizes a builder’s commitment to creating and maintaining an environment that allows trade contractors and suppliers to accomplish their work efficiently and effectively.

Waste Not, Want Not

Builders Must Establish Effective Material Controls. Direct construction costs are the largest cost classification for builders

DuPont Introduces New HFC-Free Froth-Pak Spray Foam Formulation

DuPont has reformulated its Froth-Pak two-component polyurethane spray-foam insulation, eliminating hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) blowing agents and reducing the product’s overall global warming potential by over 99% compared with current formulations.

Global Microchip Shortage Worsens Appliance Delays, May Last Until 2022

Microchips don’t just run your smartphones, cars and computers. They help control appliances and are one of the reasons that refrigerator deliveries are holding up kitchen renovations across the country.

Mattamy Homes Buys 85 Acres in Arizona’s San Tan Valley for $20.56M

The land parcel, part of the San Tan Heights master plan, is platted for 324 homesites, and the new community planned for the site will be known as Pinnacle at San Tan Heights.

Right-size your standby generators by combining with propane heat

Brought to you by Propane Education & Research Council. A New York mountain home demonstrates the complementary value propane heating and standby generators can provide.

Brookfield Residential Agrees to Acquire Newland

The transaction includes Newland’s management company, as well as the (5%) general partner’s equity interest in 15 out of the 20 master-planned communities Newland is developing.

Royal Building Products Adds New Options for Cedar Renditions Aluminum Siding

Royal Building Products has added a number of new product options to the Cedar Renditions aluminum siding series. A new 6-inch soffit is available in all markets, plus an 8-inch siding profile and new color launched in the Canadian market.

2021 Hearthstone BUILDER Humanitarian Award Winner: Sheryl Palmer [Taylor Morrison]

Through both internal programs and external ventures, Taylor Morrison's chairman and CEO has demonstrated a lifetime to public service. A passion for public service has been ingrained in Sheryl Palmer’s way of life since age 16.

Dream Finders' IPO Raises the Question: Will Other Builders Follow Suit?

While going public can generate cash for growth, it's unknown how long the 'window' for builder IPOs will last.

SKUWorld Joins Builder Partnerships

SKUWorld is an innovative and forward-thinking organization that provides data management and analytics solutions to the homebuilding industry.

BuildTools Delivers Major Productivity and Profitability Gains for Home Builders [ProBuilder Case Study]

Home building hired gun, Carl Bast, has built over 400 homes with BuildTools. See how BuildTools helped him make each company more productive and profitable along the way. Bast brings productivity and profitability gains to home builders.

2021 Homes for HOPE Award Winner | Ana's Story

After running out of resources in 2018, Ana contacted a loan officer at Esperanza International, HOPE’s partner in the Dominican Republic, and began the process of rebuilding. The relationships Ana built through Esperanza gave her hope that she could overcome her family’s extreme poverty.

Davidson Homes Expands Into Houston Market

Huntsville, Alabama–based Davidson Homes—ranked No. 93 on the 2021 Builder 100—announced it has expanded its operations into Texas and will begin building its first homes in Houston.

Fischer Homes Enters St. Louis Market via Payne Family Homes Agreement

With communities in Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio, Fischer Homes is expanding into Missouri. Fischer Homes has announced its expansion into the St. Louis market through an agreement with local builder Payne Family Homes.

Landsea Homes to Acquire Vintage Estate Homes, Expanding Into Florida and Texas

Newly public builder Landsea Homes—based in Newport Beach, California, and ranked No. 48 on the 2021 Builder 100—announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Vintage Estate Homes, a Florida-based builder with communities in both Florida and Texas.

Mandalay Homes Partners With Mosaic for New-Home Construction in Arizona

Mosaic offers value-engineering services for Jasper by Mandalay Homes and Adora at Timber Sky.

Modern Multifamily in the Carolinas | BSB Design

Problem-solving mindset to meet city approval and client budget.

Ole South Homes Shares Its 2020 Success With Its Employees and Community

The Middle Tennessee builder closed on over 1,000 homes and donated over $1 million to local charities last year.

DuPont Announces Launch of Education Hub for Residential Construction Pros

A customized learning resource for residential construction professionals. The EDU HUB is available 24 hours a day, making it a convenient tool to learn more about the portfolio of DuPont residential construction products, current industry trends and to access a broad range of interactive content.

Small Builder Enters the Big Built-to-Rent Arena

On HorizonTV this week, Managing Director Julie Hancock of Camelot Homes shares how a goal to diversify the luxury production home builder's revenue landed on building detached single-family rentals for infill locations. Camelot Homes found a niche in the luxury Scottsdale, Arizona market, it opened Arcadia Communities, which focuses on single-family rentals.

A zero energy ready mountain chalet remodel [Brought to you by Propane Education & Research Council]

Learn why going dual fuel helped this influential project achieve the owner’s comfort, resilience, and ultra-efficiency goals.

Fischer Homes Plans $140M+ Master Plan in Louisville Area

According to the builder, the community will contain a mix of single-family homes from its Designer and Maple Street collections, as well as low-maintenance options from the Paired Patio Homes Collection.

GAF to Manufacture Recycled Asphalt Shingles

GAF, a Standard Industries company, has created and patented a new manufacturing process that recycles waste shingle material into the material mix for new asphalt roofing shingles.

Bulbrite Joins Builder Partnerships

Welcome our Newest Manufacturer Member!!

Just Extended! The 2021 Virtual Experience | ThermaTru Doors

Gain instant access to this immersive virtual environment where you can explore new products, trends, training and more now through December 31, 2021.

BUILDER Online's 2021 Builder of the Year: Stanley Martin Homes

Virginia-based Stanley Martin Homes is forging ahead with an ambitious market expansion goal that it plans to meet via organic growth and acquisition, one company at a time.

What Are the Most Energy Efficient Appliances on the Market?

Featuring one of Builder Partnerships Manufacturer Members: Electrolux. Electrolux EFLW427UIW 27-inch Front Load Washer. This front loader uses uses 60 kilowatt hours per year and 4,059 gallons of water.

BSB Design Launches Four-Day Work Week

Continuing the firm’s dedication to remain on the leading edge of architecture and innovation, this change represents the next level of forward-thinking operations and management for BSB Design.

Don’t let the wind win | GAF Roofing

You can sell a GAF roofing system tough enough to qualify for the GAF WindProven™ limited wind warranty.

RubinBrown's Webinar: Supply Chain Webinar Series: Reducing the Risk - ESG to SOC | Wednesday, May 12th @ 10am CT

Join RubinBrown’s Manufacturing & Distribution Services Group for the second installment of the 2021 Supply Chain Webinar Series. Don't miss this opportunity to get ahead of your competitors and be prepared for the future.

How Job Costing Helps You Spot (and Eliminate) Your Low-Profit and Loser Jobs (Part 3 of 4)

Listen to discover...Why every low-profit and “loser” job wipes out the profit you’re making on other jobs!

BuildTools Provides a Single System to Manage All Projects

Regency Builders were looking for a way to simplify the building process. BuildTools centralized and organized their project data and made it easily accessible for clients, crew, and contractors.

Homes for HOPE | Hennick Construction Announcement

Since 2004, Dave Hanula of Hennick Construction in Fredericksburg, PA, has been faithfully supporting HOPE’s work around the world.

Working with Builders: Starting Smart | Brilliant

A strong integrator-builder relationship has been an industry-wide goal for years for the obvious benefits — more work and getting into the project at the earliest stages.

Looking for Inspiration for your next project? | ThermaTru Doors

From designing your door, how to pick the best door color and social media content, ThermaTru offers a number of inspirational options to help get your project moving.

Pricing for Value and Velocity

Too many builders determine the sales price of their homes based on direct construction cost and land. They come up with a plan, establish the standard specifications, go out to bid, add up the costs, and put a markup on the costs to determine the sales price.

Sharing 2021 Successes from our Manufacturing Partners

We wanted to take the opportunity to communicate with you the many successes our valued partners achieved overcoming challenges.

BuildTools Provides the Solution for Managing Demanding Clients

Platinum Series Homes needed a system to stop losing money on change orders. BuildTools centralized critical project details to improve client relations and their bottom line.

Make A Pivotal Statement for Earth Day [PERC - Propane Education & Research Council]

Earth Day on April 22 and all next week is a perfect opportunity to continue to build awareness about propane as a clean energy. Share these PERC resources all week!

Does Your Sales Team Have the Tools to Sell to Builders?

The job of senior management is to look at the big picture and identify the best opportunities for growth and increased profitability.

Marching Forward | Lita Dirks & Co. Interior Design

Articles: - Women & The Construction/Building Industry - Healthy Design - Big Design Impact

How to Locate and Charge for Lost or Invisible Costs [Info Plus Accounting]

5 Ways to Increase Your Profits on Every Job!

Build Your Dream Office in 4 Steps [Royal Building Products]

Don't let your home office kill your productivity. Honey Built Home has the tutorial you need to build your dream office using Royal® PVC Board.

Smart Connectivity Systems for Multifamily Housing Communities [Brilliant]

Smart home technology is an increasingly popular way for tenants and condominium owners to manage their lighting, sound, security, and climate of their residences from their smartphones or other devices.

Strategic Single Family Built for Rent Partnerships [BSB Design]

More and more builders, developers and investors are reevaluating their multifamily properties to ensure they can create the most profitable housing options based on changing market conditions. Rising to the top of their consideration is single family built for rent.

“Kitchens Sell Houses” – or, they do with these Hot Trends [Legrand]

Check out our roundup of current kitchen trends, and see how adding the latest in awe-inspiring features and superior functionality can start serving up sales!

BuildTools Helps Custom Builder Increase Business 5X Without Adding Staff

Stonewood LLC needed a system to stop losing time on basic tasks during custom builds. BuildTools provided the structure they needed to increase efficiency and grow 5X without adding to their team.

Tri Pointe Homes Announces New Townhome Community in Washington, D.C.

The 60-unit Brookland Grove community will offer homes with roof terraces priced starting in the $800,000s in the District of Columbia—Brookland Grove in the Brookland neighborhood.

Remembering Ralph Drees: Housing Icon, Former Drees Homes CEO, President, Chairman

His leadership role with Drees Homes began in 1965 and his company garnered many industry awards over the decades. Pro Builder presented Drees with its Builder of the Year title in 1991, Drees was a National Housing Quality gold award winner in 1994 and in 2014, Builder Partnerships presented Drees with the Lee Evans Pinnacle of Management Excellence Award.

Introducing Newest Clever Little Box [Legrand]

These flexible solutions represent the next step in the evolution of the plastic enclosures–the dual-purpose functionality allows installers to use the enclosure for structured wiring organization or for AV storage in-wall behind the TV for a clutter-less entertainment space.

The 2021 Kichler® Ceiling Fan Collections are here!

Ceiling fans are more than just practical, they can add style to any room. Let us show you how Kichler ceiling fans can shape your space.

Neal Communities Case Study | Going Above and Beyond with Legrand

Florida Builder creates a leading smart home package to enhance all new homes.

Focus on Taxation: Nominal Effect Defined for the Employee Retention Credit [RubinBrown]

Notice 2021-20 provides much needed guidance on the 2020 Employee Retention Credit (ERC), including a definition of the word “nominal”.

Dreams for my Daughter [Homes for HOPE]

This 5-minute short film, based on the true story of one of HOPE’s clients from Rwanda.

Beat Supply Chain Disruptions with ECI Bolt

Last year brought supply chain disruptions into sharp focus in the residential construction industry.

Hakes Brothers Provides 100,000 Meals Through San Antonio Food Bank

The builder aims to support the community in the wake of the pandemic and historic snowstorm. This contribution will support 100,000 meals for those in need, based on estimates that the organization can provide seven meals for every dollar donated.

How Builders, Manufacturers & Service Providers Can Build Strong, Trusting Relationships

As we approach the end of March 2021, we thought it might be advantageous for everyone to take stock in their relationships and review ways that builders, manufacturers and service providers keep and build those relationships.

Rebate Submissions Made Easy with Direct Data Transfer

business arm sticking out of a computer monitor We know you are busy. We can help! Builder Partnerships offers integrations with ECI MarkSystems® and MiTek® KOVA to make rebate submissions easier for our builder members.

Have Composite Decking Aesthetics Surpassed Wood? [TimberTech]

Even building pros can’t tell the difference between premium composite and wood. With lumber prices stubbornly fixed at near record highs and showing no signs of budging, it’s easy to see why so many home builders and contractors have turned to composite decking materials.

Tyvek DrainVent Rainscreen: Superior Protection for Even the Most Challenging Exteriors

DuPont Tyvek DrainVent Rainscreen offers superior performance against water intrusion to protect the unique reclaimed wood cladding of the Guadalupe River Ranch.

Designing Homes & Communities for 2021 [BSB Design]

From the Blog: Community Design in 2021 and Beyond- Part 1, The Thoughtful Home Series- Part 1, Large Land Parcels Create Big Impact, and much more...

The New Home Co. Expands into Denver with Recent Acquisition [Epic Homes]

The California-based builder has acquired Epic Homes, a well-established builder in the Denver market.

What Is Induction Cooking and Why You Should Be Considering It? [Frigidaire]

Gas and traditional electric radiant technology dominate cooking appliances, but a better option—induction—is making strong gains and worth consideration. A technology that has been around since the early 1900, induction cooks by heating pots and pans directly, instead of using an electric or gas element. Cooktops and ranges that utilize induction use a magnetic.

Overture System by Broan-NuTone Ties Smart Tech with Indoor Air Quality

Ventilation products manufacturer Broan-NuTone says its latest offering, Overture, is the first whole-home monitoring and fully-integrated ventilation system on the market.

New Neighborhoods, Amenities Coming to Windsong Ranch MPC in North Texas

Developer Tellus Group is adding new builders and plans to open a second elementary school in the master plan. [Featuring Builder Partnerships builder members: Grenadier Homes & Shaddock Homes]

Ready to bring your entry way project to life? [ThermaTru Doors]

With our vast network of nationwide dealers, you can find a Therma-Tru door right in your area.

Legrand Announces GFCI Outlet With USB-Charging Connections

The outlet allows for USB-based device charging in kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas that require GFCI protection. For the first time, Legrand will offer a ground fault circuit interrupter outlet.

Industry Outlook: What's Ahead for Housing in 2021

Article featuring four of Builder Partnerships builder members: JayMarc Homes, Taylor Morrison, Camelot Homes & Hakes Brothers.

Builder Partnerships Names GAF Manufacturing Partner of the Year 2020

GAF, an industry leading roofing manufacturer, has received the 6th Annual Builder Partnerships Partner of the Year Award.

Steam Showers Pay Off in Bathrooms of Any Size

Prospective home buyers love the possibility of having an up-to-date, spa-inspired bathroom. With a steam shower, you can offer that important “wow!” factor– and resale value – for your clients.

Mattamy Homes Purchases 22 Acres at Gladden Farms in Tucson

Mattamy Homes has purchased a 22-acre portion of the Gladden Farms master-planned community in Tucson, Arizona, for $7.5 million.

Brilliant Announces Reintegration With Google Nest

Google has reopened its application programming interfaces for Google Nest and other smart home products. Following this move, smart home control manufacturer Brilliant has announced that its product will once again be compatible with Google Nest.

Door Handles That Are Worth a Grab, or At Least Consideration [Baldwin, Kwikset & more...]

Door hardware might not seem all that important in a complex enterprise such as a house, but when specified correctly, it can make a huge difference and contribute to the overall design.

Variances Sink Profits (and Businesses)

Wooden signpost with two arrows and black words on them. Variances are a major obstacle to achieving high profit margins. If you’re not controlling your variances, you’re not protecting your profits.

Builder Partnerships Resumes In-Person Seminars

We’re pleased to announce we have resumed our in-person events. Judging by the success of last month’s Managing for Profit seminar in Denver, our builder community is just as ready as we are to get back in the classroom for the networking opportunities and dynamic learning experiences our in-person training events are known for.

Pro Builder Housing Giants Survey **Deadline Extended: 3/12/21**

Online for you to report your 2020 performance and be ranked among the most successful home builders in the U.S. **Extended Deadline: 3/12/2021**

A Roadmap to 2021 Home Building Success

This Shinn Consulting advisor identifies 4 factors for improved margin performance. Just ask Jim Weigel, senior consultant for Colorado-based Shinn Consulting, one of the industry‘s foremost advisory firms. Weigel, a former home builder, offers Shinn clients expert counsel in management, marketing, operations, and finance, as well as quality and valuation issues.

Home Building by the Numbers

At the outset of 2020, Emma Shinn felt confident that home builders were poised to have a “super” year. Back then, demand looked promising, and builders were controlling their operating expenses. Shinn, perhaps more than most housing industry prognosticators, had the advantage of historical perspective.

The New Home Company: Setting the bar for smart home as a standard | Brilliant

The New Home Company (NYSE: NWHM) has earned an industry-leading reputation for designing homes and living experiences that put homebuyers first. NWHM first learned about the new Brilliant Smart Home System, which offers integrations with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit and Siri, in 2019.

5 Reasons to Switch to MarkSystems Today

Creates efficiencies by automating and linking all processes. Allows you to work smarter when faced with limited staff and resources, and much more...

Building the perfect “Connected Home” | Legrand

Smart Lighting from the radiant® Collection means enhanced ease, convenience, and security thanks to superior control via app and home assistants like Alexa.

All Genie Professional Line | New Feature Launch – Integration with Universal Remote Control (URC)

The Genie Company is pleased to announce that Aladdin Connect smart garagge door openers and controllers are now integrated with Universal Remote Control (URC), a leading smart home automation and control solutions company.

All Genie Professional Line | New Feature Launch - Integration with BenchSentry

The Genie Company is pleased to announce that Aladdin Connect smart garagge door openers and retrofit kits are now integrated with the package-delivery porch box from BenchSentry, the premier porch box solution.

We’ve Done the Research for You | Organized Living | Colors of the Year for 2021

America’s top color experts have made their choices for the 2021 Colors of the Year or in some cases 2021 Palettes of the Year. We've pulled them all together to provide you with one convenient resource.

Products This Green Builder Put in His LEED Platinum Model Home | DJK Custom Homes

DJK Custom Homes’ flagship model home project features the latest cutting-edge products and materials, which played a part in the home reaching its LEED Platinum certification.

This is the launch you've been waiting for! Kichler Lighting

Introducing the 2021 Kichler® Ceiling Fan Collections.

4 Ways Builders Can be More Profitable

Industry standard profits are usually around 3% to 6%, according to Jim Weigel, a Denver-based consultant with Builder Partnerships, but he believes that by pricing homes properly, builders can improve that to 12% net or better.

Focus on Accounting Standards | RubinBrown

The FASB recently voted to provide private companies and not-for-profit entities with the option to perform the identification and evaluation of a triggering event for goodwill impairment at the reporting date.

Everything You Need to Know About Smart Light Switches | Brilliant

Homebuyer demand for smart technology has been on the rise for years, and if you have yet to embrace home tech, smart light switches are one of the best and easiest ways to do it.

Seattle-Based Custom Builder JayMarc Homes Launches New Product Line

Home buyers looking to build a custom home are often faced with several complexities during the process, including finding the right piece of land, hiring a great architect, and designing the home of their dreams, all while sticking to a budget. JayMarc Homes, a Seattle-based custom builder, aims to solve these key pain points with the launch of its new JayMarc Curated collection.

Bosgraaf Homes Makes an Easy Transition to MarkSystems

Bosgraaf Homes needed to make a change. After a thorough evaluation, the team decided to go with MarkSystems and has been happy ever since.

Navigating the Lumber Crisis

The home building industry is at the crux of a crisis: the shortage and high cost of lumber is a real threat. Due to a shortage of raw material, many lumber mills are shutting down, causing additional uncertainty about lumber availability and concern that prices will continue to rise.

Annual Builder Survey Results Reveal Successes and Challenges for Builders

A red check mark in a blox, surrounded by the word Survey Builder Partnerships recently conducted its annual survey of our builder members. Each year, we request that our membership share information about their current successes and challenges along with their outlook for the upcoming year. Even with 2020 being the year that it was (full of changes and challenges mainly driven by a global pandemic), our builder members found a way to succeed.

Making the Best of a Bad Situation

Builder Partnerships is committed to helping our manufacturer and service provider members gain exposure to their target market and connect with our community of successful and engaged builders. When we learned that the IBS Virtual Experience (IBSx) was experiencing technical difficulties and that many of our members' virtual booths were impacted by the outage, we immediately got to work on a plan to help our members share their product information and educational content with our builder community.

IBS 2021 Update: When One Door Closes, Another Door Opens

Door open to the light, new world, chance or opportunity. Decision making With IBS 2021 transitioning to a virtual event, our annual IBS networking reception has been cancelled. We look forward to seeing everyone at the 2022 event. We encourage our manufacturer and service provider members to make the most of your marketing budgets by investing in our powerful outreach programs designed to help you increase sales and selling efficiency, click article to view.

7 Benefits of Using an Integrated System

If you are not currently looking at implementing an integrated management solution to manage your company, you need to be. Read the Homebuilder’s Guide to ERPs to learn more about the value of having an integrated system.

Better Tech, Better Deck | TimberTech AZEK

Look at the technological improvements TimberTech AZEK has made in recent years. Improved moisture resistance. Because these products use no organic material, they don't rot and they don't support mold or mildew growth.

Wayne Dalton Launches Security Shutter for Exterior Residential Access

Garage door manufacturer Wayne Dalton is offering its first extruded aluminum exterior security shutter, designed for extra security for exterior access to residential properties. The Model 523RX Security Shutter is made to be installed at the driveway access from the street or at residential property entrances in high-traffic areas.

Get there with GAF SmartMoney & GAF WeatherHub | Webinar Thurs. 2/25/21 @ 1pm EST

Make sure you’re ready by joining us to learn how to find leads, plan jobs fast, and close more sales after severe weather hits with GAF WeatherHub. Find out how you can unleash the power of payments and financing with GAF SmartMoney powered by Payzer.

Richmond American Enters New Neighborhood at McSweeny Farms in Hemet, Calif.

Three model homes at the McSweeny Farms master-planned community in Hemet, California. Collection floor plans available at McSweeny Farms: one single-story plan and two two-story plans. The homes range from approximately 2,080 to 2,660 square feet in size, with up to five bedrooms, up to three baths, and two-car garages.

Three Home Builders Expand Market Share With New Acquisitions

Dallas-based Gehan Homes, the tenth largest private home builder, acquired the Denver-based Wonderland Homes. Canada-based Empire Communities [launched its U.S. Homebuilding Division in 2016 in Houston, TX], one of the largest North American private builders, acquired Shea Homes North Carolina. American Southern Homes (ASH) has now entered the Arizona markets through its acquisition of Dorn Homes.

All Genie Professional Line | New Feature Launch – Integration with Samsung SmartThings

The Genie Company is pleased to announce that Aladdin Connect smart garage door openers and retrofit kits are now "Works With SmartThings" certified.

RubinBrown's Supply Chain Webinar Series: Cycle Counting Methodologies & External Audit Considerations, Thursday February 25th @ 10am CST

Join RubinBrown’s Manufacturing & Distribution Services Group for the first installment of the 2021 Supply Chain Webinar Series.

The Roaring 2020s: Housing's Best Decade

The two largest demographic groups will need housing during this decade. Baby boomers will be entering their last stage of housing demand as they become empty nesters and hit retirement age, and millennials will be demanding housing throughout the decade.

Women in Building & Construction On-Demand

Don't miss Emma Shinn, Builder Partnerships & Shinn Consulting VP, speaking on the on-demand Q&A session with an all-female panel of leaders in the idustry moderated by Monica Wheaton, Director of Customer Success, Residential Home Construction at ECI.

Emser Tile’s Exclusive Signature Series Catalog is Now Available

This catalog features our extensive line of profiles, including our core stocked assortment as well as specialty sizes and finishes.

We Put the Craft in CRAFTSMANSHIP | Environmental StoneWorks

Environmental StoneWorks develops stone solutions with the installer, builder and homeowner in mind. The only national manufacturer and installer of stone veneer and thin brick.

The PERC Update: Propane Inventories Fall

The Energy Information Administration reported a 6.2 million-barrel draw on U.S. propane inventory.

Air Quality and Comfort Rank High in Today's Homes | Trane

American Standard representatives facilitated the Asanos’ builders’ engagement of Patuxent Environmental Group (PEG), one of the nation’s leading HVAC consulting engineers.

Breaking the Barrier to Superior Profitability On-Demand

Don't miss Shinn Consulting consultants Ed Hauck and Jim Weigel, along with Stephen Moore Senior Partner at BSB Design, with their on-demand education session available until March 31, 2021

Builder Partnerships' Response to COVID-19

Update from Builder Partnerships (updated December 7, 2020)

New Collection Options for Classic Craft Premium Door Series by Therma-Tru

Therma-Tru has reimagined its Classic Craft premium entry door series, with new and old options developed and curated based on customer preferences and trending design styles.

Updated Links: Invitation to Bypass IBSx Technical Difficulties

Updated 2/11/21: Our Manufacturer & Service Provider Members Want To Connect. Optional links, platforms and on-demand sessions available from our manufacturer and service provider members.

Announcing the Sixth Edition of Accounting & Financial Management for Residential Construction by Emma Shinn

The long-awaited sixth edition of Emma Shinn's essential book, Accounting & Financial Management for Residential Construction, is available for preorder.

Texas builder adopts integrated [Brilliant] smart home strategy to fuel growth in new markets

Pacesetter Homes first learned about the Brilliant Smart Home Control System based on a recommendation from its technology integrator partner, ESD Technologies. The Brilliant system immediately piqued their interest because was the first in-wall smart home system that could be affordably installed as a standard feature by a production builder.

USGBC Announces Top 10 States for Green Building

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) released its annual list of the top 10 states for LEED green building with Massachusetts leading the country in 2020 with the most certified square feet per capita. Across the top states, more than 60% of certifications were office, healthcare, higher education, and K-12 projects.

Development Protected by Uponor AquaSAFE

Case Study: With a top-of-the-line design in mind, the team at Dale Hicks and Associates, LLC chose Uponor - a brand they have relied on for years - to provide the PEX plubming and fire sprinkler system solutions.

Focus on Taxation: Employee Retention Credit | RubinBrown

The ERC (Employee Retention Credit) is a refundable payroll tax credit designed to help employers adversely affected by the coronavirus pandemic who maintain employee payroll during qualifying periods in 2020 and 2021.

Easy Rebate Submissions with Direct Data Transfer | ECI MarkSystems, MiTek BuilderMT, and MiTek KOVA

Good news for users of ECI MarkSystems®, MiTek® BuilderMT, and MiTek® KOVA. Builder Partnerships offers integrations with these systems for direct data transfer of rebate submission information. Submit rebate information simply by posting a close date. It's that easy!

Superior Protection of Weathermate™ Plus Housewrap | DUPONT

Weathermate Plus Housewrap is a non-woven, non-perforated polyolefin-based wrap designed for enhanced job-site durability and long-term product performance for builders.

Investors Respond to Dream Finders Homes Initial Public Offering

Jacksonville, Florida–based Dream Finders Homes announced the price of its initial public offering (IPO) of 9.6 million shares of Class A common stock at the price of $13 per share.

Toll Brothers ‘Chasing the Sun,’ Following Buyers Into ‘Smile States’

Last quarter, Toll Brothers recorded the most signed home contracts in the builder’s 53-year history—on top of the 68% year-over-year increase. TIME reports Toll Brothers’ buyers are spending big on customization, with an average of buyer upgrades hitting $183,000 last quarter, another record.

Taylor Morrison is Builder Magazine’s Builder of the Year 2020

“At Taylor Morrison, the reason we are where we are is that we love what we do,” said Sheryl Palmer.

New training opportunities from GAF

No matter where you live and work, the winter season is a great time to focus on business-building skills.

Are variances eating your profits? | ECI MarkSystems

Learn how to leverage your system to increase your bottom line in this on-demand webinar. As a production builder, variances are the most critical area to focus on in your business.

Eight Tips on How to Improve Company Culture in Builder Workplaces

Executives from two leading home builders offer advice on how to design a Fortune 100 best place to work.

Programs to Help You Grow Market Share & Reduce Workload

Pie chart on a stock chart with a budget A new year comes with renewed optimism. Now is the perfect time to review the many opportunities and programs we offer to help you grow your market share and gain a competitive edge.

Spotlighting our Manufacturer and Service Provider Members

We are giving our manufacturer and service provider members a chance to have a product “shout-out” in our February editions of the Monthly Briefing and Manufacturer Access newsletters.

Unbound Solar | 10% off is going bye-bye | Expires Jan 29th

That’s 10% off everything in your kit — not just the solar panels. Each piece of the system included in your kit will be 10% cheaper, including: Racking, Inverter(s), Batteries & Backup (if applicable), Accessories, Hardware & More.

2021 NHQA Winners: 4 Home Building Companies Striving for Better [Adair Homes, Camelot Homes, Hubbell Homes and James Monroe Homes]

The annual National Housing Quality Awards recognize four home builders for their commitment to continuous operational improvement. The validation, and the reckoning, begin well before the home builders that apply for Pro Builder’s National Housing Quality (NHQ) Award receive the final feedback report from the judges who assessed their operations first-hand.

Achieving Zero Net Energy: A Path Through Propane? [Propane Education & Research Council]

Home Builder Industry Articles, Information and Education Propane may be a surprise player in green building's quest for zero-net-energy homes. Is achieving net-zero energy in a remodel on your resolution list? Look into propane. The director of the Propane Education and Research Council shares why, including propane's cost and performance.

See the Therma-Tru difference with stylish and durable options

Therma-Tru offers outstanding fire protection and meet building code requirements with a door designed for easier handling and installation.

How to Leverage Our Member Builder List

We strive to connect manufacturers and mid-tier builders, and assist in the development of the relationship. Manufacturers are provided insights on how builders operate and how they are adapting to ever-changing industry trends. Manufacturers can use our database to inform their decisions and help them improve their businesses. Our direct network includes more than 1,500 builder members.

Construction on The New American Remodel Home 2021 is Underway | Environmental StoneWorks

Environmental StoneWorks, the only national manufacturer and installer of stone veneer, is a part of the Cornerstone Building Brands family. Environmental StoneWorks is the only national manufacturer of stone veneer, offering stone veneer, panels, thin brick, and their installation.

Construction on The New American Remodel Home 2021 is Underway | TracPipe CounterStrike Omega Flex Inc.

CounterStrike® CSST has been designed with a proprietary jacket material in place of the standard yellow jacket.

The Shift Is on in Denver

After years of anticipating shifts in demographics and buyer demand, home builders and developers in Colorado are reaping the benefits, particularly with master-planned communities.

Learn How To Break the Barrier to Superior Profitability | BSB Design

BSB Design experts will share their insight during the education series at The International Builders' Show.

Keystone Custom Homes Announcement | Homes for HOPE

At the close of 2020, Keystone’s trade partners and suppliers set a new record by generating more than $178,000 in donated or discounted services! Including the Keystone match, a resulting donation of more than $356,000 was given to Homes for HOPE.

Picks From Your Peers | Brizo

Brizo’s Odin Collection features both sleek lines and soft curves available in seven different finishes.

Unbound Solar Joins Builder Partnerships

Unbound Solar specializes in designing, building and delivering custom solar systems that integrates seamlessly into your existing building plans – no need to go back to the drawing board.

Homes for HOPE | Eastbrook Homes Announcement

Homes for HOPE would like to thank the Mojo Foundation, led by Mick McGraw, CEO of Eastbrook Homes, for their record gift of $100,000! This donation enables HOPE International to provide biblically based training, savings services, and loans for more than 5,300 families living in poverty around the world!

Brilliant Offers Rebates to Builder Partnerships Members

Builder Partnerships is Pleased to Announce New Incentives from Brilliant

Why Customer Experience Is Critical for Builders [ECI's Webinar - Tuesday, January 26, at 12:00 PM ET]

Home Builder Industry Articles, Information and Education How to Set Expectations and Manage the Customer Experience. Learn more about the stages of customization and commoditization.

The PERC Update: VIDEO -- A Residential Market Update

January 2021 Residential Market Update | Combat Myths in the Residential Space

Green Brick Partners and Meritage Homes Partner on 2,400 Homesites in Princeton, Texas

Green Brick Partners, in partnership with Meritage Homes, has closed on the purchase of approximately 2,400 homesites for the development of Eastridge, a new residential community in Princeton, Texas, north of Dallas-Fort Worth.

Zenodro Homes Grows without Adding to Their Staff | ECI MarkSystems

Zenodro Homes traded in its homegrown system for MarkSystems and realized substantial savings in time and head-count as it grew its business.

Increase Your Productivity and Expand Your Capabilities Without Adding Staff | MiTek

Consider utilizing a scalable resource like MiTek Platinum Global’s team of 1,000+ estimators, drafters and designers to provide unique, custom construction-based service solutions for your business.

Florida Home Builder [Dream Finders Homes] Files $100 Million IPO

Florida-based builder Dream Finders Homes filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to raise $100 million in an initial public offering. Dream Finders Homes builds in the Jacksonville, Orlando, Denver, Washington, DC, and Austin markets.

AZEK Releases New PVC Shingle and Cladding for Exteriors

Building product manufacturer AZEK has expanded its exterior portfolio with the launch of PVC shingle siding and capped polymer cladding. Both new releases offer residential professionals a durable and sustainable alternative to natural wood, the company says. AZEK’s Shingle Siding with PaintPro Technology and Capped Polymer Cladding feature wood grain textures in a variety of styles.

Legrand Expands Adorne Ultra-Fast USB Outlet Collection

Electrical device manufacturer Legrand has expanded its offering of mobile charging devices with the launch of a new collection of ultra-fast usb outlets. Part of the adorne family of products, the USB outlets deliver on the latest trend for fast, easy charging, while also elevating any residential space with exceptional style.

Save the Date: Kwikset & Baldwin Virtual Trade Show | Feb. 8-11, 2021

Innovative and stylish products from the Kwikset and Baldwin product portfolios, including the NEW Home Connect 620 Keypad Connected Smart Lock!

Classic Homes | Homes for HOPE

Homes for HOPE would like to thank Doug Stimple, George Lenz, Joe Loidolt, their families, and their team at Classic Homes for their generous gift totaling $67,000! This enables us to provide biblically based training, savings services, and loans for over 3,600 families living in underserved communities around the world this year alone!

Exterior Products Built to Impress | Royal Building Products

Royal Building Products has added a new black soffit option to its Exterior Portfolio and Royal vinyl collections, available in a brush, matte, or low-gloss woodgrain finish.

Exterior Products Built to Impress | GAF

GAF has enhanced its Timberline American Harvest Shingles with two of its newest technologies. GAF StainGuard Plus is designed to protect against algae discoloration over a 25-year limited warranty period.

Rising Rent Increases Need for Affordable Housing | BSB Design

Supplement market rate products with affordable housing. High Demand, Low Supply = Opportunity for Affordable Multifamily.

RubinBrown's Accounting & Auditing Alert January 2021

FASB Issues Proposal To Simplify Recognition and GASB Proposes New Implementation Guidance.

Legrand Introduces Ultra-Fast USB Outlets to Adorne Series

An ultra-fast USB outlet is the newest addition to Legrand’s adorne series, following the launch of the manufacturer’s ultra-fast USB outlets in the radiant series.

Increase Your Business Growth Today | ECI MarkSystems

Does Your Business System Help You Meet New Housing Demands? Is it able to keep up with changing technology?

SillDry | Join our community of architects, builders, developers, and contractors

SillDry is constantly on the lookout for industry trends and new technologies. Join our community of architects, builders, developers, and contractors by subscribing to SillDry's informational blog.

GAF Community Matters touches lives of more than 6,000 families

Home Builder Industry Articles, Information and Education In a year like no other, the GAF community gave like never before.

10 Design Tips & Trends for 2020 | Legrand

The latest interior design trends are about a bold start for a new decade. From dramatic hardware to graphic tiles, download our list for design inspiration to help differentiate your homes.

Breaking the Barrier to Double-Digit Profits

3D illustration of red arrow breaking through a white brick wall. Private home builders are bold risk takers. For the level of financial risk they take, the financial returns—in terms of net profit—often don’t measure up. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Providence Homes Announcement | Homes for HOPE

Homes for HOPE would like to thank Bill Cellar, his family, and the amazing team at Providence Homes for their generous gift of $100,000!

Neal Streams Grand Opening for New Grand Park Community in Sarasota, Fla.

According to Neal Communities, the community will offer 890 homes at full buildout, and offer buyers a choice of 18 single-family and attached villa home floor plans ranging from 1,600 to 4,000 square feet in size.

Mark the End of 2020 with a Free Article

For the December issue, we are offering our manufacturer and service provider members the opportunity to submit a free article on any topic of relevance to our readers. Deadline: Friday, December 11th

Mattamy Homes and Beep Partner on Autonomous Shuttle Service at Florida MPC

Mattamy Homes has partnered with Beep, a Florida-based “mobility as a service provider” to offer autonomous shuttle service at and around Mattamy Homes’ Tradition community in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

MVP Awards: The Most Valuable Products of 2020 - Exterior - Royal Building Products

Royal Building Products - Cedar Renditions, is a line of premium aluminum siding that provides curb appeal without the maintenance or flammability issues of wood.

MVP Awards: The Most Valuable Products of 2020 - Exterior - AZEK Exteriors

AZEK Shingle Siding with PaintPro technology matches the texture of cedar shingles while adding the performance and low maintenance benefits of rot-proof engineer polymer building materials.

MVP Awards: The Most Valuable Products of 2020 - HVAC - Broan NuTone

Broan NuTone's SurfaceShield is a technology that offers protection against bacteria, mold, and fungi growth in the bathroom or other humidity-prone environments.

MVP Awards: The Most Valuable Products of 2020 - Misc. - Organized Living

Organized Living's Select brand, is an easy, fast, and strong storage solution providing homebuyers the affordable traditional built-in look they demand and allowing home builders the opportunity to profit.

The PERC Update: Forbes Writer Includes Propane in New Article

Home Builder Industry Articles, Information and Education In a recent Forbes article that would otherwise just feature natural gas vehicles, the author quotes PERC President and CEO Tucker Perkins about the benefits of propane autogas.

Building Resilience (11): PVC Cladding Panels and Metal Profiles Complete the Modern Makeover - Installing AZEK sheets

Installing AZEK sheets with PaintPro technology and how some high-performing black paints can reflect heat.

Need Compact Appliances for a Small Kitchen? Frigidaire

This 24-inch freestanding range offers four elements, 1.9-cubic-foot oven, and adjustable leveling legs. It provides different cooking controls such as bake, broil, preheat, electronic clock, and timer.

It’s Time to Start Thinking Ahead | ECI BuildTools

As 2020 winds down, now is the time to take a long, hard look at your business. Do you have the right processes and solutions in place to make next year your most successful one yet? Here are some resources to help you find the right technology to take your business to the next level.

Give Your Buyers Hot Water Performance & Efficiency

Bradford White has a full lineup of ENERGY STAR® certified residential products (both electric and gas) for outstanding residential efficiency.

Baessler Homes Announcement | Homes for HOPE

Homes for HOPE would like to thank Jamie Baessler, his family, the team at Baessler Homes, and the work of their foundation for their generous gift of $50,000!

How to Become Invaluable to Builder Customers | A Four-Part Series

In today's market you want to stand out and differentiate yourself by being the company that offers the most valuable relationship, not necessarily the least expensive product. In this four-part series, we will reveal several ways you as the manufacturer can become invaluable to your builder customers without sacrificing profitability.

ECI | MarkSystems November Newsletter: Tech & Techniques for Growth

Helping residential home builders grow.

Strong Relationships Make the Difference

Builder Partnerships would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You to our manufacturer and service provider members.We want you to know we value your partnership and participation.

Check out the new Halo Touch by Kwikset. The fingerprint Smart lock

Introducing Halo Touch™, the smart lock as unique as your fingerprint. Simply use your unique fingerprint to lock and unlock your door.

It's that Time of Year! Organized Living

Top Trends Driving the Future of Home Building.

Giving Thanks for Our Builder Members

Builder Partnerships would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to our builder members. This has been an interesting and challenging year, and we want you to know we value your partnership and participation.

Q+A With Thrive Home Builders on Promoting Better Indoor Air Quality

Every year, the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Indoor Environments Division recognizes several industry organizations. For the last five consecutive years, Denver-based Thrive Home Builders has been recognized on the list, and in 2019 the builder won the top prize: Leader of the Year.

Propane Council Webinar Thurs. 11/19 @ 2pm EST : A New Kind of Micro-CHP Featuring Enginuity Power Systems

Home Builder Industry Articles, Information and Education The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) is proud to introduce the newest offering in the Propane Presents Technology Series, a brand-new webinar series that focuses on showcasing propane-powered equipment from the country's leading manufacturers.

Gumenick Properties Boosts Its Productivity with ECI MarkSystems

Builder increased efficiency with no extra staff required.

Astria Fireplaces Designed to Complement Any Room

Offering sophisticated design and industry-leading quality and performance.

Mattamy Homes to Enter Dallas-Fort Worth Market Through New Acquisition

The privately owned builder has reached a definitive agreement with Dallas-based New Synergy Homes.

Fayetteville Home Builder Acquired by Florida-Based Company

H&H Homes, a leading home builder based out of Fayetteville, has been sold to Florida-based Dream Finders Homes.

DuPont™ FlexWrap™ EZ

Plugging unwanted openings in the building envelope is a cinch with DuPont™ FlexWrap™ EZ.

Wayne Dalton Carriage House Steel Garage Doors

Model 9700 offers embossed, high tensile panels that give the look of wood with the strength of steel.

The Root Cause of Cycle Time Creep

Are your cycle times getting longer? Are trades not showing up on your jobsites? Are you experiencing delays with closings and unpredictable cash flow? It’s easy to blame construction schedules and material shortages for these issues. However, the root cause is more widespread.

Driving for Kids: Shindig Rover Once Again Top Fundraising Team Thanks to Our Generous Donors

Last month, Emma and I participated in the fifth annual Driving for Kids charity event as team Shindig Rover. Driving for Kids is part of America’s British Reliability Run (BRR), a fun, but challenging, driving event for British car enthusiasts.

ECI MarkSystems Webinar: Automating a Bad Process Gets You to Zero Faster - Wed Nov 4 @ 12PM ET

Are You Ready for Successful Growth?

The Smart Lock as Unique as Your Fingerprint

Convenience and security at your fingertips.

Legrand Case Study: Building for Today, and Tomorrow, with Drees Homes

A longstanding builder looks to the future with DreeSmart offerings.

Brookfield Residential Expands Smart Home Platforms and Self-Guided Tours

The myTime system enables private model home access, while myCommand supports smart homes on Amazon, Google, and Apple systems.

Verity Homes 5 & 6 Announcement

Earlier this year, Art Goldammer, his stellar team at Verity Homes, and their gifted trade partners completed their 4th Homes for HOPE project!

7 Factors in Choosing A Management System

Demand for new homes continues to beat records. Do you have technology in place to take full advantage of these opportunities?

Emser Tile Debuts New 2020/2021 Catalog

Color, Texture and Design Showcased within New Products

Shinn Consulting Launches Home Builder University

We are pleased to announce the creation of the Shinn Consulting Home Builder University, an online community for builders to access the critical knowledge they need to survive and thrive. 

Formica Launches 16 New Woodgrain Laminate Styles

New neutral tones available in elm, ashwood, cherry, oak, and walnut species, among other options.

Free eBook: Make Every House a Smart Home

Transform every house into an easy-to-use smart home with the Brilliant Smart Home Control and all-in-one mobile app. Installs in minutes in the place of light switch. Affordable solution with instant ROI for every type of builder and budget.

New eBook: Protecting Your Building Envelope | SillDry

Download our latest resource, Protecting Your Building Envelope, for an overview of SillDry, the most effective flashing solution for prevention of water intrusion.

New and Improved Legrand Website Features

In addition to enhanced and better organized content, with the new site we are also introducing many new and improved features, tools, and resources identified through our customer research to help meet your needs.

The PERC Update: How to Respond to Propane Questions

Home Builder Industry Articles, Information and Education VIDEO: PERC CEO Shares Four Ways to Respond to the Propane Environmental Question AND Webinar- Thurs., Oct 15th @2pm EST: Learn About the Latest Innovation in Propane Generators

Schuber Mitchell Completes Their Second Homes for HOPE Project

Celebrating owners Dan Mitchell, Daman Schuber, Joe Harris, and their stellar team built this beautiful home in the Orchard Park Community in Northern Arkansas. Schuber Mitchell Homes exists to honor God, enrich the lives of others, and make home ownership attainable for everyone.

Ready to get inspired by Kichler Lighting

When it comes to creating a space you love, there’s nothing like inspiration to spark your ingenuity. Today we’re sharing a few favorites—curated by style, space, and effect—including beautiful new products that’ll make your vision shine.

Looking to build your roofing business? GAF Roofing

Home Builder Industry Articles, Information and Education Roofers know that whether you’re installing a roof or building a business, high quality tools are essential for getting the job done right. That’s why GAF makes some of our most powerful business-building tools and programs available to all contractors.

Doors That Meet Today's New Home Demands | ThermaTru Doors

The new Composite Door Frame is made with the manufacturer’s Tru-Guard composite technology, a rot-free system designed to work together with rot-resistant Therma-Tru doors and components.

AZEK® PVC Trim with PaintPro® Technology

AZEK® PVC Trim with PaintPro® Technology was engineered to be the lowest maintenance paintable trim in the market with superior paintability, fast dry times and long-lasting paint adhesion.

Best Practices for Energy-Efficient Design | SillDry

Ongoing stay-at-home orders challenge homeowners to become increasingly aware of the inefficiencies in their home's design and construction, and, more specifically, the relationships between comfort, health, energy efficiency, and cost savings.

Rubin Brown's Webinar | Wed, Sept 30 @ 10a-12p CST | PPP Loan Forgiveness

Join RubinBrown experts as they discuss everything you need to know about PPP loan forgiveness. Wed, Sept 30 @10am CST

ECI | Lasso - September Issue: Online Marketing Tips and More

Sales and marketing for today's home builders. The Rise of the Self-Guided Tours: Self-guided home tours have arrived. This game-changing innovation is opening doors––literally and figuratively––for home builders and real estate companies across the country.

Welcome Our Newest Manufacturer Member: Brilliant

Brilliant is the leading smart home control and lighting company, creating technology that unifies home experiences through simple and thoughtful interaction.

Streamlined Builder Enrollment

We have streamlined our builder enrollment process to make it quick and easy for builders to become members of Builder Partnerships. No more paper! No more hassle!

Budget Season Outreach

Financial chart and data with calculator and pen on wooden desk We recently simplified our agreements and pricing to offer our manufacturer and service provider members added value. You can customize your agreement with a wide variety of a la carte services designed to help you grow your market share, and we can manage all of your programs—including any special and direct programs you have with builders.

The Cost-Saving Benefits of Training

A well-trained staff leads to higher quality homes built in less time at a lower cost.

New home sales are hot! Be prepared. ECI | MarkSystems

Helping Residential Home Builders Grow. Though the weather may be cooling off, new home sales and building are not! Be prepared with the latest home building industry insight.

Grand Homes Completes Their 8th Homes 4 Hope Project

It is with sincere gratitude to their trade partners that Grand Homes announces the completion of their 8th Homes for HOPE project in the McKinney, TX area. This beautiful home has generated a record $400,000 donation – the single largest donation in the history of Grand Homes’ long-standing partnership with Homes for HOPE!

Join Us! Propane Education & Research Council - New Webinar Series about Propane Technologies | Thurs. Sept 10 @12pm MST / 2pm EST

The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) is proud to introduce the Propane Presents Technology Series, a brand-new webinar series that will focus on showcasing the latest advancements in propane-powered equipment from the country's leading manufacturers.

Are change orders hurting your bottom line? ECI | BuildTools

If margins are tight, it’s critical to have the tools and resources you need to ensure your projects are profitable. Here are our five favorite resources with insights and best practices on all things budget management, from change orders to accounting and more.

2020 Lighting Guide: Statement Lighting, Color Are Hot for 2020 and Beyond | Progress Lighting

Designed by Jeffrey Alan Marks, the Surfrider Collection Large Pendant feature tiers of metal curves converging in an ever-widening circle. Oversized hooks suspended from a simple orb surround a floating braided metal cable. It’s shown in Maliblue.

Products for a Universally Designed Home | Legrand

Legrand Under Cabinet Lighting system, it is a plug and play for your appliances and tablets while keeping the countertop and backsplash clear. In addition to the cabinet system, the Legrand adorne collection includes motion sensor switches, under cabinet lighting, Wi-Fi control, and more. All Legrand products can be connected via the Legrand Hub.

Homebuyers are Looking to Buy! Do You Know What They Want? | Organized Living

Single-family home sales are soaring — the strongest they’ve been in decades. To get your piece of that record sales pie requires an understanding of what homebuyers want and the trends that will drive the future of homebuilding. Do you know what they want? We do! Contact Organized Living today!

Increase customer retention, improve business costs, and more! | GuildQuality

As you start prioritizing goals for the coming months, year, and beyond, consider placing customer satisfaction at the top of your list. Check out our top five tips to help you improve customer retention, grow your business, and increase your bottom line.

Smart Locks from Kwikset

Many connected home devices integrate seamlessly with Kwikset smart locks. Lights, temperature and window shades can all be automatically adjusted upon entering a home.

Quality Homes Deserve Quality Protection | Legrand

Reduce the risk of break-ins, and increase peace of mind, with Smart Lighting from the radiant® Collection. Safety isn’t just about Intruders. Understand the latest National Electrical Code, and how GFCI solutions provide the protection and peace of mind your customers deserve, with this comparison infographic.

Brizo | Jason Wu Extend Partnership with New Matte White Faucet Line

Brizo aims to bring fashion-forward fittings into homes, they say, which makes the partnership with Wu ideal. This latest release includes a pull-down kitchen and prep faucet, bar faucet, and soap or lotion dispenser in a bright white matte finish.

Sego Homes Completed Their First Home for HOPE

Earlier this year, Sego Homes completed their first Homes for HOPE project! President Wayne Coorbridge, his stellar team, and their generous trade partners built this beautiful home in the South Jordan, UT area.

Davidson Homes Enters Atlanta with 2,340 Lots in 15 Communities

Huntsville, Ala.-based builder Davidson Homes has announced its first moves into the Atlanta market with the purchase of 2,340 new home lots in 15 communities. This marks the third new state expansion for Davidson Homes in the past three years.

BSB Design | Trending Architecture for Today's Market Conditions

Great design is the foundation for great curb appeal. But it’s necessary to complete the design process with careful thought about appropriate, budget-friendly materials and details. This is the icing on the cake, and without it, much of the hard work you did to design a great home could be missed.

ECI Blog: Business Lessons for the New World

There are some fundamental steps business leaders in every industry can take to get a solid grasp on how to move forward into an unprecedented future. In this week's blog post, we offer 10 ideas to help reimagine what your futures might look like in six months, or one year, or three years..

Supply Chain Issues Threaten Profit Margins

A red check mark in a blox, surrounded by the word Survey Builders from across the U.S. and Canada are reporting supply chain issues due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A recent survey of our builder community revealed 96% of respondents are experiencing issues with product availability.

Z.E.N. Home Update by Professional Builder: Products That Support Sustainability, Durability and Resilience - DuPont Tyvek

A pillar of the Ultimate Zero Energy Now (Z.E.N.) Home is Sustainability, including the building products Thrive Home Builders will use to deliver durability, resilience, and waste reduction.

Healthy Homes Need Fresh Air - Broan NuTone

A recent study conducted by Broan-NuTone shows that two-thirds of respondents are growing worried about the air they breathe at home. Even if you wanted to, it would be impossible to ignore the conversation happening around indoor air quality.

Mattamy Homes Appoints New CEO

Mattamy Homes has named Keith Bass as the new CEO of Mattamy Homes U.S., effective Sept. 28. Bass will take over the role from Pete Skelly, who will be retiring in October following a transition period.

Even during pandemic, homebuilder DSLD is setting records as millennials tap low interest rates

Forging Relationships with Builders

It is important that manufacturers establish their own relationships with builders, which generally involves an offer of direct support from the manufacturer, better known as a builder program. Builder programs often are customized to meet the specific needs of the builder.

Manufacturer Survey Results: Challenges and Optimism

In an attempt to gain an understanding of the status of business with our manufacturing partners, we recently conducted a survey. Our survey included members from across the country and the results show they have been experiencing similar ups and downs throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Many supply chains have been interrupted because of shipping issues, supply issues, and reduced operational capacity.

ECI Blog: Software EOL and Why It's Good for Business

Software End of Life and Why It's Actually Good for Business. Best practices, tips, and links to resources for you and your business.

Get an In-Depth Look at Flashing Solutions for the Building Envelope | SillDry

Check out our latest resource, Flashing Solutions for the Building Envelope, for an in-depth look at: the purposes and functions of a building envelope, the issues with common sealing solutions, benefits of choosing SillDry.

Learn here about the forces, the drivers, and the sweep of implications in this private-to-private deal, merging GreenEco Builders into Rausch Coleman.

Fayetteville, AR-based Rausch Coleman--with home building operations in five states in more than 80 actively selling new-home communities--acquired Katy, TX-based 12-year-old family-owned builder GreenEco Builders.

As COVID-19 Continues, High-End Second-Home Sales Are on the Rise | Signature Homes

The Naples-based firm, which builds luxury residences under its Stock Signature Homes brand with an average sales price of around $1.4 million, had weathered a blip in sales and activity at the beginning of 2019, when buyers and builders alike were fretting about the possibility of a recession ahead.

Brohn Homes [An affiliate of Clayton Properties Group] Announces New Homes in Three Central Texas Communities

Over 300 new Austin-area homes starting from the $200,000s and $300,000s available at Pecan Park, Bar W Ranch, and Cross Creek.

2020 Homes for HOPE Award | Faustin Nsengimana’s Story | Rwanda

We at Homes for HOPE are so grateful for the transformative work that God has done in and through Faustin as he faithfully serves his family, church, and community. Please join us in celebrating and praying for Faustin Nsengimana as the 2020 Homes for HOPE Award winner!

Know the Wiring Behind the “Connected Home” - Legrand

From durable enclosures to convenient connection points, Legrand structured wiring solutions guarantee smooth installations, reliable connections and the highest degree of performance. Download our Structured Wiring Guide to learn more.

Capitalize on Current Single Family Demand | BSB Design

Nearly 70% of recent homebuyers cited COVID-19 as the reason they purchased. NEW = HEALTHY, with much more to offer than resales. Integrate and highlight amazing outdoor living.

Davidson Holding Co., [parent company of Huntsville, Ala.-based Davidson Homes] Launches EverGreen Living, a New Single-Family Built-to-Rent Venture

Davidson Holding Co., the parent company of Huntsville, Ala.-based Davidson Homes, is expanding into single-family rentals with the launch of EverGreen Living, a single-family rental community construction and management venture based in the Southeast. The company has appointed Creighton Call, an industry veteran with 13 years of acquisition and development experience, as president of EverGreen Living.

Fischer Homes’ Sales Up 138% in June

Privately held Fischer Homes, the nation’s 30th largest home builder, experienced unprecedented sales growth of 138%, on top of already robust 2020 results. Sales for the year are now up 38% over the prior year—reflecting surging demand across all the markets it operates in, with 1,570 homes sold in the first six months. Fischer Homes is already closing in on its July sales goal, with half of the month still to go.

Uponor Launches 10 New ProPEX EP Pre-Made Reducing Tees

Uponor is adding 10 new reducing tee configurations to its ProPEX engineered polymer reducing tees portfolio, with the aim of eliminating the need for plumbing system designers and installers to fabricate composed tees on-site. This, according to the manufacturer, will allow professionals to reduce the time, money, and labor associated with fabrication, as well as streamline their overall build process.

Learning and adapting along the way! Lita Dirks & Co. Interior Design

Designing to inspire dreams or visions of “how we would live here” in prospective home buyers is what interior designs/model merchandisers do. And now, more than ever, creating designs that inspire home-based entertaining is key.

Taylor Morrison Debuts New Golf Community, Esplanade at Azario Lakewood Ranch

Taylor Morrison, a leading national home builder and developer, is now selling new homes within Esplanade at Azario Lakewood Ranch with eight new model homes open daily for touring. Located within the top-rated 31,000-acre Lakewood Ranch master-planned community, Esplanade at Azario Lakewood Ranch features a collection of Tuscan-inspired homes, an array of planned resort-style amenities, and the community’s recently opened 18-hole championship golf course.

Broan-NuTone bath fan with Bluetooth speaker

The Sensonic Grille from Broan-NuTone allows homeowners to transform a tired incandescent bath fan into an efficient LED light featuring a Bluetooth speaker.

ECI | BuildTools - Live Webinar: Keep More Cash In Your Pocket - Wed Aug 5th, @1pm EST

Do you wait with bated breath to find out how much you’ve made (or lost) on a project when doing the final draw? Join us to find out how a construction management solution can solve your budget woes.

How to Achieve a High Whole-Wall Thermal Performance With Fox Block ICFs

Fox Blocks insulated concrete form (ICF) mass walls improve a building’s whole-wall thermal performance by providing continuous insulation (CI) that prevents thermal bridging and creates airtightness. The whole-wall thermal performance of ICF ensures a comfortable living and working space with energy savings and manageable bills.

Legrand Increases Rebate Incentives for Builder Partnerships Members

Connect customers to convenience, entertainment and more, in any space they call home. Legrand is here to make it easier to build in the connectivity today’s buyers want and expect.

The Resources You Need For Success - Therma-Tru Doors

Therma-Tru has the resources you need to learn how to best measure an opening for a new or replacement door.

Tour SillDry's Manufacturing Facility

While the SillDry product is relatively new, our manufacturing partner's experience is far from it. The Rodon Group has been in the business of plastic injection molding since 1956 and has remained true to their high volume capabilities since then.

Schuber Mitchell Homes Grew by 129% in 2 Years

Schuber Mitchell Homes, #123 on the Builder’s 2020 Next 100 fastest-growing builders list uses LotVue as its central communication hub to stay on top of projects across 15 different developments. Combining MarkSystems and Lasso, their team leveraged technology to grow 129% in 2 years, up from from 147 to 337 units.

Expand Your Reach with a Newsletter Article

Each calendar year, our manufacturer and service provider members receive one free article in our Monthly Briefing newsletter which is distributed to more than 12,000 builders and industry associates.

Before You Call on Builders

Builders actually do want to see a manufacturer sales rep come through the door. They want to meet you, learn more about your company, and potentially do business with you. Here are some tips for manufacturers when calling on prospective builder clients.

New Building Products Ready for the Summer Selling Season - Legrand

Legrand has introduced a new mounting plate and network interface module for its On-Q plastic structured wiring enclosure system. The mounting plate allows a number of third-party devices to be mounted into the enclosure, while the network interface provides strong data throughput through a connection to an existing Wi-Fi router or wired networking throughout the home.

A sales leadership event designed for YOU | ECI Lasso | Livestream July 16-17th

ECI Software Solutions is proud to be a sponsor of Jeff Shore's annual event where sales leaders from across North America come together to learn, gain new strategies and best practices, network, and be challenged in brand new ways. Join ECI for a robust, interactive LIVESTREAM experience on July 16-17!

Now on 2020 Cloud: Amerock Bath Accessories!

Amerock Bath Accessories are now available on 2020 Cloud! You can easily browse, search and add bath accessories to your projects.

Why Indoor Quality Is Important? Introducing Broan-NuTone’s SurfaceShield™ technology

Most homeowners know that indoor air quality is important, but not all recognize what contributes to poor indoor air quality, the potential effects and harm, and how to address these problems. Broan is here to help. For more than 80 years, Broan has led the industry with residential ventilation solutions that improve indoor air quality and provide healthier home environments.

Covering all of the Post-Pandemic Design Changes | BSB Design

These unprecedented times have generated a buzz about how COVID-19 might influence future floor plan design. Read about some “new” plan features will meet changing consumer preferences in regard to remote work, quarantine, multi-generational living and more.

Indoor Air Quality Becomes A Bigger Issue - Broan NuTone Offers Array of Ventilators

Recirculating air through a house coincides with higher health ratings, assuming the outdoor air is relatively clean. Broan NuTone offers an array of energy recovery ventilators, heat recovery ventilators, whole-house air exchangers, range hoods, and exhaust fans.

Royal Building Products Offers New Black Soffits

Royal Building Products has added a new black soffit option to its Exterior Portfolio and Royal vinyl collections, available in a brush, matte, or low-gloss woodgrain finish. According to the manufacturer, the new color option creates “a distinctive accent” when used in porch ceilings, overhangs, or eaves.

Jones Co. of Tennessee Spotlights Dual Master Suites in Braxton at Kelsey Glen

The modern farmhouse model features a brick exterior, recessed outdoor living, and master suites on the first and second floors. The Nashville, Tenn., market—no. 12 on this year’s Local Leaders list with 10,326 new-home closings—features home plans and consumer preferences steeped in regional tradition. The Jones Co. aims to meet this tradition head-on with the Braxton model at Kelsey Glen, located east of Nashville in Mount Juliet.

5 Ways Job-Costing Can Help Increase Gross Profits

The primary purpose of an internal job-costing system is to enable you to track your outcomes for specific jobs, as well as for different types of work. Those scores will yield the information you need to make a huge – and positive – difference in your gross profits and bottom line!

SillDry | Precision Made in America

As we near the holiday weekend, your friends at SillDry want to wish you a happy 4th of July! SillDry is proudly manufactured in America at our manufacturing partner's facilities - The Rodon Group.

ECI Webinar: Managing Your Company Through The Pandemic - July 8 at 9:00 AM PT | 12:00 PM ET

Join ECI for a webinar with Steve Hays and Matt Beerbower of RubinBrown, one of the nation’s leading accounting and professional consulting firms, as they detail the legislation and economic assistance available to the home building industry. Webinar, July 8 at 9:00 AM PT | 12:00 PM ET

Save a Day of Cycle Time | Nisus Bora-Care

Cost-effective and easy to incorporate into your logistics, just a few gallons of BORA-CARE will protect your entire structure from subterranean termites.

Shinn Builder Partnerships Members Make Top Industry Lists

Over half of the companies on Builder's Builder 100/Next 100 lists and Professional Builder's Housing Giants list are members of Builder Partnerships.

Order Emma Shinn's 2019 Financial and Operations Study: Average Profitability Increased 0.9% to 9.6%

With an average profit rate of 9.59%, 2019 was the best performing year for builders since 2006, when all the critical measurements were aligned with targets and production volume. Although 2019 numbers were not at the level of performance of 2006, they show profitability headed in the right direction.

The New Normal: Buying a New Home from Home - Organized Living

Let’s face it — the world has changed. People stay home, social-distance, avoid interaction, and shop virtually. This preference for virtual shopping will affect how homebuyers shop for and buy homes. Get our advice on pivoting to virtual and learn how Organized Living Closet Selector can help the transition.

Neal Communities to Build-For-Rent in Fort Myers

SVN|SFRhub Advisors and SVN|Lotus Commercial Real Estate Advisors are working with Neal Communities, to break ground on a Build-for-Rent (BFR) community in Fort Myers later this year, delivering the last tranche of built homes near the end of 2021. The 63-home detached single-family community, Mangrove Estates, is a short drive to Fort Myers Beach, barrier islands and downtown.

SR Homes Appoints Recker CEO

Local home builder SR Homes is pleased to announce Chris Recker as its new Chief Executive Officer. As CEO, Recker is charged with managing the overall operations and resources of SR Homes.

Cobblestone Homes Completes Their First Homes for HOPE Project!

Earlier this year, Cobblestone Homes completed their first Homes for HOPE project! President Tomas Nyblom, his stellar team, and their generous trade partners built this beautiful home in the Greenville, SC area. Tomas and his team have been constructing custom homes since 1994 and pride themselves on relationship building and customer service. This aligns and helps them relate to the hard-working entrepreneurs HOPE serves in underserved communities around the world.

San Joaquin Valley Homes Marks 2,000 Homes Sold

Visalia, Calif.-based San Joaquin Valley Homes has announced that it has closed on its 2,000th home sold since its founding in 2013. The builder presented its 2,000th buyers, Victor and Nancy Chavez, with a check for $2,000 at their new home in Vista Robles in Dinuba, Calif.

2020 Hearthstone Winner Michael Nieri, Founder of Great Southern Homes - Supports His Community in Any Way Possible

For his dedication to the industry and charitable efforts, Nieri has been awarded a 2020 Hearthstone BUILDER Humanitarian Award. Since 1999, the award recognizes home builders who demonstrate a lifetime commitment to public service. Hearthstone has contributed more than $6 million to the winning builders’ charities, making it the largest philanthropic award program in the home building industry.

Buyers Want the 4th Utility: WiFi-Ready Networking - Legrand's Webinar: June 17th at 11 AM (EST) and 3 PM

Need cost-effective ways to build in better networking for a WiFi-ready home? Join our webinar on June 17th at 11 AM (EST) and 3 PM to learn and win! The need for reliable WiFi is real, and can impact buying decisions as well as customer satisfaction.

Schell Brothers Distribute Food to Local Families During Pandemic

In normal times, the Schell Brothers say their Project Kudos bus drives around spreading positivity. But as the pandemic worsened, the local builders saw an opportunity to use their bus to help distribute food to families experiencing food insecurity. About 250 families showed up to the event, and the company plans to host another one in the future so that more people can get the food they need.

AZEK's New Videos on the installation and painting guidelines for PaintPro Trim!

Take a look at AZEK's two new videos covering the ease of installation and the enhanced paintability of AZEK PVC trim with PaintPro Technology. The benefits go beyond efficient installation because once painted and installed, you can feel confident in your work with long-lasting, low maintenance results backed by a lifetime limited warranty.

More Than Meets the Eye - Amerock hardware

As the first decorative hardware company in the industry, Amerock has a legacy of pioneering new solutions and staying ahead of the curve. From the drawing board to the final measurements, we take pride in making sure every step of our process gets the attention it deserves.

Prioritize Homebuyers’ Safety and Convenience with Legrand

When it comes to electrical safety, you can’t be too careful. That’s why Pass & Seymour introduced the first ever GFCI receptacle more than half a century ago, and the innovation for improving home safety hasn’t stopped since. Our current GFCI receptacles remain stand-outs in the market, designed to exceed UL requirements and ensure continuous protection from electric shock.

Free e-Learnings from NKBA & Amerock (June 16th, 25th & 30th)

Hone your skills, develop personally and increase professional opportunities with continuing education. Earn 0.1 CEU for each of these webinars sponsored by Amerock and certified by the NKBA. Registration closes 2 hours before each event begins. Tuesday, June 16 • 12pm ET AND Thursday, June 25 • 12pm ET AND Tuesday, June 30 • 12pm ET

SillDry's revolutionary Smart Accordion Technology™

SillDry is a fast and easy, patented one-piece expandable, waterproof sill pan flashing product. It has revolutionary Smart Accordion Technology™ allowing for easy installation in virtually any rough opening.

Easier Rebate Submissions with MarkSystems and KOVA Integrations

Builder Partnerships is pleased to announce integrations with ECI MarkSystems® and MiTek® KOVA. These integrations will make it easier for Builder Partnerships members to submit for and collect rebates.

EXPAND YOUR REACH Sponsor or Present a Webinar

We have the right opportunity for you to get in front of our membership! Our popular Webinar Wednesday program offers our manufacturer and service provider members valuable exposure to an engaged community of successful builders. Webinar Sponsorship or Presenting a Webinar, Hosted by Builder Partnerships. Whichever suits you best, we are here to help!

Sponsor Builders NEW & EASY Paperless Sign-up!

Builder Partnerships improves how manufacturers can sponsor builders: No paper! Quick! Easy! As a manufacturer or service provider, you have the ability to sponsor builders into the Builder Partnerships program at no cost to you and no cost to the builder just by sending them a link.

Is Your Manufacturer Profile Up-to-Date?

We encourage our manufacturer and service provider members to keep their profile information current by updating it on a regular basis. Great selling features for potential customers are images and links to products on your webpage.

2020 Builder Brand Use Study Results - Tyvek by DuPont for Housewrap

For more than 25 years, the annual BUILDER Brand Use Study—conducted by The Farnsworth Group on behalf of BUILDER—has measured the current product choices and attitudes of U.S. builders, contractors, and developers. Many of these brands remain strong in their categories from one year to the next. A sampling of the survey’s leading choices for most-used building product brands: Tyvek by DuPont for housewrap.

New Videos- Learn Installation Best Practices with AZEK PVC Trim!

Fastening AZEK Trim- Cortex Collated Plugs. The only concealed fastening system that quickly and easily fastens AZEK PVC trim now comes in NEW collated strips. Minimize handling and save valuable time on the jobsite.

Southern Development Homes First Homes for HOPE

Southern Development Homes has completed their first Homes for HOPE project! President Frank Ballif, his stellar team, and their generous trade partners built this beautiful home in Charlottesville, VA.

Focus on the Future with Community Design - BSB Design

BSB Design remains focused on the future. Now more than ever, your home is your safe place. This inspires us to continue designing homes and communities, knowing we will persevere together.

Drees Homes Offering 'Build on Your Lot' Option

Drees Homes, Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, announced it will now offer Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky home buyers the opportunity to build on their own lot in a custom community or via an infill opportunity in historical neighborhoods.

Make Your Rebate Programs Work for You

Road heading toward a dollar sign As you plan for the second half of 2020, it's important to review your builder rebate programs to ensure they are structured to help your business as well as your builder relationships. Rebate programs have a positive return as they not only help to grow your business, they allow for tracking of critical information about who is using your products to identify future opportunities.

Williams Homes Moves Into the Top-10 Among L.A. Developers

Williams Homes, Inc. just cracked the top-10 in its market as the seventh largest Los Angeles developer for residential homes according to the Los Angeles Business Journal’s 2019 “The List” standings by number of units sold in the county.

CBH Homes Disrupts Traditional Home Buying with New Virtual Capabilities

Shortly before the COVID-19 crisis hit, Idaho-based builder CBH Homes launched its Tour Now and Buy Online features, which allow potential home buyers to tour a home on their own time with a specialized lock and code and then buy it from the comfort of wherever, whenever. Initially, the new tool additions were implemented to give consumers more control, but they have also helped the company adapt and move faster during this global pandemic.

Breland Homes - Alabama Builder and Developer Supports Local Healthcare Workers

Louis Breland and Breland Homes have teamed with local restaurants to feed local nurses, law enforcement as well as front line city and utility workers during the COVID-19 shutdowns.

Deluxe Joins Builder Partnerships

Germ Free Model Homes & Design Centers Brought to You by Deluxe. Keep your business healthy with safety essentials. These initiatives not only keep employees and customers safe, they can also help companies boost sales when they use marketing and other communication.

Genie + Brilliant

Another innovation for our Aladdin Connect®️! Now your garage is not only smart, it is brilliant! Genie is excited to announce that we have partnered with Brilliant Smart Home.

Homebuilder acquisition news: ECI Software Solutions Acquires BuildTools

ECI Software Solutions, a leader in cloud-based business management solutions, announced that it has acquired BuildTools, a web-based construction management platform for custom builders and remodelers.

Brookfield Residential Opens New Model in Maryland

Brookfield Residential recently unveiled a new single-family home model at Ridgeview, a new community of just 19 homes in Damascus, Maryland. The community features four available home designs with options ranging from 4 to 6 bedrooms, 2.5 to 5.5 bathrooms and up to 4,500 square feet. Homes start in the upper $500,000s.

Lennox - Live Presentation, May 28th @ 10am CST, On Indoor Air Quality- Builder Community Centric

Join Lennox for a Live Presentation, Thursday, May 28th @ 10am CST, hosted by the Healthy Climate Indoor Air Quality Team, where you will learn more about how to address your home buyers’ questions with indoor air quality products.

These Wall Plates were Made to Show Off - Legrand

Designer switches and outlets. Sleek lines. Elegant Colors. There is nothing ordinary about this.

Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

We partner with more than 50 manufacturers to secure highly competitive incentives to help each of our builder members improve their bottom line. We utilize our volume to negotiate competitive rebates (and model home and design center allowances) often reserved for large public builders.

Podcast: Virtual Community Launch by De Young Properties Sells 68% Within 24 Hours

Listen to De Young Properties podcast.

Fresh Social Media Assets and Product Webinars - AZEK & TimberTech

This month, Timber Tech and AZEK Exteriors is providing you fresh content to keep you connected. Free social media assets and product webinars.

Not sure what's included in a complete door system? Education Center - ThermaTru Doors

Therma-Tru door systems are engineered with craftsman precision to help provide weather resistance and energy efficiency.

Crisis Provides Case Study of the Benefits of Builder Groups

In a time filled with uncertainty and new challenges, having the support of a trusted peer group is an invaluable safety net.

Did you know Halo Smart Lock (Kwikset Door Hardware) works with Voice Assistants?

Did you know Halo Smart Lock works with Voice Assistants? You can lock and check the status of Halo using voice commands with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

How SillDry Can Help You Get Back to Work

SillDry is now offering a Buy 2 get 1 Free program for all new orders placed during the month of May (no matter when in 2020 you want them delivered). We are also offering free shipping on all orders of 20 units or more*.

2020 Product Guide: Exteriors - GAF Roofing

GAF’s newest series of Timberline shingles, Timberline HDZ, incorporates the manufacturer’s LayerLock technology to mechanically fuse the shingles’ common bonds.

2020 Product Guide: Kitchens and Baths - Gerber Plumbing Fixtures

The Kinzie Kitchen collection’s pre-rinse faucet, pull-down faucet, pull-down prep faucet, and pot filler present an industrial aesthetic with modern appeal.

2020 Product Guide: Kitchens and Baths - InSinkErator

The Showroom Collection’s new hot water dispensers pair with any InSinkErator instant hot water tank to provide immediate, boiling filtered hot water for a variety of kitchen and home uses.

2020 Product Guide: Interiors - Progress Lighting

In Progress Lighting’s Design Series, the new Bonita Collection gives a slight nod to antique candle fixtures with its simplistic, modern design. Offered in a six-light chandelier, a four-light foyer, and one- and two-light wall sconces.

2020 Product Guide: Systems - RunTru by Trane HVAC

Trane recently unveiled its RunTru HVAC unit, which is designed to deliver the same heating and cooling performance at a lower price. The system includes a full line of ducted split and packaged units, including up to 14 SEER air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces, coils, and air handlers.

2020 Product Guide: Systems - Genie Garage Door Opener

The Genie Wall Mount Pro Series eliminates the rail that has been central to garage openers of the past. The system mounts on the exterior wall and works by turning the door’s spring bar or tube.

2020 Product Guide: Structural - Icynene Spray Foam

Icynene’s OC No-Mix spray-foam insulation provides a continuous high-performance air barrier inside a home or commercial space, which reduces heat transfer, manages moisture, and creates energy savings for buyers.

Trane, American Standard, Ameristar, RunTru: Updated Programs & New Incentives for Builder Partnerships Program

Builder Partnerships is pleased to announce program updates and new incentives for Trane Technologies Inc. brands available to our builder members.

St. Louis' Hibbs Homes Enters Salt Lake City Market

A TV news anchor turned custom home builder and his wife expand the family company. St. Louis-based custom home builder Hibbs Homes is expanding into the Salt Lake City market.

Washington Home Builder, New Tradition Homes - Moves Buying Process Online

It's the busiest time of year for New Tradition Homes. Still. KATU2 reports on a Vancouver home builder that is going strong during the coronavirus shutdown by selling new home entirely virtually.

Hakes Brothers Enters San Antonio Market

New Mexico's Hakes Brothers has announced the company’s expansion into the San Antonio market with two new communities, Hunter’s Place and Hannah Heights.The geographic expansion provides an opportunity for the company to serve the growing number of home buyers who are attracted to the area’s unique combination of countryside living amid a thriving city culture.

Wayne Dalton & Genie Adding Conversion Incentive Rebate for Builder Partnerships Program

Wayne Dalton and Genie will offer a conversion incentive on ALL Wayne Dalton garage door models and Genie brand openers per home, for the first 12 months of usage by a builder, along with the qualifying incentive Builder Partnerships currently offers.

New Component, Mounting Accessory for On-Q Home Network Enclosures by Legrand

Legrand has introduced a new mounting plate accessory and network interface module for its On-Q plastic structured wiring enclosure system. The mounting plate allows a number of third-party devices to be mounted into the enclosure, while the network interface provides strong data throughput through a connection to an existing Wi-Fi router or wired networking throughout the home.

Highlights from the Builder Partnerships 2020 Executive Summit

This year’s Executive Summit was like none other in history. Even with the impending uncertainty of the COVID-19 crisis, the attendees recognized the extraordinary importance of the topic and made the trip to South Florida for three days of discussion on “Superior Performance and Profitability: It’s All in Your Team’s Execution”.

2020 Builder Partnerships Achievement Award Winners

The Builder Partnerships Award Program recognizes builders for their dedication to excellence and continuous improvement. Award winners exemplify the best practices that have helped our builder clients lead their markets and achieve peak profitability. This article announces this year's award winners. ​​​​​​​

Lighting: More Than Just a Choice, It's an Effect

Different lighting can transform a den into a cozy reading nook. Or turn a kitchen to an energizing gathering space. Until you see it for yourself, it’s hard to understand just how powerful lighting can be. Get to know the ambience your customers wish to create. It can help to guide lighting choices, and even upgrades.

The perfect solution for projects that require painting trim - AZEK Exteriors PVC Trim

Home Builder Industry Articles, Information and Education AZEK® PVC Trim with PaintPro® Technology was engineered to be the lowest maintenance paintable trim in the market with superior paintability, fast dry times and long-lasting paint adhesion.

Grenadier Homes Opens Riverset Community in Garland, Texas

Grenadier Homes has announced the grand opening of its Riverset master-planned community in Garland, Texas, located northeast of Dallas. The North Texas community will offer single-story homes priced from the upper $200,000s.

Davidson Homes Names Tom Thomas President of Nashville Division

Davidson Homes, based in Huntsville, Alabama, has named Tom Thomas as Nashville division president. Thomas will be responsible for the company's operations in Nashville and surrounding areas. Longtime home building veteran will lead the builder's expansion in middle Tennessee.

California Builder Sells Homes Virtually - De Young Properties

De Young Properties launched the final phase of its newest community last month. In a 24-hour period on March 25, 68% of the De Young RidgeView Community’s 16 homes were purchased using entirely virtual methods.

Update from Organized Living

Our update here at Organized Living is short and simple, we’re still open for business and supporting the storage and organization category. Our corporate offices remain remote.

Builder Partnerships Announces Integration with MiTek® KOVA

A new integration between Builder Partnerships and MiTek KOVA. The integration will make it easier for Builder Partnerships members to submit for and collect rebates.

Bradford White increases rebate incentives for Builder Partnerships Members

Delivering More Than Just Hot Water! Bradford White leads the industry as one of the most technologically advanced manufacturers of water heating, space heating, combination heating, and water storage products in the world.

Royal Building Products Adds 5-Inch Smooth Clapboard Profile in Select Lines

Royal Building Products has added a new, 5-inch smooth clapboard offering to its Celect Cellular Composite Siding and Celect Canvas Unpainted Siding lines.The new clapboard profile features an interlocking seam design, which protects against moisture intrusion and almost completely masks the seam. The boards are available either unpainted or in 15 fade-resistant colors in a smooth brushed finish.


Thoughtful niches & flexible rooms meet renter needs. Flex with Tech to make the most of small spaces.

Icynene-Lapolla Offers Low-Pressure Spray Foam For Smaller Jobs, Touch-Ups

Icynene-Lapolla has launched a new low-pressure, low density, two-component spray polyurethane foam designed for use in smaller projects or for touch-ups on larger jobs. The OC-450 and OC-1350 are suitable for filling and sealing voids or surfaces.

M.D.C. Holdings Annual Shareholders Meeting Goes Virtual

M.D.C. Holdings (MYSE:MDC), Denver, parent of Richmond American Homes, on Wednesday said its annual meeting of shareholders would be staged as a virtual event. Event is scheduled for April 20 at 10 a.m. mountain time.

Record Number of Submissions for First Quarter 2020

The first quarter of 2020 represented our highest submissions on record, with an increase of approximately 10% over last year. We're working hard to ensure our builder members take advantage of the incentives offered in our program, which, in turn, increases business for our manufacturer members.

Surviving the Continually Changing Territory of the Coronavirus Crisis: What We're Facing as an Industry

On March 11, the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus a pandemic. It created a crisis, requiring home builders to immediately move from expansion mode to survival mode. Respected economist and Builder Partnerships founder Charles C. Shinn Jr., PhD, discusses how the crisis will affect the housing industry.

Surviving the Continually Changing Territory of the Coronavirus Crisis: Actions You Need to Take for Your Business to Survive

For your business to weather this crisis, you must switch your focus from expansion mode to survival mode. Respected economist and Builder Partnerships founder Charles C. Shinn Jr., PhD, shares 20 steps you need to take.

Organized Living increases rebate incentives for Builder Partnerships program

Organized Living's sole focus is storage and organization, and we concentrate on providing builders with storage products that excite homebuyers. With Builder Partnerships, you have access to best rebate incentives available for their products.

Customer Service and the Coronavirus: Sample Letters

Communication with your buyers during this crisis is critical. In keeping with our commitment to support our builder community, Builder Partnerships service provider Carol Smith with Home Address has offered our members two sample letters for your buyers to explain process changes implemented in light of of the COVID-19 virus. The letters also address possible complications, such as construction delays due to supply chain interruptions, that could affect the schedule for completing their homes. Feel free to use these sample letters as templates and revise the content to suit your needs.

Improve Trade Relations and Become the Builder of Choice

If you missed Ed Hauck's recent webinar, you can watch the replay. Hear what Ed has to say about the potential impact current events will have on home builders and his advice for surviving these uncertain times.

Solve the Problem of Inadequate Flashing Solutions

Windows and doors are a fundamental component of building construction. They are critical to the enjoyment of any building by its occupants, and risk allowing moisture, pests, and other unwanted elements into the building if not properly sealed. Flashing provides a solution to this problem with a thin waterproof barrier to cover gaps and spaces in windows and doorways. However, traditional flashing has a number of shortfalls. The solution? SillDry Smart Accordion Technology®

AZEK Offers Free BIM Content, 2D CAD, Product Samples, and More!

AZEK Building Products has partnered with BIMsmith® to provide architects, builders, and designers the tools needed during the research and digital design process.

SR Homes Opens New Phase at Georgia Community

Home Builder Industry Articles, Information and Education SR Homes is opening a new phase of new homes at Montebello in Cumming, Georgia. Priced from the mid-$400,000s, the new phase will feature opportunities in The Grove, the low-maintenance section of the community offering easy-living ranch and main-level owner’s suite designs.

Products for your next multifamily project - Organized Living

Organized Living, a leading manufacturer of quality home storage and organization systems, has introduced Select, a new traditional built-in storage system. Select allows multifamily professionals the opportunity to profit while providing residents the affordable built-in look they demand.

Homes for HOPE Remodelers

Historically, Homes for HOPE has focused on new construction projects to generate capital for micro-loans so people living in under-served communities around the world can start or expand businesses and work to break the cycle of generational poverty. We love our builders and their trade partners and hope to continue deepening and expanding these existing relationships.

A Message from Legrand: COVID-19 Update

Update from Legrand.

Message Regarding COVID-19 from Wayne Dalton

Update from Wayne Dalton.

Top Awards Recipients - The Olson Company

The Olson Company, a Southern California based builder, once again earned The Eliant award for the single-division builder segment. The Olson Company received a grand total of thirteen Homebuyers’ Choice Awards.

SillDry COVID-19 Update: Status of Operations

Update from SillDry.

Letter from Lennox GM: COVID-19 update

Update from Lennox

COVID-19 Announcement from BSB Design

Update from BSB Design.

COVID-19 Update from Lita Dirks & Co.

Update from Lita Dirks & Co.

Statement about the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) from Royal Building Products

Update from Royal Building Products

We want to protect the business you have built - from Reality Concepts

Update from Reality Concepts.

Participate in Emma Shinn's 27th Annual Financial & Operations Study

Now in its 27th year, Emma Shinn's in-depth study benchmarks each company's financial and operational performance against other participants and provides information on compensation packages for 39 positions.

Schuber Mitchell Breaks Ground on Homes for HOPE house #2

Homes for HOPE was honored to attend a groundbreaking ceremony in Bentonville, AR last week as long-time partner Schuber Mitchell Homes launched the start of their second H4H project. All 3 company owners attended the event, including a town councilwoman, who spoke about how excited she is that Schuber Mitchell is building in the region, and how their involvement with Homes for HOPE project speaks to the character and quality of the company.

New Emser Tile Products Based on Industry Trends

Emser Tile unveiled its newest collections of porcelain, stone, ceramic and mosaic products for 2020, created in response to industry and consumer trends toward bold patterns and natural surfaces, including wood- and stone-look porcelain tiles.

Neal Communities Opens S.W. Florida Community

Neal Communities, the Lakewood Ranch, Florida-based private home builder, is hosting the grand opening of Cielo, its newest community in North Venice. Neal Communities will celebrate the Cielo grand opening on March 14 at 220 Corsano Drive in Nokomis. Cielo is located on Jacaranda Boulevard just off of Laurel Road and is adjacent to Neal Signature Homes’ Aria community.

Richmond American Promotes a Pair of Executives

M.D.C. Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: MDC), parent company to the Richmond American Homes companies, recently announced changes to its leadership team at the regional home building operations level.

The AZEK Company Files for Proposed IPO

CPG Newco LLC, doing business as The AZEK Company, has applied to list shares of its Class A common stock on the New York Stock Exchange under the AZEK ticker symbol. AZEK has filed a registration statement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission related to a proposed initial public offering.

DUPONT Thanks for another IBS success

DuPont Performance Building Solutions demonstrated integrated high-performance wall systems for the highest level of performance for energy savings, air tightness and water resistance with Tyvek®, Styrofoam™ and Great Stuff Pro™.

Builder Survey on Technology and Production

We reached out to our network of builders and received some very viable information on the building industry for 2020. We were able to capture information from 260 of our builder members. The survey focuses on what kind of systems they use, what they see as their biggest challenges, their business outlook, and how efficiently and profitably they are building homes. An extra thank you to ECI Solutions for collaborating on the Industry Survey with Builder Partnerships.

Product Highlights from the BUILDER Chōwa Concept Home | Icynene-Lapolla

Explore the innovative products and processes of the 2020 BUILDER show home. In a balancing act of their own, the appliances, finishes, fixtures, and materials in the BUILDER Chōwa Concept Home work together to bring the vision of its architects, partners, and sponsors to life. The Icynene Classic Ultra Select open cell polyurethane spray foam provides high performance thermal insulation, very low air permeation, and low core density.

Product Highlights from the BUILDER Chōwa Concept Home | Kwikset

Explore the innovative products and processes of the 2020 BUILDER show home. In a balancing act of their own, the appliances, finishes, fixtures, and materials in the BUILDER Chōwa Concept Home work together to bring the vision of its architects, partners, and sponsors to life. KwiksetThe Halo Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Lock, available in touchscreen or keypad models, uses the home’s Wi-Fi to enable remote access, monitoring, and control.

Product Highlights from the BUILDER Chōwa Concept Home | Organized Living

Explore the innovative products and processes of the 2020 BUILDER show home. In a balancing act of their own, the appliances, finishes, fixtures, and materials in the BUILDER Chōwa Concept Home work together to bring the vision of its architects, partners, and sponsors to life. Organized Living 'The Classica' built-in storage system offers customers a choice of shelving, drawers, cabinets, and accessories in a variety of styles, custom-fitted on-site to match the dimensions of the home.

Century Communities Opens Erie, Colorado MP

Century Communities, Inc. announced Monday that Morgan Hill—its newest community in Erie, Colorado—is now open for sales.With homes starting from the high $300,000s, Morgan Hill provides a sought-after location and a modern collection of single-family floor plans.

A Proven Cure for Oversized HVAC Syndrome - American Standard HVAC

American Standard, DPIS, and local custom home builder Doug Pietsch of Pietsch Builders are piloting a solution that holds enormous promise for the homebuilding industry. A notable example was on full display – quite literally – in the legendary Twin Cities Parade of Homes. The 71-year-old extravaganza showcases the handiwork of more than 1,100 builders, remodelers, developers and building suppliers to about 250,000 visitors each year.

Townhomes Coming to Housing-Starved Arlington, Va. | Madison Homes

The Resmark Companies, a Los Angeles-based private equity real estate investment firm, is partnering with Tysons-based Madison Homes to develop Trenton Square, an upscale enclave of 19 single-family townhomes at 19 North Trenton Street in Arlington, Va.The project is fully entitled with construction on the first homes expected to start in spring of 2020.

Leading Home Builder Opens Ridgefield, Washington Community | Pacific Lifestyle Homes

Pacific Lifestyle Homes is opening a new community in Ridgefield, Washington, Heron Woods. Most of the 47 homes in the new community back up to a wildlife corridor and have spacious backyards. The new neighborhood is located minutes from Interstate 5 and the modern additions to the Ridgefield community. Home pricing for the new community starts at $361,000.

Fypon Kicks Off 2020 With a New Website and Products

Fypon has launched a new website and new products for 2020.

The Demise of the Punchlist

What is a punchlist? Many might say it's a quality checklist. They would be wrong. A punchlist does n ot equal quality. In fact, it's the opposite of quality because it's a list of everything that wasn't done right the first time.

Highlights from the 2020 International Builders' Show

The 2020 International Builders' Show is behind us. Here are some highlights from this year's networking reception and our booth.

GuildQuality: Your Partner in Customer Satisfaction

GuildQuality is the nation's leader in customer satisfaction surveying for the building industry. With nearly 2,000 members and having surveyed more than 1 million home owners, GuildQuality is the trusted partner of home builders, remodelers, and home improvement contractors who value authentic customer feedback.

Welcome to Our New Members!

Builder Partnerships welcomes its newest builder members into the program! Not yet a member? Join Builder Partnerships today to benefit from our many programs designed to improve your profits, knowledge and networking. Contact us today to learn more at: info@builderpartnerships.com

New Products for Spring Deck and Railing Projects - AZEK Building Products

New products for 2020 include additions to the TimberTech AZEK, PRO, and EDGE decking lines. TimberTech AZEK’s Multi-Width Decking offerings will add two new 7.25-inch wide boards in the Harvest Collection, brownstone and slate gray. TimberTech PRO’s Reserve Collection will offer four new colors—two grays and two browns—in a matte finish.

Neal Communities Breaks Ground on 900-Home Development

Neal Communities has broken ground at Windward in Lakewood Ranch, Florida and is expected to open in summer 2020. The 450-acre gated community will also have a 7.8-acre amenity center with a 9,600-square-foot clubhouse, including gathering spaces, a fitness center, pools, dog parks, a playground, a sports field and multiple athletic courts including pickleball, tennis and volleyball courts.

Emerson Offers Smart Floor Warming System Thermostat

The Warm Tiles ColorTouch thermostats are compatible with Warm Tiles flooring systems. Emerson has introduced a new line of smart thermostats designed for use with floor warming systems: the standard Warm Tiles ES ColorTouch and the wireless, WiFi enabled Warm Tiles ESW ColorTouch.

Northern California MP Stages Grand Opening This Weekend - Brookfield Residential

Brookfield Residential, Richmond American Homes, D.R. Horton, and KB Home will be highlighted by the grand opening of the Delaney Park's lake and the 12 model homes in five residential collections now selling.

Do Zero-Energy Homes Have to Be All-Electric? Brought to you by Propane Education & Research Council

California will give the zero net energy (ZNE) home market a huge kick-start in 2020, when a new state home energy code takes effect. The code’s performance path, used for compliance on most projects, will get 50 percent tougher, moving closer to requiring homes to be ZNE — in other words, to produce as much energy as they consume.

M.D.C. Holdings Reports 31% Increase in Q4 Deliveries

M.D.C. Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: MDC), parent of Richmond American Homes, on Monday reported selected preliminary results for the 2019 fourth quarter. New home deliveries increased 31% to 2,389 from 1,827.

2019 Gold Nugget Award Winners Announced - Best Innovative Energy Design: De Young Properties

From more than 600 entries, the judges selected grand and merit winners in categories including single-family, multifamily, and custom residential.Every year at the conclusion of PCBC (formerly the Pacific Coast Builders Conference), the Gold Nugget Awards ceremony and gala celebrates some of the industry’s top innovators in design, planning, and development.

Sekisui House Unveils Concept Home Outside Las Vegas | Wholly-owned subsidiary U.S. builder Woodside Homes

Japan's largest home building company, Sekisui House, its wholly-owned subsidiary U.S. builder Woodside Homes, and construction industry analyst firm Hanley Wood today unveiled the BUILDER Chōwa Concept Home outside Las Vegas to coincide with the start of CES 2020.The project showcases Sekisui House's proprietary design and construction systems and techniques that are unlike any the U.S. home building industry has ever used.

Builder Partnerships Names Goodman® Manufacturing Partner of the Year 2019

Goodman Manufacturing, an industry leading manufacturer of residential air conditioning and heating, has received the 5th Annual Builder Partnerships Partner of the Year award. The award was presented during Builder Partnerships' 15th Annual Networking Reception at the International Builders' Show.

Bad Weather During Construction? Time for Bora-Care with Mold-Care by Nisus

During new construction, moisture can accumulate before the construction is dried-in. Have your pest company apply Bora-Care with Mold-Care to help protect newly-constructed buildings from mold growth, wood rot and wood-destroying insects.

Homes for HOPE | New Building Partner - Clearview Homes

Homes for HOPE is excited to announce that Clearview Homes in Harrisburg, PA recently announced their intentions to build their very first Home for HOPE. They will break ground on their project in early December of this year. Having been in business since 2005, Clearview Homes is a family-owned company that has built a reputation for building quality, fully-custom homes for their clients.

Clayton Homes Earns 2019 Builder of the Year Award

Clayton Homes has made a name for itself in a business at best, discounted, and more often dismissed, dissed, and derided for much of its six-decade history, as a builder and purveyor of double-wides and HUD code mobile homes on wheels and platforms. For much of Clayton’s six-decade history, its executive management has been intent on elevating both the manufactured housing business and its customers, raising safety, quality, durability, and energy performance of the homes, and the financial stature of people who buy them.

Builder Partnerships Announces Integration with ECI's MarkSystems ERP Software

A new integration between Builder Partnerships and ECI’s MarkSystems® ERP Software. The integration will make it easier for Builder Partnerships members to submit for and collect rebates.

2019 Product Guide: Exteriors - DuPont

The DuPont Tyvek DrainVent Rainscreen is designed to create a 6 mm/0.25-inch space behind a home’s exterior cladding for water drainage and air movement. This not only allows for drying behind cladding, but protects against moisture damage to exterior walls, including rotting, cracking, and peeling.

2019 Product Guide: Exteriors - Royal Building Products

Royal Building Products has added a 7-inch smooth clapboard to its Celect line of cellular composite siding. Celect aims to replicate the look of wood and provide a low-maintenance, durable siding option for homeowners. All of the line’s profiles are now available in 15 fade-resistant colors and feature a patented interlocking seam design, which keeps moisture out and eliminates seams.

2019 Product Guide: Structural | Icynene-Lapolla

The new OC No-Mix open-cell spray foam insulation from Icynene eliminates the need to mix the solution, allowing for easier installation and a more consistent product. The benefits of spray foam include complete sealing of wall cavities, attics, and crawlspaces.

The latest edition of BSB Design's inspire is here!

BSB Design has developed the 9th edition of inspire, it became evident that the cross section of design has expanded in so many different directions from our original inspiration for this publication founded 13 years ago.

Patrice Quishenberry Joins New Division at Williams Homes in L.A.

Quishenberry will develop and manage client relationships to help grow the company’s business in the region. Quishenberry brings more than 25 years of experience in new home real estate and development including sales, marketing, general management, and business development.

Century Communities Bringing New Homes to Fremont, California MP

Century Communities, Inc. announced a new collection of townhome-style condos and flats coming soon to Enclave at Mission Falls—a master-planned 55+ community in Fremont, California. Two other collections from Century Communities are already selling at Mission Falls: a set of single-family homes and an additional set of townhome-style condos.

Incentives for Project Managers in Construction | RubinBrown

The ViewPoints Construction Services Blog is published by RubinBrown's Construction Services Group as a value-added approach keeping clients and contacts informed about current, relevant topics affecting the construction industry. Positive cash flow and operating efficiencies are directly related to the skills and motivation of project managers.

Olson Company Opens Townhome Community in Orange County

The Olson Company is open for sales at Oak Walk, a group of 50 contemporary, new townhomes located in Los Alamitos, California. As with all Olson homes built in Southern California, Oak Walk will place its residents in the heart of the community. Restaurants, retail, and recreation opportunities are all nearby in a walkable distance, with easy access to the 405, 605, and 22 freeways, making the homes ideal for commuters.

GAF Introduces Wind-Resistant Timberline HDZ Shingles

GAF has introduced a new series of Timberline shingles, Timberline HDZ, which incorporates the manufacturer’s LayerLock technology to mechanically fuse the shingles’ common bonds. The shingles create a dual-phase shingle-to-shingle seal when used with GAF’s DuraGrip sealant, as well as an asphalt-to-asphalt monolithic bond.

RunTru by Trane Offers Simple, Affordable HVAC Solutions

Trane’s new ducted brand includes air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces, coils, and handlers. Trane is introducing a new line of ducted heating and cooling products, RunTru by Trane, designed to provide dependable performance at an affordable price point. As of launch RunTru by Trane includes a full line of split and packaged units, including air conditioners up to 14 SEER, heat pumps, furnaces, coils, and air handlers.


Nisus Corporation, a leading manufacturer of sustainable wood preservatives and pest management products, today unveils its new brand identity including a new logo, tagline and website. The new materials are intended to more clearly represent the company’s commitment to innovation and new product development while honoring Nisus’ 30+ years in business.

2020 IBS Highlights

Check out these four ways to connect with Shinn Builder Partnerships and Shinn Consulting at the 2020 International Builders' Show in Las Vegas.

Introducing RunTru by Trane

For decades, Trane has been the go-to source for high-end, reliable engineering. While we pride ourselves on this fact, we also know that not everyone needs or wants all the bells and whistles. That’s where RunTru by Trane comes in.

Cheers to the Trendy 20s!

The design trends for the new decade are in many ways reminiscent of the Art Deco movement of the 1920s.

Announcing the launch of Builder Partnerships new and improved website!

We are excited to announce that our new and improved website is live! You may have noticed that our website has changed significantly since the last time you checked in. We have been working hard to bring you a better online experience. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Alabama’s Truland Homes Is Ready For Battle

During the housing recession, Nathan Cox enticed builders to buy land by offering them construction loans for spec houses. But with so many builders struggling at the time, Cox and a partner—former custom builder Jeff Lane—in May 2011 launched Truland Homes Inc., primarily as a safety valve to monetize Cox’s land holdings. But Truland Homes LLC (as it’s now called) produced its own momentum, partly because it faced little builder competition aside from D.R. Horton (which remains one of Cox’s best land customers). Truland started 46 homes and closed 14 in its first year. Those totals jumped to 100 and 63, respectively, in 2012.

Homes for HOPE: Peter’s Story – Overcoming Disability

To support their three children, Peter and his wife, who also lost her sight to measles as a child, decided to start a business building rental properties. Every bank turned him away, prejudiced against his disability. But after he learned of Urwego Bank, HOPE’s microfinance institution in Rwanda, Peter received a loan and started his business in 2013. In the five years since his business launched, it has grown to include 25 rental properties.

ECI Announces 2019 Everyday Hero Award Winners

Now in its fifth year, the Everyday Hero Award program was created to honor ECI customers—both individuals and companies—who consistently go above and beyond to make a difference in their communities. Nominations are submitted by ECI employees, customers and partners and evaluated by an independent panel of judges. This year, ECI received more than 70 nominations.

Builders Begin Pre-Sales at Austin-Area MP | Sitterle Homes, Buffington Homes & Scott Felder Homes

Home builders have begun pre-sales at Hunt Companies is rapidly developing The Colony, a 2,300-acre master-planned project in Bastrop, Texas developed by Hunt Companies, even though the model homes have yet to be completed, Hunt reports. 12 new homes underway and model homes scheduled to open in late 2019 and early 2020.

Economic Update

We are now entering the eleventh year of our economic and housing recovery, which is the longest in U.S. modern history; an economic cycle normally lasts seven years. On the surface, the economy looks strong with above-expected job growth, low unemployment, wage increases, strong consumer spending, and the stock market hitting new records almost daily.

QUOTE Kitchen & Bath - BP's Newest Service Provider

Quote Kitchen & Bath offers 3D visualization software system which is made to give your potential homebuyers the ability to design their dream kitchen or bathroom on your website and social media platforms. The design software system engages the potential buyers and prompts them to enter their contact information which is then sent to the builder directly; so in fact, you have a sales and marketing tool to drive more potential homebuyers to your business.

Discover Simplified Beauty and Resilient Designs with Therma-Tru® Doors

Your door should always welcome you home – while playing seamlessly into your style. And with design trends moving toward simplistic looks, EnLitenTM flush-glazed designs from Therma-Tru Corp. are the perfect complement for today’s homes. With clean lines and seamless construction, EnLiten flush-glazed designs effortlessly combine indoor and outdoor living spaces. These doors offer up to a 16 percent increase in visible glass area as compared to conventional lite frames.

Airlite Plastics Co. - Fox Blocks ICF Acquires TRUEGRID

Airlite Plastics has acquired TRUEGRID, adding the permeable paving grid system to its line of environmentally sustainable construction products. TRUEGRID joins the family of Airlite products aimed at innovating the sustainable construction market. The paving system is a natural complement to Airlite’s Fox Blocks brand of ICF building blocks.

Kwikset Introduces Halo, the Next Generation of Smart Home Security

Kwikset, the leading residential lock manufacturer, recently introduced its Halo Wi-Fi enabled smart lock. Available in two styles, a touchscreen and a keypad, Halo pairs to a homeowner’s existing Wi-Fi network, providing smart lock security and smart home security to consumers simply and easily. With an assortment of features, Halo offers three entry modes: through the Kwikset app, via code, or with a traditional key.

Accents Woodtones Garage Doors From C.H.I. Overhead Doors: As Colorful and Authentic as Real Wood

C.H.I. Overhead Doors has created a full line of woodtone doors that marry the appeal of real wood with the low-maintenance longevity of steel. Accents Woodtones is meticulously designed and manufactured using full color digital imaging and insulated steel to create the highest quality, most realistic woodtone doors available. Featuring authentic, digitally imaged non-repeating woodgrains, each Accents Woodtones garage door is as colorful and authentic as real wood.

Amerock: ​​​​​​​Inspired By the Power of Choice

Today’s consumer expects more. Amerock’s Simple Solutions is an inspiring, interactive merchandising experience that streamlines cabinet hardware selection to feature Amerock’s top collections and on-trend finishes. Simple Solutions: Merchandising for every business model. Growing in popularity are appliance-inspired metallics, such as black chrome and graphite. Whether you’re going for high-contrast or that serene tone-on-tone look, decorative hardware creates the polish and pizzazz that turns a space from simple to simply stunning. With Amerock, creating a cohesive look from kitchen to bath has never been easier.

DuPont PBS—Innovation from Top to Bottom, Inside and Out

DuPont Performance Building Solutions (PBS) is a global innovation leader in the building and construction industry, providing products and materials for all six sides of the building envelope — from top to bottom, inside and out. By developing solutions for managing the air, water, and thermal performance of homes and commercial buildings, we help our customers build energy-efficient, resilient, and durable shelters.

Lennox Residential Expands Ultra-Low Emissions Furnace Line

Lennox has expanded its ultra-low emissions gas furnace line that meets new California state regulations for emission reduction, saving homeowners and contractors energy and money. Lennox developed four furnaces – the SL297NV, SL280NV, EL195NE and EL180NE – to comply with California's South Coast Air Quality Management District's Rule 1111 and San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District's Ultra-Low NOx Rule 4905, both requiring reduced nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions.

Getting Rained Out Could Dampen More Than Your Schedule

It takes years for you as a builder to create a reputation for building quality homes. If this issue is ignored, you risk severely damaging that reputation. Additionally, wood decay fungi could present a major threat to your customers’ health and property. For prevention and remediation, Bora-Care with Mold-Care is a product you should consider to protect the structure you are building and the families who will be living there for years to come.

It’s Never Been So Easy to Build Healthy, High-Performance Homes

For years, evolving code and building practice have resulted in ever-tighter homes, said David Maruna, an executive at Ingersoll Rand, parent company to Trane, a historic HVAC product manufacturer. Unfortunately, best practice for designing HVAC solutions hasn’t kept up with exterior envelope construction. The lack of coordination often results in a needlessly costly, let’s-overspec- just-to-be-on-the-safe-side HVAC system. That can lead to premature failures, as well as comfort issues, which result in costly call-backs for builders.

Entrematic Receives Acclaimed Award

Entrematic – manufacturer of Amarr brand sectional doors – received the coveted David Weekley Homes “A, A Partner of Choice Award for Quality and Service” for the second year in a row. Founded in 1951 and headquartered in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Amarr is one of the leading U.S. brands of sectional doors for residential garages, condominiums, commercial buildings, shopping malls, warehouses, and other industrial applications. The award recognizes suppliers that have operated at world-class levels through the year, as determined by the home builder’s supplier evaluation platform.

Wayne Dalton Adds New Panel Design and Premium Colors to Model 9510 Designer Steel Garage Door

Wayne Dalton, a leading manufacturer of residential and commercial door solutions, has expanded its product offerings with additional design selections for Model 9510 Designer Steel garage doors. New options include the new Ridgefield panel that features recessed pinstripes, as well as Desert Tan, Terra Bronze, Gray, and Black premium color paint finishes. Homeowners can now achieve added customization for the ultimate curb appeal boost with the look of a carriage house door, but with the value and maintenance of the Designer Steel collection.

The 2020 Executive Summit

Builders know great ideas are easy to come by. The hard part is making them happen. The 2020 Executive Summit, scheduled for March 10-12 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, zeroes in on this issue as we delve into “Superior Performance and Profitability: It’s All in Your Team’s Execution.” Our keynote speaker is Chris McChesney, global practice leader of execution for Franklin Covey and co-author of The 4 Disciplines of Execution: Achieving Your Wildly Important Goals.

Shinn Consulting Welcomes Industry Veteran Rick Maurer

As a consultant with Shinn Consulting, Rick is working with builders across the country to streamline their purchasing processes and procedures, as well as presenting at educational seminars. Rick is also the director of business development for Builder Partnerships, recruiting building material manufacturers, negotiating membership agreements, rebates, and marketing programs. Rick has more than 20 years of experience in the home building industry, with more than 10 years as director of purchasing. He has expertise in product design, costing, and construction management of sales offices, design centers, and community amenities. He is also a speaker at purchasing and estimating seminars.

Ameristar HVAC and Quote Kitchen & Bath Join Shinn Builder Partnerships

AMERISTAR HEATING AND COOLING is a value brand under Trane and American Standard. These affordable, efficient HVAC systems and components are ideally suited for entry-level homes, spec homes, production homes, manufactured homes, and light commercial properties. QUOTE KITCHEN & BATH design software gives your potential home buyers the ability to design their dream kitchen or bathroom on your website and social media platforms.

Atlanta's SR Homes Names Willis CFO

Atlanta home builder SR Homes on Friday said Mark Willis has jointed the company as its CFO. In his new role as CFO, Willis will oversee the financial actions of SR Homes including monetary development, tracking spending and evaluating the company’s financial strengths and weaknesses to recommend corrective actions. SR Homes builds new homes throughout the metro Atlanta area.

Taylor Morrison to Open New Neighborhood in Tampa-Area MP

Taylor Morrison currently offers single-family and villa homes in its Esplanade and Whitfield Preserve neighborhoods and will now expand its floor-plan selection into the Stansil Park neighborhood. Within the approximately 2,400-acre master-plan, Taylor Morrison plans to offer 230 single-family homes in the Stansil Park neighborhood.

Betenbough Homes Breaks Ground on New West Lubbock Neighborhood

Betenbough Homes recently broke ground on its newest subdivision in West Lubbock.Upland Crossing, south of 19th Street on Upland Avenue. Betenbough Homes is one of three regional production builders in the country committed to certifying 100% of homes to the NGBS, including this one in the Quincy Park community of Lubbock, Texas.

AZEK Announces New Options for Composite Railing, TimberTech Decking

TimberTech AZEK, TimberTech PRO and TimberTech EDGE will be available in new colors and board types. AZEK Building Products has announced its complete lineup of new decking and railing products set to launch in 2020. These include additions to the TimberTech AZEK, TimberTech PRO, and TimberTech EDGE decking lines, as well as additions and changes to its composite railing collections.

McArthur Homes Opens Two Utah Communities

Townhomes are featured in Mapleton, single-family home in West Jordan. McArthur Homes, South Jordan, Utah has opened sales at two new communities. Harvest Park in Mapleton offers three townhome floor plans ranging from 2,336 to 2,510 sq. ft. The community is located only 20 minutes outside of Provo and is within reach of the neighborhood's most commonly used amenities.

Epcon Plans to Double Its Central Ohio Communities in 2020

While preparing for a possible downturn, Epcon Communities is mostly optimistic about the coming year. BUILDER recently checked in with Paul Hanson, president of Epcon Franchising, a subsidy of Dublin, Ohio–based Epcon Communities, which is ranked No. 45 on the latest Builder 100 list. The topics of discussion included the senior market, recession concerns, and why Central Ohio has turned into a hot real estate market.

It’s Never Been So Easy to Build Healthy, High Performance Homes - TRANE HVAC

For years, evolving code and building practice have resulted in ever-tighter homes, says David Maruna, an executive at Ingersoll Rand, parent company to Trane, a historic HVAC product manufacturer. Who says a home builder can’t offer healthy, net-zero ready homes at popular prices? Maruna says his company will soon offer home builders a consultative service called Tranquility by Trane. Tranquility presents builders with scaled whole-home approach to build a healthier, high-performance home affordably. The service will include load calculations, coordinating with other building envelope manufacturers, and facilitating relationships with installers, testers and raters without the price tag expected in a consultative relationship.

Sell-By Date = Business Plan

Establishing sell-by dates can be a game changer for a builder’s operations. Also known as even flow or slot scheduling, the sell-by date is the procedure whereby you preset the production starts based on the anticipated sales volume for the year. The sales team is then able to sell the production start dates and communicate a reasonably certain completion date to the buyer. The sell-by date is built to the current business plan and will help a builder manage several key pieces in its operations.

Are You Ready for the International Builders’ Show?

Connect with Shinn Builder Partnerships at the International Builders' Show at the 15th Annual Builder Partnerships Networking Reception. Set for 5:30 to 7 p.m. Jan. 20, 2020, at the Embassy Suites Convention Center, the reception is often called the best networking event of the show. An intimate event with great food and an open bar, the reception offers you a perfect opportunity to catch up with colleagues and meet with manufacturers’ national sales managers in a relaxed environment. Don't forget to stop by Builder Partnerships booth: SU216 in the South Hall!

TracPipe® CounterStrike® Flexible Gas Piping in Residential Structures: A Case Study

The force of a lightning strike can damage homes and electrical and mechanical systems, including gas piping. A large custom home builder was one of the first to specify Counterstrike® in all of its homes. Before the switch, the home builder dealt with several lightning issues a year, but since switching to Counterstrike®, there have been no problems with lightning and gas piping.

The Changing Face of Solar: POWERHOUSE™ Solar Shingles are transforming the look of rooftop solar

The POWERHOUSE™ Solar Shingle is a revolutionary new roofing tile product that combines the performance and protection of a conventional asphalt roof with an integrated photovoltaic system.

Fischer Homes Acquires Land Assets of Inverness Homes

Fischer Homes, Erlanger, Kentucky has purchased the majority of the single-family land assets of Cincinnati-based Inverness Homes. Privately held Fischer Homes is the 30th largest home builder in the U.S., with over 27,000 homes built and has been in business for nearly 40 years since 1980. The acquisition expands Fischer Homes footprint in the Dayton, Cincinnati, and Louisville markets. The company is currently the market leader in both the Cincinnati and Louisville MSAs and has a community in Springboro, Ohio, which is just south of Dayton.

Chesmar Homes recently joined the builder roster at a Texas community, Wildridge

Construction has begun on an amenity center at the Texas community called Wildridge, a master-planned community under construction by Ashlar Development in Oak Point. The 340-acre community on Lake Lewisville has been in development for several years, and now has roughly 750 residents in 360 occupied homes. Chesmar has seven floor plans for lots at the development, ranging from roughly 2,400 square feet to 3,800 square feet and priced at $360,000 to $430,000.

Astrida’s Story – A Family Dignified: Homes for HOPE

Homes for HOPE counts it a great joy to be part of an organization that looks past obstacles to see capacity and promise and has committed to give a one-million-dollar grant in support of HOPE International in 2019. To date, we have already transferred $350,000 of that commitment. As the year is winding to a close, we’re asking you to help us empower entrepreneurs like Astrida. We invite you to be a part of fulfilling or surpassing the remaining $650,000 of our goal this year.For every $1 we send to our microfinance institutions, $15.95 is lent out by HOPE International and its partners.

Atlanta's Blandtown Neighborhood Getting 69 Townhomes - Empire Communities

69 new townhomes are coming to a site in the Blandtown neighborhood of Atlanta about four miles northwest of downtown. The developer, Empire Communities, has already knocked down what used to be the former Lewis and Sheron Textiles building. The new residences will be priced in the $400,000s and sales are scheduled to kickoff in mid 2020.

Trends in Entry Door Hardware - Kwikset

Kwikset’s SmartKey Security’s patented system allows homeowners to re-key the locks themselves in under a minute. SmartKey Security, for example, is effective against picking and bumping than traditional pin and tumbler locks and can also increase job site security by removing the complexity of a traditional pin and tumbler lock.

How Are New Home Builders Affected by Tariffs? By: Professional Warranty Service Corp.

As new home builders attempt to meet the increasing demand for affordable housing while remaining profitable, the impact tariffs have on the construction industry can’t be ignored. Here, the construction risk management pros at PWSC outline the facts, analyze data and provide comprehensive solutions to help builders thrive in an uncertain market.

Royal Building Products Shares Several Projected Exterior Home Trends for 2020

Attention to a home's exterior is important for maximizing both resale value and enjoyment for homeowners. Taking on projects like siding, garage doors, or landscaping can be a homeowner's safest bet to get a high return on investment while renovating their homes. With an increasing amount of attention given to a house's exterior, Royal Building Products shares several projected exterior trends for 2020 with the Sentinel-Tribune.

Homes for HOPE - Quarterly Stakeholder Webcast: Tues, Nov 12th @ 11am EST

Three early missteps that shaped HOPE’s ministry. Join our next quarterly stakeholder webcast as we revisit these stories of mistakes, misunderstandings, and closed doors that so critically informed our current models, standards, and safeguards.

Hamlet Homes - Utah Builder Unveils Mural, New HQ in Murray, UT

Hamlet Homes on Friday unveiled a community mural wall at the grand opening of Granton Square and the new Hamlet Homes headquarters in Murray, Utah. The #bigfishwall is Utah's largest mural. Dedicated 11/1/19, it is some 50 feet longer than a 747 Jet and as large as 10 interstate billboards. The BigFish Wall spans some 300 feet and is 22.6 feet high totaling roughly 7000 square feet! The mural is located in the Hamlet Homes Granton Square development @ 84 West 4800 South in Murray, Utah.

L.A.-Based Williams Homes Streamlines Top Management

Williams Homes, Inc. has announced the streamlining of the company’s senior-level corporate executive team to support the strategic growth of its family of home building divisions throughout the west. The privately held company established in 1997 is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, and is actively building in Southern and Central California, and the Mountain States.

Ashton Woods Townhouses Hit the Market in Atlanta

The new community known as Dumont Place, is under construction by Ashton Woods. For $475,000 homeowners can get nearly 3,100 square feet.Beyond sheer size, a few highlights, as Ashton Woods reps pointed out this week, include a versatile “wall of wine” on the main floor, a 15-foot kitchen island, and an overall pallet that blends warmth with clean simplicity. What’s described as “midcentury modern accents” are less apparent.

Your Beautiful Homes Deserve The Best. Insist on Bradford White in Every Home You Build.

Your beautiful homes deserve the best. Insist on Bradford White in every home you build. Building quality homes, choose a quality water heater. Bradford White gives your buyers: -Exceptional Efficiency -Impressive Performance -Outstanding Quality

Utah Builder Offers Affordable Single-Family Homes: McArthur Homes

Utah home builder McArthur homes is now offering single-family floor plans in its brand new community, Brundisi Village. The community offers unique and affordable single-family construction.

30-Year Limited Warranty: Nisus Bora-Care

When your pest company treats your homes with Bora-Care during new construction, it can register them online in our Bora-Care 30-Year Limited Warranty program for damage repair of treated wood.

10 Steps to Becoming a Builder of Choice™: Your Production Teams Role

In the September issue of Monthly Briefing, we discussed the value of becoming a Builder of Choice™ to address labor shortages and what owners and upper management must do to develop the Builder of Choice™ culture in their company. This month, we will look at specific steps your production team can take to put culture into action.

Upgrades to Rebate Submission Process Earn Praise from Members

Everything we do at Shinn Builder Partnerships is expressly for the benefit of our members. We recently rolled out a set of improvements to the rebate submissions process and we are happy to say the responses have been great.

Welcome, New Members!

Every day, more and more builders across the country are discovering the power of being a member of Shinn Builder Partnerships. We'd like to extend a welcome to our newest members. We look forward to helping each of them achieve a higher level of profitability and success!

Grand Homes Counts Down to Breaking Ground on Their 8th Homes for HOPE

Grand Homes has been one of the longest standing partners of Homes for Hope. Their commitment to the mission of Homes for Hope and HOPE International has enabled us to help hundreds of thousands of families around the world. Grand Homes and their trade partners are able to use their god given talents to help support the families of third world countries with micro-finance loans. The micro-finance loans, provided by HOPE International, empower underserved families around the world to pull themselves out of poverty by providing them with access to discipleship, business training, and small loans. These resources enable them to start and/or expand a small business that provides for their families needs without relying on handouts.

A Big THANK YOU to the Attendees and Sponsors of Our Charlotte Managing for Profit Seminar!

MarkSystems Community User of the Month, Carrie Roeger: COO for Windsong Properties

Our MarkSystems Community User of the Month is Carrie Roeger with Windsong Properties, located in Georgia. Carrie is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Windsong Properties; they build on average 90 new homes per year and specialize in the Active Adult segment.

Shinn Builder Partnerships' Service Providers: Support for Your Success

Shinn Builder Partnerships was created to help local and regional builders achieve success and be competitive with national builders. We do this by connecting our members with manufacturers for the best pricing, service, and support. In addition to the manufacturers, we are pleased to connect you with a group of service providers that can help you with a host of operational support. We have worked personally with each of these providers and can endorse them unconditionally.

Mattamy Homes Opens New Models in Naples

Six new, professionally decorated Coach and Paired Villa model homes – representing a brand-new product line for Mattamy – are now open, as is a new sales center.

Kwikset Debuts New Affordable Bluetooth-Enabled Deadbolt

Door hardware brand Kwikset has unveiled a new Bluetooth-enabled smart lock that combines the latest smart technology but comes at an affordable price.

Bath Faucets That Are Worth a Look - Delta & Brizo

With their scale, dramatic designs, and innovation, kitchen spigots get all the love, but manufacturers are stepping up the style of their lavatory faucets as well.

Clever Systems for Installing Decks With a Hidden-Fastener Look: TimberTech

A well-designed deck is still one of the most popular outdoor amenities among homeowners, and one of the hottest ways to install one is with a seamless, hidden-fastener look.

Will New Home Builders be Tech Companies? By: Professional Warranty Service Corp.

Smart home features are becoming more and more common in U.S. households. While the needs of each home vary, residential tech automation can involve energy management, digital security, app-controlled entertainment, lighting, climate control, smart appliances, and various AI (artificial intelligence) hubs and gadgets. According to a 2019 report by Statista, one-third of all homes in the United States use some form of smart home technology, and it is predicted that over half will have it by 2023. What does this mean for new home builders? Will they be competing with tech companies for business? The structural home builder warranty experts at PWSC take a deep dive into the evolving requisites of residential developers and explain how they can stay ahead of the smart home wave and protect their profits by incorporating risk management solutions.

ECI Webinar - Keys to Successful Leadership: The Power of Coaching & Feedback - Wed. Oct. 23, 2019 @ 9am PST / 12pm EST

Home Builder Industry Articles, Information and Education Do your employees know what you think they do well? Do you have regular coaching/feedback sessions with your team to improve their performance and moral?

Arthur Rutenberg Homes Becomes AR Homes

Company adopts new brand strategy and unveils its new logo. Arthur Rutenberg Homes, Clearwater, Florida said Wednesday it has changed its name to AR Homes and introduced a new brand identity strategy representing the company’s expansion and evolution while honoring the legacy of its founder.

Fischer Homes to Unveil New Model Outside Louisville

Fischer Homes just completed a new decorated model in Louisville and is hosting a grand opening to celebrate. The grand opening for the new Avery Coastal Classic model will take place on Saturday, September 28 and Sunday, September 29 from noon to 4 p.m. at the community of Summit Parks in La Grange, Kentucky.

McCall Homes: 2019 Homes for HOPE Recap

McCall Homes, along with their participating trade partners and suppliers, recently completed their 2nd Home for Hope project, successfully raising over $100,000 in support of HOPE International. The profits from this home will help provide microloans, savings services, discipleship, and business training to over 17,333 entrepreneurs living in underserved communities around the world, empowering them to provide for themselves by starting or growing a small business.

2019 Top 100 Products: Structural - Wood Protection: Nisus

Bora-Care with Mold-Care is the company’s classic termite-control treatment with added protection against mold and fungi. According to Nisus, the borate-based wood preservative requires a single application to diffuse into the wood in a house and create a protective barrier. It can be applied either directly during the dry-in phase of construction or to high-risk areas after construction.

New Bathroom Products Sure to Make a Splash - Broan

Like kitchens, homeowners want their bathrooms to be functional spaces where they can clean up with ease. But, today’s buyers are also looking for transitional or contemporary wet rooms that ‘wow’ on first look. Whether you’re looking for products for a spacious master bath or first-floor powder room, the following products showcase the latest trends and innovations in bath design.

2019 Top 100 Products: Kitchen and Bath - Gerber Plumbing Fixtures

Gerber’s Treysta rough-in tub and shower valve offers flexible features that make for easy installation, including: an accessible mounting system; vertical inlets that can be installed next to studs in PEX applications; and quarter-turn service stops that can open and close in the slots with a flathead screwdriver. Treysta also has solutions for applications with cold expansion PEX and Crimp PEX, as well as back-to-back installations and reversed hot and cold inlets.

Propane Council Offers Online Course on Community Systems

The Propane Education & Research Council’s Propane Training Academy has a new online course available that provides builders and developers with an overview of community propane systems.

ECi Recognized for Significant Product Achievements in 2019

Home Builder Industry Articles, Information and Education

Mattamy Homes Names Dan Grosswald President of S.E. Florida Division

Mattamy Homes on Thursday named a new president for its Southeast Florida Division. Dan Grosswald joined the organization in August, reporting to Pete Skelly, CEO of Mattamy Homes US. Mr. Grosswald will be responsible for all aspects of Mattamy's land development and home building business in Southeast Florida.

Accessories That Will Help Organize Your Baths - Brizo

As bathrooms increasingly resemble personalized spa-like sanctuaries, stylish bath accessories that keep clutter at bay and maximize storage are in high demand. The classic-inspired Invari Bath Collection includes a single robe hook, cabinet knobs and pulls, an open-post toilet paper holder, and towel bars. A variety of finishes, including a new Brilliance Gold (8-inch towel bar shown) is available.

Need Vinyl Siding Alternatives? Options that Mimic Wood, Stone - Royal Building Products

Vinyl still gets a bad rap, despite recent environmental impact studies suggesting it isn’t as bad for the planet as once thought. And alternative cladding options continue to grab market share.

2019 Top 100 Products: Structural / Insulation - Icynene

Icynene’s Classic Ultra spray foam is an open-cell foam insulation with greater cohesion than the company’s past products. The GreenGuard Gold-certified insulation can be sprayed in a wide variety of temperatures, making it appropriate for any climate, the company claims. It achieves an R-value of 3.7 per inch and has a core density of 0.5 pound per cubic foot.

Builder Partnerships Manufacturers Recognized in Professional Builder Top 100 Products List for 2019

Every year, Professional Builder takes the pulse of the industry with the Top 100 Products. These are the building products in which its readers were the most interested during the previous year. For 2019, seven Builder Partnerships manufacturers were tapped for recognition.

Royal Building Products Launches Celect® Canvas Cellular Siding

Royal® Building Products, a Westlake company and leading manufacturer of exterior building products, has announced the launch of Celect® Canvas Cellular Siding, an unpainted version of its industry-leading cellular composite siding.

Labor Shortage? Not if You're a Builder of Choice™

Many industry publications are talking about a construction labor shortage. Even though we concur, the proposed solutions are global and require efforts and initiatives outside the operations of the home building company. However, each builder can successfully control and implement certain solutions in their companies to overcome the shortage of labor in the market.

New CEO Takes the Helm of Arthur Rutenberg Homes

The nation’s largest franchisor of custom homebuilders, Arthur Rutenberg Homes, has appointed Jim Rosewater as its new CEO. Rosewater, formerly chief operating officer, takes the helm as part of a strategic succession plan focused on doubling company growth over the next five years and expanding Arthur Rutenberg Homes’ national footprint.

5 Steps to Higher Customer Satisfaction

Marble-Look Tile Collections Marry Design with Durability

The classic elegance of marble is universally appealing for almost any interior environment. Marble-look tile makes the luxurious stone more modern, usable, durable, and even affordable in a range of surface applications. Porcelain tile construction makes the look of marble more versatile than ever with three Emser Tile collections that uniquely marry the inherent beauty of marble with the trusted durability of tile.

The Next Generation of Light Layering

Kichler Lighting LLC, a leader in innovative lighting and ceiling fans, helps home owners design with light to emphasize favorite spaces, increase safety, and utilize more efficient task lighting. Kichler Lighting's LED integrated lighting options reinforce light layering and help to set the room's lighting effect based on desired ambiance and intended purpose.

Quartz vs. Granite Countertops

Whichever surface home buyers choose, builders can help them protect their investment . It wasn’t too long ago when prospective home buyers would set up smartphone alerts for MLS descriptions that mentioned granite countertops. These days, “quartz” is just as likely to be the term they plug into their real estate searches. 

Shinn Builder Partnerships Upgrades Rebate Program

At Shinn Builder Partnerships, we are committed to continuously improving our programs and services. We are dedicated to providing our builder members with a simple and efficient rebate submission process and timely rebate payments. With a focus on accuracy, ease and efficiency, we’re excited to announce two rebate program improvements.

RGS Energy Joins Shinn Builder Partnerships

Shinn Builder Partnerships is pleased to announce the addition of RGS Energy into the Builder Partnerships program.

Helping Contractors Thrive

To succeed, manufacturers have to do more than build great products—they have to build goodwill, establishing beneficial partnerships with the contractors that buy and install their products. To do this, they look for new ways to provide the tools and resources needed to help their partners build up their own businesses.

TrustLayer Webinar: Cover Your Assets: COI Tracking In The Modern World - Thurs., Sept. 19th @ 2pm ET

Tracking Certificates of Insurance (COIs) is one of the most mind numbing activities for a builder. Despite all of the work trying to ensure insurance compliance, how do you know the form you are given is still active? How do you know the form is even real? After all the work, has your risk of catastrophe for your business even reduced? Every builder should find this unacceptable, given the amount of technology at our fingertips.

2018 Financial and Operations Study: Results Closely Mirror Previous Year

In the 26 years we have conducted the financial study, we have accumulated a landmark historical record of home building companies’ financial and operational performance: the challenges, the changes, the adjustments, the improvements, the victories, the defeats, and the comebacks. It has been a privilege to have gained your trust to allow me access to the most sensitive information from your companies. I thank all of you for your continued participation and support.

Delta VoiceIQ™ Technology Helps Consumers Command the Kitchen

New Construction: An Ideal Time for Builders to Install Backup Power

The new home construction process is the easiest and most affordable time to install a Generac standby generator. When it’s installed during the wiring of the house, it allows the homeowner to save substantially on installation costs. Add these savings together with financing options and the ability to roll costs into the mortgage, and new home construction becomes the ideal time for home owners to find value in a standby generator.

The Three Biggest Hidden Insurance Liabilities for Home Builders

Building homes is a complex and risk-heavy operation. It takes tons of materials, dozens of different specialized trades, and tremendous logistics to close a property. To manage the many hidden risks, insurance is a necessary tool. While purchasing every required type of insurance coverage can effectively reduce risk on a build, poor insurance compliance execution can lead to disaster.

10 Ways to Become an Employer of Choice

Have you ever noticed that some companies just never have job openings? They seem to attract the best people, and those people never leave. How do they do that? It is a critical question to answer in today’s job market because we are at effective full employment; talented people will have their choice of positions.

Rewarding Success: 5 Incentive Programs to Boost Performance and Profit

Incentivizing your staff can increase sales and create an uplifting work environment by rewarding employees for their hard work in achieving the goals you have set for them. A positive and motivational work environment will attract top- notch employees and encourage them to stay for the long run — and create memorable experiences while they invest their time with you.

3 Reasons Training Drives Profitability

Top home builders know that investing in their people contributes directly to their company’s success. Builders receive a significant return when they provide career development and training opportunities. Here are three ways employee training boosts profitability.

Emerson Earns Distinguished ENERGY STAR® Certification

Emerson, a leader in the thermostat and HVAC controls industry, announced its top-rated Sensi™ smart thermostats have received the ENERGY STAR® certification, an official endorsement of the products’ energy-saving and cost-efficient benefits for consumers.

Selecting Software - Tips for the Construction Industry

According to the “Construction Technology Trends 2018 Report,” approximately 81 percent of construction companies indicated that they planned to spend more on technology in the current year compared to the previous year. Some of that investment involves replacing outdated software or upgrading to more integrated, user-friendly software.

Put Your Money Where It Will Count

Helping builders identify where to save money and where to invest is a large part of my efforts here at Builder Partnerships. A key element of that analysis is a new product feasibility exercise that I walk my builder clients through.

Closet Features to Guarantee Home Buyer Satisfaction

It’s a fact; home buyers are not satisfied with the storage in their homes upon move-in. They spend an average of $4,550 on home improvement projects within the first three months of moving in, according to Realtor.com. By providing the right storage solutions, your home buyers can move in with ease and you can profit. The experts at Organized Living are ready to help you capture those profits with these top five closet trends.

Maintaining Models and Spec Inventory

Across the organization, discipline is essential for the efficient execution of processes and procedures. You must stay disciplined to ensure your organization operates the way you intend. Otherwise, you may notice a slip in policies and procedures and it may become a scramble to complete tasks and meet deadlines as people create workarounds to do it the ‘easy way’.

2021 Driving for Kids Event Photos

Honoring Excellence: 7 Builders Recognized at 2018 Executive Summit

Each year, Shinn Builder Partnerships presents the Lee Evans Award for Management Excellence to one builder who displays exceptionally sound management principles. The award was created by Lee S. Evans to recognize builders who have made significant progress in improving their processes to streamline their organizations and achieve superior profits, while delivering a high-quality product to the customer.

2018 Builder Partnerships Executive Summit: An Event 50 Years in the Making

If you were lucky enough to grab a spot at this year’s sold-out Executive Summit in Breckenridge, you had the opportunity to gain a fresh perspective on a concept Chuck Shinn has been teaching to home builders for more than 50 years.

Closing with Style

Perhaps no meeting in the new home process gets as little attention as the closing appointment. While it admittedly is a fairly mechanical process of signing one’s name about 75 times and exchanging a (usually large) check for possession, we can still make it hospitable. The appointment usually takes only about an hour, but preparation and planning can generate dividends beyond the exchange of funds for keys. Here are nine tips for making the closing a great experience for your buyers.

Purple Reign: 2018 Color Trend for the Home

It's the year of purple. Stephanie Pierce, director of design and trends at MasterBrand Cabinets, shared her thoughts on Pantone's choice for the 2018 Color of the Year, Ultra Violet.

Creating a Stellar Sales Process

Business is very good for most builders today, and the immediate future looks promising. Since ours is a complex and complicated industry, there is still a need to be vigilant in monitoring your business plan. Keeping a watchful eye on hard costs, variances, and administrative “creep” is certainly advisable.

The Numbers Tell the Story

In December 2017, Builder Partnerships Founder Charles C. Shinn Jr., PhD, shared his annual economic analysis and his 2018 housing forecast. Here, we share his complete analysis, with the addition of pertinent statistics from the end of 2017 and the first weeks of this year.

Do You Know Your Trade Capacity?

We often say that this business comes down to the numbers. A home building company will start the year with an objective and develop plans for each functional area. If all goes according to plan, they will collectively meet the objective. One “number” that is often overlooked in the planning phase is the capacity of the trades. The typical purchasing manager hopes enough trades are in each cost group, but does not have a true system to know for sure. “Hoping we are good” should not be part of the plan.

Product Feature: Appliances

This year, Frigidaire celebrates 100 years of meaningful innovation, including inventing the first home refrigerator, the first home freezer, and the first room air conditioner. Their newest innovations build upon the brand’s 100-year legacy of offering appliances that make preparation, cooking, and clean-up quicker and easier.

Survey Says: Kitchens Sell Upgrades

In January, Builder Partnerships members responded to an industry survey from Professional Builder on kitchen and bath features. Our members made up more than half the builders included in the survey, so you might be particularly interested in the results.

ECi Mark Systems Builder Success Story: Vantage Homes

In the world of home building today, information is power. That doesn’t only mean you need the ability to generate and manage timely, reliable information internally to keep your business strong and growing. It also demands that you deliver equally timely and accurate information to prospects and do so in a way that cuts through the clutter and motivates them to become buyers.

Uponor Announces Pro Squad

APPLE VALLEY, Minn., Jan. 8, 2018 — Uponor announces the Uponor Pro Squad, an exclusive nationwide network of expertly trained plumbers and water specialists interested in leveraging the intelligent water technology of Phyn Plus, smart water assistant + shutoff, to grow their businesses.

Sell More Houses at Higher Margins

No, we are not talking about how to reach millennials, which seems to be everyone’s target. Another market will be expanding for the next decade, is more affluent, and wants to move to new homes. Remember the baby boomers? This group is actually growing as they reach age 62, which is significant. They typically have paid off their mortgage or nearly so, and live in a home that no longer suits their lifestyle. Their home may be too large, require too much maintenance, or be too far from the grandkids.

Holding the Line on Costs

Cost increases are on builders’ minds right now. It seems like prices for materials and labor are going up on every new bid. It’s across the board on building materials, with lumber prices being particularly volatile in response to the recent tariff on Canadian lumber.

Pricing Homes for Success and Profit

Too many builders determine the sales price of their homes based on direct construction cost and land. They come up with a plan, establish the standard specifications, go out to bid, add up the costs, and put a markup on the costs to determine the sales price.

What Is Your Soft Cycle?

Most builders are eager to reduce the time it takes to build a home and hunt for tips on ways to make the hard cycle go more quickly. This is a worthy pursuit, as most builders intuitively understand that tightening the production schedule allows them to build more homes in a year without adding operating cost. Assuming a fixed number of superintendents, along with a fixed average number of homes that any one super can carry at a time, the most cost effective way to increase their production is to add more turns in a year.

Experts' Corner: Advice for 2018

Industry leaders offer insights and recommendations for growth and profitability in the coming months "With escalating construction costs, a shortage of skilled labor, and the increase in technology, it looks like the era for industrialization is upon us. It will change the industry as we know it. Builders will become assemblers of components that are built in factories.

MarkSystems Builder Case Study: Capital Homes

Few resources are more valuable or cost-effective for home builders than the MarkSystems™ program from ECi Software Solutions.

Why Builders Choose DuPont™ Tyvek® HomeWrap®

What does it take to become the #1 ranked house wrap brand in the industry? Why do builders rate DuPont™ Tyvek® HomeWrap® as #1 in quality and the brand they use the most when purchasing a house wrap?

Advantages of Formica dECOLeather™ Over Faux and Real Leather

Trying to decide between new dECOLeather™ recycled leather veneer, faux leather, or 100% leather? dECOLeather™ has many attributes that make it a great choice for leather surfacing. Take a look at these pros and cons and make an educated decision about this unique new product by Formica Corporation.

For Manufacturers: Sales and Marketing, or Sales vs. Marketing?

Most manufacturers, especially in the building products industry, are highly competitive. They love to bring in athletes to give the keynote address for their annual sales meetings and customer events. Everyone loves — and can relate to — a good motivational speech about working hard, setting goals, overcoming obstacles to become champions, and setting aside personal ambitions to do what’s best for the team.

Chuck Shinn's 2018 Housing Forecast

Housing closed out 2017 very strong. In fact, 2017 is tracking to be the strongest year in the housing recovery. Demand remains high, and most builders will start the year with a strong backlog. Inventory is low for both new and existing homes, and interest rates are still helping with affordability, although that bears watching as the Fed is predicted to raise interest rates three more times in 2018.

Maximize Profits with Closet Upgrades

Builders are always looking for extra upgrade opportunities to maximize profits and ensure complete buyer satisfaction. Closet upgrades are exactly what your home buyers are looking for to improve the value of their new home and quality of their life; walk-in closets rank second on home buyers’ list of desired amenities, according to a survey by Zillow.

Home Buyer Bullies

A woman home from military duty in the Middle East and now living in Atlanta met with the warranty manager and a manufacturer rep. She had a pistol in the back pocket of her jeans the entire time they inspected issues with her home’s siding. In Edmonton, a receptionist answered a call to hear a home owner say that he was on his “way to your main office with a bomb.”

An Ode to Candy Corn

Every year in late September, these decadently sweet, unhealthy treats appear in the stores in all kinds of varieties: traditional candy corn, Indian corn, mellow creme pumpkins, autumn mix, and assorted mellow cremes with different flavors and Halloween shapes.

Why Aren't the Trades Showing Up to My Jobs?!

If you ask 10 builders about their greatest struggle right now, nine will tell you it’s the production schedule. They see cycle times extending weeks longer than what was on the initial schedule at the time of release. This time drift doesn’t happen because framers now swing hammers slower than before. It is because the homes are sitting empty.

Driving for Kids

The home builder community has once again shown its heart for those in need of a helping hand. In late August, Chuck and Emma Shinn asked Builder Partnerships members and their friends in residential construction to consider supporting their annual involvement in Driving for Kids.

Trending: Glowing Glass

Glass — a material with origins that date back to several thousand years ago — is resurfacing in new, innovative ways throughout today’s residential and commercial spaces. From storefronts with all-glass windows to coffee tables with shadow boxes, glass reflects your personal style as well as a transparent design theme.

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